preacher-sfx-magazine-coverIt seemed as if we had been waiting so long for AMC Preacher TV Show related information, like a dehydrated man waiting on water, and then WHAM, all of a sudden we find ourselves under an avalanche of content to wade through  this week (by my fanboy starved standards anyway). I think it’s safe to say we’ve hit the point where the waiting is indeed over and the promo stuff is going to keep on coming: pics, videos, featurettes, all of it in all of its collective glory. Allelujah.

The question now is exactly how much is AMC going to show, and what are they going to leave for the viewers to find out for themselves? I find it interesting to this point that the network is still making no effort to reveal anything plot related. I’m beginning to wonder exactly why. Why they wouldn’t they share some of these higher level details with their viewers? Don’t they want the masses freaking out about the show?

I think from here on in we’ll have to be really careful of spoilers out of respect for the new fans of the show coming in, but for those in the know, to illustrate my point, imagine a trailer with a Jesse voice over talking about what this show is all about. I mean what it is really all about. That would add context to the amazing videos we’ve been seeing and really get the world talking about this thing. I feel like the show is flying under the radar a little bit, maybe a little more than it should be at this stage in the game. I am thinking that perhaps it’s time to let the world in on what Preacher is.

preacher-sfx-magazine-cover-fullAs mentioned, there have been a good chunk of images released recently on various sites, all of which have been awesome, but one image that surfaced recently is, at this point, somewhat rare online. That’s because it hasn’t been posted via any particular media outlet, AMC’s official site included.

Thanks to Dean for posting his latest SFX issue to Twitter that shows none other than Jesse Custer gracing the cover in epic style. There has been a lot of people coming around to Dominic Cooper playing Jesse lately on Twitter; it would seem the new photos this week had a lot to do with that. This picture will only help in this regard. That is our Preacher for certain, look that the eyes!

So very awesome. What do you think? Is this the best picture of Jesse Custer we’ve seen thus far?