We are only two episodes into Preacher, yet AMC has painted us a pretty clear picture of the vampire Cassidy. As viewers, most of us probably know about all of those other vampires dotting Hollywood films and shows. With the likes of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, Interview With A Vampire, Lost Boys and True Blood to name a few, it’s understandable why vampires have become a pop-culture phenomenon.  To quote Examiner: photo preacher-cassidy-pic_zpsr2wbqhcf.jpg

In recent history, the population’s infatuation with the Vampire has taken on a life of its own. Ever since Stephanie Meyer rewrote the vampire genre with her Twilight series, the blood suckers once regarded as monsters became heartthrobs with a conscience and the object of every teenage girl’s affection.

Proinsias Cassidy is not what one expects in a vampire though.  He doesn’t look like a vampire since he doesn’t seem to have fangs.  He wears sunglasses to hide his red eyes, which are more from the booze and drugs than his state of immortality. As we have seen to this point, he doesn’t seem to go seeking human victims from whom to quench his immortal thirst. In the Pilot episode he did drink from two humans, the plane pilot and another on the plane after being attacked. How could we forget the comedic cow scene in the same episode, and just this past week his blood lapping to clean the church after his chainsaw fun. Feeding on blood of any mammal seems to repair his wounds and restore him to full health. So I guess in that sense (the only sense) he might be similar to the Twilight “vegetarian” as they don’t seek to feast on a human target either.  However, Cass’ skin doesn’t glisten in sun light, it catches fire; he seems to have done a wonderful job keeping himself from combusting over 119 years.  He toys with the sun actually, igniting his finger as his own personal Bic lighter. photo amc-preacher-fan-reactions-to-cassidy-outside_zpsznnkpfmx.jpg

Just about every vampire we have heard of, read about, or seen on screen recoils at the sight of religious paraphernalia like crosses and holy water.  Cassidy doesn’t seem to have inherited this issue. He read the Bible and was doused with holy water in the first episode and even attends Jesse‘s church services.  Perhaps it’s just that Cassidy likes to live on the edge and flirt with disaster: jumping from 30,000 feet with nothing but an umbrella? No problem.  Heavy drinking, smoking and drug abuse? All child’s play to him.  Is there anything that can permanently kill Cassidy?  It appears that if he lingered too long in the sun he would burn to a crisp like an over cooked slice of bacon, even with sunscreen applied!  This fate is consistent among other vampire stories as well, though there seems to always be another method used to kill before burning up the vampire. In Twilight they rip off the head.  In many other films it is a stake through the heart.  Some were susceptible to evaporation from being exposed to sun’s rays.  A good example is in the movie 30 Days Of Night, where the hero flies off into the sun se photo 30-days-of-night-30-days-of-night-ending_zpsuncwyqx1.jpgt, or sunrise, in flakes.

Cassidy has no need for coffins, just a nice room or an attic in a church.  He likes Chinese food.  He doesn’t want to be boring, and he’s not.  He is loyal to his friends, and even saved one’s life in Episode 2.  True, Cassidy is not your stereotypical pop-culture Hollywood vampire, but he is a friendly-Irish-hard to understand vampire, who we are learning very quickly can kick some serious ass.