amc-preacher-book-1-reread-part-four-insideWe’ve come to a milestone in our Preacher re-read folks, the end of the iconic first book. There are so many amazing things that take place over the last half of Book 1, primarily centered around Angelville, that it is almost an injustice to round them up in a few key bullet points, but here we go anyway. Here’s my consolidated take on Issues #7 through 12….

  • The end of the John Tool/Paulie Bridges story line is fantastic. You have the big city hero cop and his useless partner, and by the end of it, you realize the that things aren’t necessarily what they seem. Tool’s final panel, in which it is revealed that he loses both arms a year later in an accident, is both depressing and fitting in the most exaperative of ways.
  • With the conclusion of Preacher’s first story line, we are off to Angelville. There have been hint’s to this point about Jesse Custer‘s Grandmother, well placed mentions here and there , but nothing could prepare us for the entrance of the sinister Miss Marie. You have to hand it to Steve Dillon, I’m not sure he could have drawn a more evil looking woman even had he tried.
  • I love Jesse relaying to Tulip how his parents met, this particular sequence of panels truly masterfully done.The series of Panels on a single page, 8 in total, in which John and Cristina make up without so much as a single word is incredible story telling at the highest level.
  • Is there anything more terrifying than then coffin? The discipline mechanism used by Grandma is one of a kind, one that has all who read surely shuddering in imagining themselves in such a horrible situation. I have to believe this would transfer really well to TV, it’s a hope for future seasons for sure.
  • “Came the day”. Need I say more? #TC #Chicken
  • The Angelville story arc is about one thing above all other for me: the build up leading to Jesse’s showdown with Jody. Part of what makes Angelville so terrifying is that we meet Jesse in the first 6 issues and come to understand him as a competent protagonist that is pretty much invincible, and then all of a sudden he is at the mercy of his family, having lost his will to fight. The ending is one of the most satisfying conclusions to a story arc that I have ever read, which is fitting considering I consider “Angelville” to be one of the greatest story arcs in recent fiction history.

So, what do you think? What are your impressions of Preacher Book 1?

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