amc-preacher-comic-reprint-freeSince launching, no other blog post has generated more interest or hits on our site then our piece on the new Preacher #1 re-print announced a little over two weeks ago. Seriously, it’s not even close. According to our stats, folks have been stopping by our little AMC Preacher Fan Site via various search engine queries to try and find out what’s going on with this particular promotion. You can find that particular piece here.

The free promotional issue, featuring a new Steve Dillon drawn  cover with the likenesses of the TV show characters, has certainly got the comic community buzzing. Info has been scarce; the original report was pretty general in nature, basically relaying the message that the comic was coming, but not specifying when, how and where. Some of this, however, was clarified earlier today.

Take note comic fans, we have a  quantity and date…

According to Entertainment Weekly, AMC and DC will make 100,000 copies of the much sought after issue available as of May 18th. I am thinking that shipping of the comic will commence soon, if it hasn’t already, with instructions for stores to make publicly available not before that specific day, which happens to be a mere 4 days before the pilot airs.

What the article doesn’t clarify, unfortunately, is where the comic will be shipped geographically. The United States is a given, but where else it might end up is anybody’s guess. 100,000 copies might sound like a lot, but it’s really not that much in the grand scheme of things. A quick search reveals that there might be around 2,500 total comic book shops scattered across the US. So assuming that’s a relatively accurate number, you are looking at about 40 copies per store. If the comic is shipping globally, that spreads per-store quantities even thinner.

I have called my local stores once again regarding the matter, and still, none of them have heard anything on the promotion. It is likely that the comics will show up unannounced, possibly tying into Sandman: Overture sales as previously reported. It might be a good idea to call your local stores too and try and place a hold, these wont last very long. If anyone out there hears anything noteworthy while asking about, please leave a comment below to let us and our readers in on the latest.

Speaking of noteworthy, you can get the digital copy of this very issue free right now at any of the major online retailers, Amazon, Comixology and ITunes to name a few. You can pick up your copy absolutely free until May 23rd. Pretty sweet right?


Looks like the print comic is only availible in the US. Have a look at AMC’s blog post on the matter here