preacher saint of killersNews continues to filter in from the SXSW screening of AMC’s Preacher pilot a full month after the screening. An article surfaced yesterday on, a pretty cool interview with Dominic Cooper. You can read the whole thing here.

***Just a heads up, there are some  revealing details in  what follows for those that are trying to stay away from such things***

We learned quite a bit from the interview, but first things first…

Interviewer: Is there something in particular that you’re looking forward to filming? 

Dominic Cooper: Their time in New York is absurd. There’s that whole bit in New York, and there’s loss. Stuff I haven’t done yet, with the Saint of Killers.

Interviewer: I was just talking to someone about that cool easter egg in the pilot — the liquor bottle that features the Saint of Killers’ logo…

Dominic Cooper: Right!

Interviewer: We were wondering if we’ll actually get to see him.

Dominic Cooper: We are. We’re gonna get to see him at work.

Now that’s pretty definite, spoken like a man who knows exactly what’s been scripted (obviously). Remember, this interview was conducted at SXSW last month. They have been filming since then. So its plausible that the line about “stuff I haven’t done yet” is a reference to the later episodes in season one where, it would seem, the Saint of Killers will make what I would expect to be one hell of an entrance. Sounds like Cooper’s really looking forward to it. I’m thinking it’s likely they are shooting these scenes as we speak.

Other revealing tidbits…

  • The Odin/Jesse feud is apparently due to Odin’s desire to buy Jesse’s father’s land for his meat business. This all but confirms what we suspected, that John Custer’s backstory is going to be completely different than the comics.
  • Jesse Custer’s character is supposedly a “little softer” than he is in the comics, at least to start.
  • The interviewer was “surprised by how much they got away with in the pilot”.
  • The entire first season will take place in Annville. According to Cooper “we’d love to go elsewhere but we just can’t”.
  • Not surprising, it doesn’t sound like Herr Starr will be a part of season one. Cooper looks like he’s looking forward to his eventual inclusion in the TV series though, he says “Oh that’s going to be really great. It’s going to be madness.”

All very cool, more and more piece’s are falling in place by the day. May 22nd can’t come soon enough. So, what do you make of these new details that have surfaced?