If you’ve been following the AMC Preacher TV show to this point, the chances are pretty good you’re a comic book fan. Of late, there has been an increase in social activity from AMC fans as they begin jumping on board this crazy, soon-to-be out of control Preacher train, but as for right this second, the majority of this group are kind of on the sidelines until the show airs. So if you’ve been following along, and you love the comics, then you are more than likely familiar with a couple of changes within the show that some die-hard fans have taken issue with.

The first issue that some fans are having trouble with is the fact that Cassidy isn’t always wearing sunglasses in the show. I won’t dwell to much on this particular issue (which ultimately comes down to a struggle between character faithfulness and TV viability), but it is worth mentioning that this has become a sticking point for a lot of fans.

So is another issue, this one perhaps more heatedly debated and certainly soon to be totally forgotten: fans upset that AMC cast an actor to play Tulip who isn’t blonde. The screen cap up there with the quotes took me all of a minute to pull from Twitter; it represents a fraction of the feedback on the topic. The Cassidy thing I can kind of understand because the sunglasses thing is actually kind of plot relative, but the color of someone’s hair? The public outcry has me puzzled, but rather than trying impossibly to work out the details, I’ll instead tell you why it doesn’t matter a lick…

amc-preacher-release-ruth-negga-inside2Anyone know who this is?

Well, perhaps you do, what with the chances being high that you’re are a comic fan. I can tell you that before today I had no idea who this was supposed to be. You could have sat me down in front of this drawing, slipped me clues, given me first and last initials, whatever. I would have never guessed in a million years. This, it turns out, is Carol from The Walking Dead comic, who is of course played brilliantly in the TV show by Melissa McBride.

Obviously, this drawing looks nothing like the actor who plays her. If there was ever a point where Walking Dead comic fans were upset about the way the comic character and McBride compared visually prior to the series airing, those grievances are long, long forgotten now. To the millions of viewers worldwide, this drawing is not Carol. Melissa McBride is Carol.

That brings us to the amazing Ruth Negga, who has blown away critics with her early performances as Preacher’s Tulip O’Hare. You don’t have to browse around too long to find said praise, her performance is singled out in many reviews, a lot of which refer to her as a “scene stealer” or things to this effect.  The previews and featurettes thus far released by AMC have shown that Ruth Negga is more than capable of conveying Tulip’s toughness in a way that should dispel any fears that she isn’t up to Tulip’s vicious standards. All indications point to her breaking out and skyrocketing to whole new levels in the world of Hollywood as a result of this role.

Tulip-Ohare-Ruth-Negga-PreacherShould that happen, and it probably will, the millions and millions of AMC/HBO/TV viewers worldwide are about to fall in love with AMC Preacher’s Tulip, Ruth Negga’s Tulip. And make no mistake about it folks: at that point, when she takes center stage on AMC and owns this thing, Tulip O’Hare is no longer blonde to the world. Tulip was blonde, true, but she won’t be any longer, not to the world, the same way Carol no longer had shoulder length hair after The Walking Dead aired in 2010. This is our Tulip, the world’s Tulip, and I just can’t wait to see her kick ass.

Picture this: You are walking through a bookstore, say about a year from now after the shows completely blown up.  Everyone watches it; your co-workers, classmates, your parents, everybody. You pass by the graphic novel section and there’s someone in there browsing through a copy of Preacher. That persons flips a page, their face contorts, they look up at and turn the graphic novel towards you showing you this picture:


And then they say to you “That’s not Tulip! Everyone knows Tulip has black hair…”