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31 May, 2016

Full Cast For Preacher Episode 2 “See” Now Listed On IMDB

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Please note there are episode 2 spoilers below, please proceed with that in mind... I spent some time earlier today browsing through my AMC Preacher bookmarks: MetaCritic, the official Preacher site blog, Rotten Tomatoes and eventually, IMDB. I've been browsing IMDB quite a bit lately since discovering that their cast and crew entries can be actually quite

31 May, 2016

The Talk On “Talking Preacher”

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I have always loved watching "Talking Bad" and "Talking Dead", and now I am thrilled they have a "Talking Preacher".  If you haven't seen this new show that follows Preacher on AMC, you should definitely consider staying up for it or watch it the next day on your preferred media method. The show Sunday night

27 May, 2016

Second Chance Contest: Enter To Win One Of Three Copies Of The Preacher #1 Reprint

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The fine folks at AMC and DC recently gave away 100,000 copies of the first Preacher issue by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Steve Dillon re-drew the cover of the free issues so the actors likenesses would appear in place of the original three main characters' artwork. The copies were sent out May 18 to promote the new

27 May, 2016

Preacher Vs Preacher Is Live To Air This Sunday Night At 7PM

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I have to be honest folks, waiting for AMC Preacher episode two is proving to be down right unbearable. After last weeks killer pilot, I am literally craving the next installment, kind of like the way a wilting flower might crave water in Annville on a hot Texas day. The screen caps and previews released by various

26 May, 2016

The Annville Times: “Preacher Found Dead In Kenyan Church, 30 Arrests Made”

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May 23rd/2016  Nairobi, Kenya - Beloved preacher Daniel Kanyari suddenly passed away on Sunday night in a situation that has local authorities concerned about organized crime in the area. On May 22nd/2016 at precisely 10:03pm, Father Kanyari was supposedly struck by an unknown entity while giving a sermon at his parish. Oddly, not a single one of

25 May, 2016

Funko, Topps and Spencer’s Preacher Merchandise Announcements

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Not more than 24 hours after AMC aired the Preacher Pilot, Funko and Topps announced new collectibles for the series. This is great news for fans of the comic books and show alike. It’s a huge statement, the quick merchandise release shows us that AMC believes the new series will be a big success. The

25 May, 2016

“Time To Get To Work!” Two Previews Released For Next Preacher Episode “See”

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It’s like I could hear the collective groans across the world at the end of the AMC Preacher premiere episode. It went a little something like this, multiplied by 2.4 million voices…

24 May, 2016

AMC Preacher Pilot Draws 2.4 Million Viewers

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The AMC Preacher premiere numbers are in folks, and they are looking pretty good. Uproxx is reporting that close to 2.4 million people took in the Preacher pilot on Sunday night despite it airing relatively late at 10pm. A quick check reveals that AMC counterparts Fear the Walking Dead and Better Call Saul had much better