amc-preacher-fan-reactions-to-tulip-insideFor those of you who having been following along, you may have read a blog post I posted to the site a little while ago prior to the pilot airing titled “Tulip Is Not A Blonde… And Thank God For That“. Of everything I have written for Welcome to Annville thus far, no article has come even remotely close to producing such a mixed fan reaction. Some people really enjoyed it, others not so much, but love it or hate it, old fan or new, the post was meant to get this point across: the world is going to absolutely fall in love with Ruth Negga’s Tulip.

Can’t say I’m all that surprised, but thus far, that’s exactly what’s been happening. On the heels of our Cassidy entry earlier this week, our second installment of “Preacher Fans Weigh In On” examines fan reactions to the one and only Tulip O’Hare…

Tulip Is A Badass

You will be hard pressed to find a word used more by the fans to describe AMC Preacher’s Tulip than “badass”. Her introduction in the show, in which she incidently rips some dude’s ear off, left people cheering and wanting more. Safe to say that we indeed got more, and then some. Nothing will increase your fan base quite like taking out a helicopter with a homemade bazooka it seems.

Fans Want To Be Tulip When They Grow Up

Now that’s what I call praise, never mind how tongue-in-cheek. While browsing #Preacher on Twitter during the pilot, this actually came up a few times. Strong, independent, wild and free … who wouldn’t want to be Tulip O’Hare?

Fans Want To Do Arts And Crafts With Tulip

So funny. This was another one that came up a few times in my Twitter feed. It’s a pretty hilarious reaction considering what she was crafting in the first place. “Scrapbooking? Hell no boys and girls, today let’s put together some M16’s…”

The Fans Want Their Tulip Funko Pop Figure…

… and rightfully so. This is a pretty glaring oversight. It’s a main trio that the show and comic’s are centered around, after all (no offence Arseface). We don’t have any inside info on the matter, but after the public outcry that followed, one would expect Funko to begin designing and producing Tulip figures asap.

So folks, what are your thoughts on Tulip thus far?