amc-preacher-book-1-reread-part-one-inside***Note*** Whether you are comic expert or newbie, be sure to join the Preacher re-read on Reddit this off-season. We’re reading all 66 issues of Preacher in it’s entirety over the span of about half a year leading up to the Season 2 Premiere. We have just started, you can check out the Book 1 thread here.

Well folks, here we are yet again, back at the Five Aces diner where it all started. I have to say, I’m pretty excited to take this journey once more and share it with other fans as I go. That’s something I haven’t been able to do in the past, Preacher fans are few and far between among the people I know.

We start with the first two issues. I think for most, this was the point where first time readers still couldn’t quite believe what they were reading, as if there had to be an explanation why these first few dozen pages were as crazy as they were. Her are some re-read thoughts:

Issue #1

  • The opening diner scene is great and sets up Cassidy‘s persona really nicely, leaving no doubts as to who the wise guy in the group is right away.
  • The scene with Jesse Custer freaking out in the bar really drives home how bad the people of Annville actually are.
  • The first scene of Heaven really caught me off guard back in the day. We go from small town Texas and to the clouds and beyond. The thing that is really head turning here is that we have not seen these types of angels before anywhere: incompetent, political, and not very nice at all. The panel of the decapitated angel is a real eye opener that had me wondering “what in the world am I reading?”
  • The Saint of Killers intro still gets me to this day. So cold, so irrational, so unforgiving. Him killing Filo wasn’t half a chilling as his response to the murder: a “good start”.
  • Jesse’s merging with Genesis and destruction of the church is shocking in its execution. He mentions that everyone in Annville came to church that day, so he did in fact (like the TV show) wipe out the entire town. I love Steve Dillon’s art in these panels which conveyed so much without any actual dialogue taking place.
  • Hugo Root is so awesome in the comics. What a miserable, wretched, spiteful character.

Issue #2

  • The Saint’s intro is awesome, but nothing could prepare the reader for the massacre that opens Issue #2. So many questions: Who is this guy? What’s his story? How can he drop an entire police squad single-handily without a scratch? So awesome.
  • The dialogue between the two cops as they discuss Arseface might be among the best one on one conversations in the entire series. It’s a phenomenal setup for the first panel of the following sequence where Arseface is revealed in all his grotesque glory (“Huhh Duhh!” Hi Dad!)
  • Issue #2 ends with one of there more iconic panels in the series: Cassidy ripping some guys throat out, there by revealing his big secret. The line “Somethin’ the matter?” is almost too comical considering what Cassidy is partaking in.

So, what were your favorite parts of Issues #1 and 2?

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