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9 June, 2016

Preacher’s Cassidy: Not Your Average Vampire

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We are only two episodes into Preacher, yet AMC has painted us a pretty clear picture of the vampire Cassidy. As viewers, most of us probably know about all of those other vampires dotting Hollywood films and shows. With the likes of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, Interview With A Vampire, Lost Boys and True Blood to name

31 May, 2016

The Talk On “Talking Preacher”

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I have always loved watching "Talking Bad" and "Talking Dead", and now I am thrilled they have a "Talking Preacher".  If you haven't seen this new show that follows Preacher on AMC, you should definitely consider staying up for it or watch it the next day on your preferred media method. The show Sunday night

27 May, 2016

Second Chance Contest: Enter To Win One Of Three Copies Of The Preacher #1 Reprint

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The fine folks at AMC and DC recently gave away 100,000 copies of the first Preacher issue by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. Steve Dillon re-drew the cover of the free issues so the actors likenesses would appear in place of the original three main characters' artwork. The copies were sent out May 18 to promote the new

25 May, 2016

Funko, Topps and Spencer’s Preacher Merchandise Announcements

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Not more than 24 hours after AMC aired the Preacher Pilot, Funko and Topps announced new collectibles for the series. This is great news for fans of the comic books and show alike. It’s a huge statement, the quick merchandise release shows us that AMC believes the new series will be a big success. The

24 May, 2016

AMC’s 360 Degrees Of Preacher Nation

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The fine folks at AMC, not to be mistaken for Kevin Bacon, have given fans a nice tour of the Preacher set using the 360º format, much like they have done for past shows. The technology is amazing as it allows a choice of standard or VR using Google Cardboard. You can access the Preacher

20 May, 2016

Other Networks Will Kick Their Own Arses

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As the positive Preacher reviews continue to pile in, I would render a guess that those at NBC and HBO are kicking themselves right about now. After all, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are huge shows.  I would have thought HBO and other networks had learned their lesson by now, but apparently not, considering they passed on Preacher too.

18 May, 2016

Preacher Availability Finally Announced For UK, Germany, Austria And Japan

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With only four days until the AMC Preacher pilot shoots into the living rooms of antsy Americans, a deal was announced today that will make it possible for additional countries to watch the show one day later.  Not only will it now be available in the UK, Germany, Austria and Japan through Amazon Prime, but according to Deadline, the

16 May, 2016

AMC To Air Live After Show “TALKING PREACHER”, Hosted By Chris Hardwick

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That’s right my fellow congregation, there will now be a “Talking Preacher” show to follow our beloved leader on both Sunday night May 22, 2016 and after the AMC Preacher Season Finale, according to AMC's Press Release today. Even though the Season Premiere will end late due to it’s 90-Minute run time, I am sure us