Now this is interesting. Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly posted an awesome exclusive video for AMC Preacher‘s episode two featuring a pretty shady poker game being owned by none other than Tulip O’Hare. It’s a quick clip, but there’s enough here to analyse…

First off, don’t get me wrong, I love Tulip in this clip, but still comic fans (don’t worry TV fans, there’s no spoilers), tell me if you agree…

This clip really caught my attention because I feel it reveals a lot about the TV show character. I specify “TV show character” because I think there are some real differences between Ruth Negga’s character in this scene and what we’ve come to know from the comic book Tulip.

The scene starts off with her taunting the guy she is beating in the  poker game she is playing. That guy, Clive, is Alex Knight (you can check his IMDB profile here). She wins the hand and taunts some more, upsetting her opponent by purposely getting under his skin. I feel this is a departure somewhat from the comic in that, while Tulip can certainly take care of herself, she has never been one to taunt in this kind of arrogant manner; I mean, that has always been Jesse and Cassidy’s role among the comic’s three main protagonists, right? I find that Tulip is pretty reactive in the comic, responding to situations as they arise. That is certainly not the case here.

amc-preacher-new-tulip-clip-poker-insideAlso, the story she tells at the end of the scene about her uncle Walter, true or not, is brash, gross and kind of slanderous. I don’t think this is  the kind of thing that the comic Tulip would ever say, it’s not in her nature. And underneath it all, through the whole clip, I am sensing some real under tones of anger… no, scratch that… fury in the way she carries herself. While Tulip can get hot under the collar in the comic, she has never been this aggressive unprovoked. Am I wrong?

Just my take on it. Hey, I might very well be wrong considering the clip itself is only a couple minutes. Any way you slice it, I think our buddy Clive has bad things coming, I think we can all agree on that.

What do you think folks?