Preacher Re-Read Issues # 1 and 2 (Book 1)

amc-preacher-book-1-reread-part-one-inside***Note*** Whether you are comic expert or newbie, be sure to join the Preacher re-read on Reddit this off-season. We’re reading all 66 issues of Preacher in it’s entirety over the span of about half a year leading up to the Season 2 Premiere. We have just started, you can check out the Book 1 thread here.

Well folks, here we are yet again, back at the Five Aces diner where it all started. I have to say, I’m pretty excited to take this journey once more and share it with other fans as I go. That’s something I haven’t been able to do in the past, Preacher fans are few and far between among the people I know.

We start with the first two issues. I think for most, this was the point where first time readers still couldn’t quite believe what they were reading, as if there had to be an explanation why these first few dozen pages were as crazy as they were. Her are some re-read thoughts:

Issue #1

  • The opening diner scene is great and sets up Cassidy‘s persona really nicely, leaving no doubts as to who the wise guy in the group is right away.
  • The scene with Jesse Custer freaking out in the bar really drives home how bad the people of Annville actually are.
  • The first scene of Heaven really caught me off guard back in the day. We go from small town Texas and to the clouds and beyond. The thing that is really head turning here is that we have not seen these types of angels before anywhere: incompetent, political, and not very nice at all. The panel of the decapitated angel is a real eye opener that had me wondering “what in the world am I reading?”
  • The Saint of Killers intro still gets me to this day. So cold, so irrational, so unforgiving. Him killing Filo wasn’t half a chilling as his response to the murder: a “good start”.
  • Jesse’s merging with Genesis and destruction of the church is shocking in its execution. He mentions that everyone in Annville came to church that day, so he did in fact (like the TV show) wipe out the entire town. I love Steve Dillon’s art in these panels which conveyed so much without any actual dialogue taking place.
  • Hugo Root is so awesome in the comics. What a miserable, wretched, spiteful character.

Issue #2

  • The Saint’s intro is awesome, but nothing could prepare the reader for the massacre that opens Issue #2. So many questions: Who is this guy? What’s his story? How can he drop an entire police squad single-handily without a scratch? So awesome.
  • The dialogue between the two cops as they discuss Arseface might be among the best one on one conversations in the entire series. It’s a phenomenal setup for the first panel of the following sequence where Arseface is revealed in all his grotesque glory (“Huhh Duhh!” Hi Dad!)
  • Issue #2 ends with one of there more iconic panels in the series: Cassidy ripping some guys throat out, there by revealing his big secret. The line “Somethin’ the matter?” is almost too comical considering what Cassidy is partaking in.

So, what were your favorite parts of Issues #1 and 2?

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NECA Toys To Release AMC Preacher Jesse Custer And Cassidy Figures This December

amc-preacher-neca-jesse-cassidy-action-figure-release-insideNECA Toys announced via their Twitter feed yesterday that they are releasing Preacher Cassidy and Jesse Custer figures this December. That’s them (if you can believe it) on the right. Needless to say, the likeness to their respective actor counterparts is incredible. I mean, there can be absolutely no doubt: that’s Joe Gilgun and Dominic Cooper alright.

The figures themselves are almost 7″ tall, so that’s a pretty fair size. Retail on both figures on is currently about$50 dollars for the pair, with a current pre-order sale price of $40. So they will be selling these figures together. I would expect common retail on these individually to come in around $20 once pricing is settled and in place across all pertinent retail venues. Pretty affordable considering how amazing these look.

Having mentioned that the likenesses are uncanny, it is also worth noting that the overall detail on these figures are pretty incredible. Check out the dirt stains on Cassidy’s denim jacket. Outstanding. They even managed to get Jesse’s hair right, pretty much down to the last hair strand! The figures also come with specific accessories. For Jesse that means the Genesis coffee tin and bible, while they have given the Saint of Killers whiskey bottle to Cassidy (awesome choice). Both come with a couple of beer bottles which, needless to say, is rather appropriate.

I have to say, this news yesterday came as a breath of fresh air during a time where AMC Preacher news is currently scarce. The December date means that these should be released just in time for Christmas, so you’d be able to pick one or both of these figures up just in time to gift for that Preacher super fan in your family.

This leaves me wondering what comes next in this particular Preacher product line. Personally, I’d love to see a Preacher Tulip figure with a homemade bazooka accessory, or even the Saint with his guns. Eugene Root could find himself in the mix down the road as well I think. I’d buy them all. Take my money NECA!

For more info on the Jesse and Cassidy figures, head on over to the official NECA Toys webpage. So what do you think folks, how awesome are these?

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Dominic Cooper Currently Starring In Stage Production “The Libertine”

amc-preacher-dominic-cooper-the-libertine-insideMissing Jesse Custer since Preacher ended? I’m sure there are more than a few fans out there who do. Here’s one way you can scratch that particular itch, depending upon where you live in this great, wide world of ours…

Most of us in need of a Dominic Cooper fix will likely look to some of his existing works. I have never been a car racing movie type guy (I have never seen any of the Fast and Furious movies if you can believe it), but I have “Need For Speed” cued up for some time in the next few months for no other reason than this: I want to see what Dominic Cooper is about outside of Preacher. I have November 4th circled on my calendar for a similar reason. That’s the day Ruth Negga‘s Oscar-Buzz movie “Loving” hits theaters. Regardless of whether “Loving” is a wide or limited release, I am going to find a way to watch that film on opening weekend no matter what. Honestly, I could go on about how amazing Ruth Negga is and literally take up this whole blog post, but hey, this one’s about Dominic (who is no slouch himself, don’t get me wrong), so as I was saying…

If you live in England you might have a better way to get your Dominic Cooper fix than the rest of us. Dominic Cooper is staring in the stage play “The Libertine” as I type this. The play (about the Earl of Rochester’s shenanigans about London in the 1600’s) is playing at the Bath Theatre Royal in Bath, England until September 17th and then in London at Theatre Royal Haymarket from September 22nd to December 3rd. I have no idea on ticket availability, but it’s a pretty decent run in terms of length, so it’s worth a shot to try and look it up if you are anywhere close to either of these venues. Press release on the show and official site can be found in the links below:

Broadway World The Libertine Article

The Official Libertine Page 

I myself love theater, although find it somewhat pricey at times. At 24 pounds starting, this is a pretty reasonable rate I’m sure you will agree. If anyone has seen the show, please let us know how it went in the comments below!

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Absolute Preacher Volume 2 Available For Pre-order On Amazon

absolute-preacher-volume-2-amazon-release-insideAwesome news folks:  Absolute Preacher Volume 2 is now available for pre-order on Amazon with a scheduled release date of May 9th/2017.

When Absolute Preacher Volume 1 was released on July 12th this year, Preacher fans were understandably stoked about it. Why wouldn’t they be? After all, Vertigo crammed the first 26 issues (over 1/3 over the main story line) into one massive omnibus edition for our reading pleasure. The particular stories in this first ‘Absolute’ edition are amongst the best in the series in my opinion. Needless to say, to have them all together like this is pretty amazing.

After the initial talk regarding Volume 1 died down, the questions started to trickle in regarding the second installment, primarily these two: when would it come out, and what material would be included? We took a stab at this in our original Absolute Preacher Volume 1 post. We predicted that the second installment would include Preacher issues #27 to #54. It turns out this will not be the case, here’s what we know so far…

Absolute Preacher Volume 2 will in fact include Preacher issues #27 to #40, which it almost half the number of the main story line issues that were included in the first volume. So we’re looking at about 330 pages or so of main arc material. Assuming that this volume will be as big as the first, there is a lot of material that will need to be included in Volume 2 to make up the difference. We will update this post as soon as we have confirmation on the details, but I assume many (if not all) of the side comic stories will be included. As of right now the Amazon description doesn’t specify. It is likely that we will see the Saint of Killers and Arseface origin comic series’ in this edition. The description also alludes to bonus content being included, so there might be more goodies in there beside the comics.

What this means for Volume 3 is that it is pretty much destine to contain Preacher issues #41 to #66, the exact same number of issues as Volume 1 (26 issues). If this is indeed the case, it is unlikely that there would be much room to include anything else. Going by the current timeline of releases, it looks like we could probably expect Absolute Preacher Volume 3 around March 2018 or so. We’ll keep you posted on this as details arise.

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Joe Gilgun Interview With Is (As He Would Say) Ace, Man

amc-preacher-joe-gilgun-interview-vice-insideYou know Preacher fans, I might just have to make an effort to collect every interview and appearance Joe Gilgun has ever done, and then add everything he does of this variety moving forward to said list. If I did, the resulting archive would be undoubtedly more epic than I could possibly describe.

Most of us who have been following along know the deal by now, but if you don’t, let me fill you in: Joe Gilgun is damn hysterical. For an idea of just how hysterical, check out this clip below from the Preacher Comic-Con panel (and I’m not apologizing to any of our Twitter followers for pimping this clip for the millionth time, because there is simply no such thing as watching this YouTube video too much):

Right, now that we are on the same page regarding how awesome Joe Gilgun is, let’s move on to the topic of this blog entry. Joe Gilgun recently sat down with via phone interview, and well, things went pretty much as you’d expect. The amazing thing about the article text is this: reading Joe’s quotes, you can almost see him there in front of you answering these questions. That’s how very Gilgun his responses are. The interview is linked below, go check it out in all of its awesomeness… Joe Gilgun Interview

Absolutely Classic. Kudos to Joel Golby of Vice for asking all the right questions, they really brought out Joe’s personality. We are literally getting to the point where any recorded or documented discussion with our Cassidy is becoming an event. If there’s one thing that I got from this particular interview though, it’s that my quest for a Joe Gilgun AMA on Reddit has come to an abrupt halt. It turns out Joe doesn’t like computers much, he hasn’t even ever had an email address. Ever. So it looks like we’ll have to settle for pieces like this Vice interview going forward, and that’s more than cool by me.

So tell me folks, what is your favorite part of the hilarious Vice interview with Joe?

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Preacher Comic Community Reading Starts Sept 4th On Reddit

preacher-reddit-comic-reading-insideYou have seen the show, cheered for your favorite characters; you have walked the world along side angels and cursed the Big Lebowski to the best of your ability. Now it’s time, AMC Preacher fans, to go back to the source material… back to where it all started.

Yours truly is organizing a reading of the entire Preacher series on Reddit’s r/Preacher subreddit. We are going to read the comics all the way through, from issue # 1, all the way up to the finale epic issue #66. For those that don’t know, the issues have been collected into 6 volumes in trade paperback (the most common format you will find the story in these days), and it’s by those books that we will be grouping the issues under. You can find the complete schedule for reading below.

If you have read Preacher before and are familiar with the comics, this is a perfect opportunity to re-read the whole thing during the down time until Season 2 kicks off. If you are brand new to the comics and have only watched the TV show to this point, boy are you ever in for a treat if you tag along. Preacher is, quite literally, one of the best pieces of modern fiction ever written. I have organized the reading schedule to accommodate different reading paces, so if you like to take your time, I got you covered. Please consider joining us as we follow along with  Jesse Custer, Tulip O’Hare, and Cassidy yet again, its going to be a blast. Trust me on that.

As the blog post title mentions, we are starting September 4th, so if you want to join us for this awesome community read, be sure pick up you reading material before that time and I’ll catch you at the Five Aces Diner in about a couple of weeks…


Link to the Preacher off-season reading post on Reddit

Proposed r/Preacher Re-Read Schedule

Aug 10 – Sept 3: Get you Preacher books if you don’t own already!

  • Amazon
  • Comixology
  • Your Local Comic Shop
  • Overdrive Library (some have digital copies to borrow)
  • Hoopla! Library Services
  • Chunky Comic Reader

Sept 4 – Sept 10: Issues #1-2 (Book 1)
Sept 11 – Sept 17: Issues #3-4 (Book 1)
Sept 18 – Sept 24: Issues #5-6 (Book 1)
Sept 25 – Oct 1: Issues #7-8 (Book 1)
Oct 2 – Oct 8: Issues #9-10 (Book 1)
Oct 9 – Oct 15: Issues #11-12 (Book 1)

Oct 16 – Oct 22: Issues #13-14 (Book 2)
Oct 23 – Oct 29: Issues #15-16 (Book 2)
Oct 30 – Nov 5: Issues #17-18 (Book 2)
Nov 6 – Nov 12: Issues #19-20 (Book 2)
Nov 13 – Nov 19: Issues #21-22 (Book 2)
Nov 20 – Nov 26: Issues #23-24 (Book 2)
Nov 27 – Dec 3: Issues #25-26 (Book 2)

Dec 4 – Dec 10: Issues #27-28 (Book 3)
Dec 11 – Dec 17: Issues #29-30 (Book 3)
Dec 18 – Dec 24: Issues #31-33 (Book 3)

Dec 25 – Dec 31: Issues #34 (Book 4)
Jan 1 – Jan 7: Issues #35-36 (Book 4)
Jan 8 – Jan 14: Issues #37-38 (Book 4)
Jan 15 – Jan 21: Issues #39-40 (Book 4)

Jan 22 – Jan 28: Issues #41-42 (Book 5)
Jan 29 – Feb 4: Issues #43-44 (Book 5)
Feb 5 – Feb 11: Issues #45-46 (Book 5)
Feb 12 – Feb 18: Issues #47-48 (Book 5)
Feb 19 – Feb 25: Issues #49-50 (Book 5)
Feb 26 – Mar 4: Issues #51-52 (Book 5)
Mar 5 – Mar 11: Issues #53-54 (Book 5)

Mar 12 – Mar 18: Issues #55-56 (Book 6)
Mar 19 – Mar 25: Issues #57-58 (Book 6)
Mar 26 – Apr 1: Issues #59-60 (Book 6)
Apr 2 – Apr 8: Issues #61-62 (Book 6)
Apr 9 – Apr 15: Issues #63-64 (Book 6)
Apr 16 – Apr 22: Issues #65-66 (Book 6)

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Vote In The 1st Annual Preacher Wiki Community Choice Awards

Well AMC Preacher fans, there’s something really awesome going down at Preacher Wiki right now that you are probably going to want to get in on, something that will help fill the void left by Preacher Season One ending. Check out this glorious link…

1st Annual Preacher Wiki Community Choice Awards

Now I know what you are thinking, that’s because its the same thing I’m thinking: what are they going to call these epic awards? I purposely have not brought forth the question to TimeShade, Preacher Wiki’s most excellent site runner, so I don’t know if they have plans to brand this thing moving forward, but you gotta figure: they have the Emmys, and the Grammys, r/Fantasy on Reddit has the Stabbys, so why not…. the Preachys? Just sayin’.

Below are the six categories you can vote on, and because of significant advances in technology (okay, not really…), you can do so from this very blog entry. The categories are linked below for you to check out. The overall results will be hidden so as not to influence the voters, but we’ll make our choices below public and you can tell us if you agree or not.

Here we go!

Best Main Character: Eugene Root

This was a close one between Eugene and Tulip O’Hare for me. Ruth Negga absolutely slayed it this season, there is no denying that, but Ian Colletti truly amazed me by bringing something to this iconic character that I had not though possible: complete and total sympathy. Check out my article on Arseface that I wrote before the season started, I was expecting parts of the audience to be completely turned off by the disfigured character. Instead, what we ended up with was the shows most likable character and a performance worth significant recognition. Absolutely outstanding.

Best Main Cast Member: Joseph Gilgun

I would be surprised if this category went any other way. Joe Gilgun is a truly incredible actor and has proven himself over the course of the season, on and off camera, to be one of the funniest dudes on the planet. One of the things I like most about running this site is knowing that I get to watch Joe Gilgun’s Cassidy for an extended period of time. He is the kind of actor and personality you simply look forward to.

Best Episode: Sundowner

For me, this mid-season gem was the best episode among a season with many great installments. The thing I loved most about this episode: the opening and ending scenes were equally unforgettable. This episode wasn’t just crazy, it was Preacher crazy.

Best Supporting Character: Odin Quincannon

He came, he saw, he conquered on the small screen … as we knew he would. There was much celebration among fans when it was announced that Jackie Earle Haley had joined the cast, and for good reason. The guy can flat out act. His portrayal of Odin Quincannon was eerie, creepy, and complex in ways that speak of skill, experience, and natural talent.

Best Supporting Cast Member: Justice Leak

This is a guy who really made a big impression in the limited amount of time he had on screen. I felt, as good as Graham McTavish was, that he stole some moments from their time on screen together. One of the next shows I have cued to binge is “Powers”, and that’s a direct result of Justice Leak’s impressive performance in Preacher.

Best Cold Opening: Finish The Song

Its over six minutes into “Finish The Song” before the opening credits start rolling, and by that time you are just starting to pick your jaw up off the floor. What transpires in the bar with The Saint of Killers is the stuff of legends. I think this category will be a toss up between this episode and “Sundowner”.

So folks, what do you think? Who are your picks for 1st Annual Preacher Wiki Community Choice Awards?

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My Top 5 Moments From Preacher Season 1

I know what you are thinking fellow AMC Preacher fans: In a season with so many amazing moments and characters, how can you possibly pick just a top five? If that is in fact what you are thinking, then well, you are kind of right on that account. The truth is that this list could change a million times depending on the day, what episode you happen to be re-watching, or any other number of factors. When the Preacher Season 1 Blu-ray comes out on October 4th, you can bet I’ll be watching all 10 episodes over and over, and during the course of my binge watching, I’m sure to have a new favorite Preacher moments from one day to the next.

Still, if I had to narrow it down, I would say, after much self deliberation, that the below would make up my Top 5 moments in Preacher Season 1 on most days. In descending order, working towards my favorite:

5. Epic Cassidy/Fiore/DeBlanc Chainsaw Fight (Episode 2 “See”)

I was thinking of slotting either the Cassidy plane fight scene (our front page article photo) or Tulip O’Hare‘s corn field car fight from the pilot episode here, both of which were amazing, but ultimately this over-the-top violent exchange won out. I absolutely love how Cassidy chews out Fiore and DeBlanc before the mayhem begins. Blood, body parts flying, non-strop action for a good two minutes, whats not to love?

4. “Go To Hell Eugene!” (Episode 6 “Sundowner”)

In truly stunning fashion, in a moment that I’m pretty sure no one (Comic and AMC fans alike) saw coming, Jesse Custer accidentally sends Eugene Root to Hell. This was the moment, right around the halfway point of the season, where the show kind of got flipped on its head. What did this mean moving forward? How would this impact what was to come? There was public outrage on social media to: how could Jesse do this, even by accident, to one of the shows most beloved characters? This moment spurred so many questions and emotions, really setting the stage for the final 4 episodes.

3. Crazy Long Hotel Fight (Episode 6 “Sundowner”)

The sixth episode was pretty epic all around, and not only because of the shocking “Eugene gets sent to Hell” scene. “Sundowner” also provided the best fight in the entire series in my opinion. What went down at the Sundowner Motel between the Angels and Jesse has been regarded by some as one of the craziest scenes in recent TV history. That’s pretty good company when you think of all the great jaw dropping moments that there have been in TV’s modern drama area. That being said, there is no question that this fight (which saw the Angels die and regenerate countless times) is up there with the best of them.

2. The Saint of Killers In Hell (Episode 9 “Finish The Song”)

Many are sure to argue that the Saint of Killers massacring everyone in the salon was easily the best scene in the entire season, and this is totally understandable. For me though, as far as moments go, the Saint of Killers drawing his guns on Fiore and DeBlanc and the word “HELL” flashing up on the screen the way it did… no scene in the entire season gave me a chill the way this did. Totally and completely epic!

1. Until The End Of The World (Season Finale “Call And Response”)


This moment here screen-capped above was absolutely number 1 for me… and no different day, or mood, or anything, could change that. This places Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy right outside the iconic Five Aces Diner, right where the comics begin, thus confirming that Season 1 was in fact a prequel of sorts, and that our trio will be heading out on their road trip to find God starting with Season 2. Best. Ending. Ever!

So folks, what were your favorite moments of Season 1?

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Preacher Season 1, By The Numbers

amc-preacher-season-1-ratings-inside-2Going through withdrawal yet Preacher fans? Yeah, me too. Right now things are a little slow, but with the Preacher Season 1 Blu-ray and DVD release just around the corner, we’ll have plenty to look forward to come early October. With Season 1 now in the books, we can take the time now to look back and reflect on the impact the show has had, and what that means moving forward. Today, we’ll look at the season ratings…

Well in terms of impact, things are looking pretty good for Jesse Custer and company. According to, Preacher concluded its season ranked the #2 new cable drama for 2016, trailing only “American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson”. You can check out the article below…

Preacher concludes first season as #2 new cable drama for 2016

According to the article, the show averaged 3 million people per episode across everything. I’m not the subject matter expect on these kinds of things, but I believe that includes DVR recordings and possibly online viewing as well. Regardless, those are pretty awesome numbers to start out the franchise with.

Embedded above and to the right is a chart pulled from IMDB, the seasons ratings per episode. These are US viewers only and are the numbers we have been reporting on via the blog and twitter over the course of the season. You can see a dip in towards the middle, then a spike back up as the season concluded. I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone that there has been a lot of talk about the last 2 episodes, there will be good momentum going into Season 2.

I’ve been trying t understand where this leaves the show in the grand scheme of things… how good did Preacher really do comparatively? In order to do that, you need to compare apples with apples. Here’s what AMC’s Breaking Bad (we all know how that show turned out) did it’s first year:

amc-preacher-season-1-ratings-inside-3So we’re definitely in the ball park. If you were to go and check out the Breaking Bad Wikipedia page you’d see that the rise in ratings over its seasons was a slow, steady climb. I’m not going to lie. I am hoping like there’s no tomorrow that Preacher will blow up “Walking Dead” style, but it’s more likely that the show will gradually pick up viewers as it goes about it’s business year after year. There are, after all, only so many “Game of Thrones” out there. Still, we can hope.

We mentioned the Blu-ray/DVD release at the top of the blog post, that will also factor into the Season 2 hype. We’ll be monitoring sales of both video formats and the corresponding social reactions via the blog and Twitter both.

So what do you think Preacher fans? Not too bad for a first season, right? Once Cassidy, Tulip and Jesse get on the road, the craziness that we all know and love can ensue, and the show will surely build on these already solid numbers.

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Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Movie “Sausage Party” Opens This Weekend

evan-goldberg-seth-rogen-sausage-party-insideThe Preacher co-creators new animated movie is set to open amidst consensus rave reviews…  


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Who's This Preacher Coming To AMC?

They say that every fictional character has three dimensions: how they want the world to perceive them, the past experiences that shape who they are, and the actions they take that ultimately define their character. By these elements, preacher Jesse Custer could make the case for one of the most fascinating characters ever put to paper. Never has the world seen a such a chain-smoking, foul mouthed, violent spiritual leader. But how can such a man become a preacher? Where is he from? What happened to him? Why would a man in his position act the way he does?

Fans of the graphic novel know the answers to all these questions. They also know that together the answers weave and combine to make up seventy plus issues of unputdownable reading material. Make no mistake about it: in the Preacher TV Series, AMC is adapting one of the greatest stories told, across any median, in the past quarter century.

Need the specifics? Spoilerific text below for extended plot details:

Preacher Jesse Custer merges violently with the offspring of angel and demon while conducting a sermon in his hometown of Annville, Texas. The merging, which was catastrophic enough to destroy his church and all the parishioners within, enables Custer to speak the word of God: the ability to give command and have it obeyed unconditionally. Having learned that God has abandoned mankind, Jesse, along with his ex-girlfriend Tulip and new pal Cassidy (a beer-swilling, crazy, David Bowie-looking Irish vampire), sets out to find God, confront him, and hold him accountable for his creation.

Preacher TV Series Cast & Characters

Jesse Custer
Jesse Custer (Played by Dominic Cooper)
A preacher with the power of the word of God[Preacher (AMC) Cast Photo]
Cassidy(Played by Joseph Gilgun)
The Irish vampire and friend of Jesse[Preacher (AMC) Cast Photo]
Tulip(Played by Ruth Negga)
Jesse’s lover with a dangerous streak[Preacher (AMC) Cast Photo]
Odin Quincannon
Odin Quincannon(Played by Jackie Earle Haley)
A wealthy businessman who makes his fortune from a meat-processing plant.
Sheriff Hugo Root
Sheriff Hugo Root(Played by W. Earl Brown)
mean-hearted father of Eugene Root

Fiore(Played by Tom Brooke)
Adelphi angel tasked with watching ‘Genesis’

 Eugene Root / Arseface
Eugene Root / Arseface(Played by Ian Colletti)
Sheriff Root’s disfigured son

Emily Woodrow</p>
Emily Woodrow

(Played by Lucy Griffiths)

A “no-nonsense” church organist, waitress, single mother, and bookkeeper
Vyla Quinncannon</p>
Vyla Quinncannon

(Played by Elizabeth Perkins)

A genteel but formidable businesswoman who owns the local slaughterhouse
Betsy Schenck
Betsy Schenck(Played by Jamie Anne Allman)
A meek wife who suffers beatings by the hand of her husband

Donny Schenck
Donny Schenck(Played by Derek Wilson)
An abusive thug who nevertheless shows up to church on Sunday
Tom Cruise ??
Tom Cruise ??(Played by Tom Cruise)
An American actor and filmmaker. nominated for three Academy Awards

Developed By

Seth Rogen
Seth RogenCo-Executive Producer Preacher on AMC
A Canadian American actor, filmmaker, and comedian.
Evan Goldberg
Evan GoldbergCo-Executive Producer Preacher on AMC
An American actor and filmmaker. nominated for three Academy Awards
Sam Catlin
Sam CatlinExecutive Producer ( Pilot Episode )
An American actor and filmmaker. nominated for three Academy Awards