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NECA Toys To Release AMC Preacher Jesse Custer And Cassidy Figures This December

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NECA Toys announced via their Twitter feed yesterday that they are releasing Preacher Cassidy and Jesse Custer figures this December. That's them (if you can believe it) on the right. Needless to say, the likeness

Will Preacher Be Made Available On NetFlix?


Update 08/07/16 – thanks to Fire_and_Bloodwine below for pointing out that Hulu has signed an exclusive deal to show future AMC shows, we have linked an article on the topic below. Are there going top be exceptions? By the sound of the article, it seems very unlikely. It looks as though Preacher will be available on Hulu only. We will update this spot right away should that end up not being the case…

Hulu Secures Exclusive Deal To Stream All Future AMC Shows


Keep an eye on this spot moving forward for the latest on when, or if, Preacher Season 1 will arrive on NetFlix.

I have no more insight than anyone else as to when or if this is going to happen, but you gotta believe it is likely happen some point between now and the Season 2 premiere. This would surely be the next big step in facilitating greater Preacher viewership exposure, make no mistake about it. Take this example…

In this early off-season, I have taken to discovering new TV shows to fill the void left by Preacher. The first show I came across, which I’m sure many of you have binged watched yourselves, is the NetFlix Original Stranger Things (that’s our Twitter handle for the show, please give us a follow!). The hype surrounding this show is huge and very much deserved, it seems like it’s all anyone is talking about these days.

In finding a way to somewhat accurately measure the shows popularity, consider this: having only been released for a mere three weeks, the Stranger Things subreddit has almost four times as many subscribers as Preachers does. Pretty crazy, right? That’s a significant social presence online supported by the 56 million (give or take) subscribers Netflix has worldwide. It says a lot.

Now, AMC definitely appears to have a great working relationship with NetFlix. Every season of Breaking Bad can be watched via the streaming service giant, as can select season of The Walking Dead. And that only makes sense. I mean, what better way to familiarize (or more likely re-familiarize) viewers with Rick Grimes and company going into future seasons than to make past seasons available for viewing? This is where Netflix could really help boost Preacher’s rising popularity: by allowing the greater NetFlix viewership to watch, binge, talk, tweet, and post about the show, building momentum going into the season 2 premiere.

We all know now that the Preacher Season 1 Blu-ray release is set for October 4th, so I’m thinking that if the NetFlix thing does happen it will be sometime after Christmas for sure. If that is in fact the case, then million of new fans will be putting their feet up just like Kelly Quinn of 99.7 The Blitz in Columbus (pictured) to take in and enjoy the awesomeness that is Preacher. Keep an eye on this post moving forward, we will be using it as a communication tool with regards to potential NetFlix developments. Updates will always be listed at the very top of the page.

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(Spoilers) About That Guy In The White Suit From Episode 3…

amc-preacher-herr-starr-season-2-insideWith AMC Preacher season one now in the books, it’s only natural for us fans to look ahead to season two. It’s kind of a torturous exercise we put ourselves through with pretty much every series we love to watch, isn’t it? But what can we do when there’s nothing between us and new Preacher episodes but a significant amount of time and a whole lot of questions…

One of the more common questions regarding season two (perhaps the mother of all questions actually), is  this: what story line will AMC be pulling from the comic to make up their content for next season? AMC has proved that they have no problem deviating from the source material, true, but common consensus is that the writers are going to tread closer to the comic story line moving forward now that business in Annville has been wrapped up.

To this point, news comes by way of Deadilne that Preacher showrunner Sam Catlin already has a significant character in mind for next season:

However, one new personality who will play large in Season 2 is “the figure in white, and fanboys will know who that is,” says Catlin. “They’ve already seen the character briefly.”

So it looks like Herr Starr is definitely on the season two ticket. We tagged this one spoilers, so if you’re reading this you have either read the comics or want to know whats up with the man in white. We wont get into too much detail, but I will say that his story arc from the comics (starting in issue #13) is seriously gripping stuff. The man himself is complex, short-tempered, and is sure to have viewers laughing like no tomorrow should he be written in similar fashion to his comic counterpart.

What his inclusion means for the show is that likely the famed “Angelville” story arc, which takes place before Herr Starr’s first appearance in the comics, will likely be kept to a minimum, possibly taking center stage in season three. Just speculation on my part, I guess we’ll see.

So who should play the man in white, folks? Here’s my pick (even though we know now that Morse Bicknell played the man in white during his brief appearance this past season)  …

(Be sure to pre-order your copy of the Preacher Season 1 Blu-ray , coming on October 4th!)

“An Evening With Graham McTavish” Coming To New York City


Here’s a question for ya Preacher fans: How’d you like to have the opportunity to hang out (at a bar no less) with the one and only Saint of Killers? You might not have thought this actually possible, but I’m here to tell you that there’s an awesome one of a kind event being planned for the fall where it can actually happen.

On October 8th at St. Andrew’s Pub in New York, “An Evening With Graham McTavish” will take place. The event will benefit an awesome cause, “Action for Children”, which is a non profit organization that helps every child reach their potential. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at the link below:

Click here for event details and tickets

I have to say that I am not surprised in the least to hear McTavish is giving back by way of an event this awesome. Anyone who follows him on Twitter knows how big his heart (and sense of humor) is, this from the man a few months back…

The event comes with a price tag of $220, but hey, it all goes to a great cause and there are only so many celebrity events out there that are held in intimate settings like this. The event is being put on by Outlander fans, so I’m thinking the theme should lean pretty heavily towards Graham McTavish’s character on that show, Dougal McKenzie, but I’ve been assured they will be welcoming Preacher fans with open arms at the event and that the organizating committee would love to see fans from across Graham’s works in attendance.

All the event details can be found on OutlanderHomepage.com. I have screen capped the evening itinerary below for you to check out.

So what do you think? What better way to spend the off-season, right? You could head on out to the event, have a pint, and let our Saint know exactly how awesome he is!


“What Are We Waiting For?” Preacher’s Epic Season Finale Reviewed!

amc-preacher-season-finale-episode-10-call-and-response-review-insideSeth Rogen and company certainly saved the best for last. The AMC Preacher season finale was everything I was hoping for and much, much more. There were some serious parts, some twists and turns, and even humor in the most unlikely of places. All and all, a spectacular finish that will leave old fans and new alike absolutely dying to delve into the far off second season.

We start off with Jesse Custer on the run. Sheriff Root is hunting him down over valid suspicions that he had something to do with Eugene Root‘s disappearance. In a twist that I had not seen coming, Donnie Schenck has a change of heart towards Jesse and takes him in to his house, helping him hide out. I honestly thought there was a showdown between Jesse and Donnie looming, but that particular theory couldn’t have been more wrong. Turns out Donnie sees Jesse now as a holy man in the most divine of ways.

We finally get our Carlos flashback in the finale, and now we know exactly what Tulip O’Hare has been so upset about. Her tagline “someones gotta pay” has been linked to the Carlos incident right from the beginning. As part of their team, Carlos hung Jesse and Tulip out to dry during a robbery out of spite and jealousy. We also learn Tulip lost her child during the incident, fueling her anger to maximum levels. In the end, after Tulip kidnapped their betrayer, they spare Carlos’ life (despite him taking a pretty bad beating), signifying to me a willingness between Jesse and Tulip to move on with their lives.

Everything from that point forward focuses in one way or another on God coming to Annville. There was such a build up to this moment that I didn’t know quite what to expect. We knew Jesse would be using the angel hand to dial on Fiore and DeBlanc’s “heaven phone”, but after that what happens was anybody’s guess. What we ended up getting is what you are seeing pictured in our first featured photo: God comes to Annville after all!

Except, well, he’s a little underwhelming isn’t he? He acts rather normal and isn’t quite sure of himself at times, something doesn’t seem quite right to me. Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy don’t seem to be buying it either. After Tulip gives “God” a piece of her mind, Jesse steps in and uses his power to get to the bottom of things. We learn then that God isn’t God at all, he’s an impostor, and that God is in fact missing from heaven.

amc-preacher-season-finale-episode-10-call-and-response-review-inside-2This is all working it’s way to aligning with the comics quite nicely at this point, which makes what happen next all the more awesome. We learn that the guy working the pressure gauge in multiple scenes across episodes this season is actually releasing pressure from the under ground gas buildup caused by cow manure. The pressure is primarily methane gas. When the worker is otherwise “indisposed”, the whole town blows up due to the excess pressure, a disater that leaves no survivors in the entire town. Lucky for Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy they are away at the Five Aces Diner outside of Annville when this happens. It is here they decide to go on a (you guessed it) road trip to find God. All of this is full on comic and confirms what some already suspected, that season one of Preacher is a type of prequel to the comics.

Make no mistake about it: the best thing about the finale is everyone in Annville dying. Does that make me sound like a really bad person? Probably. But you know what? That had to happen in order for the story to move forward in Season Two. Our main characters needed to leave everything behind to go on their road trip. Now the show can go pretty much anywhere, take from any story line in the comics, go somewhere else that we haven’t been yet. They couldn’t have done that if Annville still existed.

What a great season, the wait until Season Two will be so unbearably long. Huge shout goes out to everyone involved for putting this together, AMC, the actors, the executive team, everyone! Here’s to many more seasons after!

So what did you think of the Preacher season finale folks?

Topps Preacher Season Finale Card Sets On Sale Now!

Get Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 10 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 12pm EST on 8/02/16

Topps Episode 10 “Call And Response” Cards Sets Now On Sale

Now that’s what I call a season finale folks. Wow! Be sure to watch for our Preacher Episode 10 review in the next few days; we’ll have a lot to say about what transpired in this last episode and where we think the show is heading in Season 2. Believe us, we love where the show is heading!

For the last time this season, Topps is offering their episode specific Preacher cards for a 24 hour period. After that time, they will be unavailable for purchase for good. That means the print run ends, and what ever has been sold is all that exists. So if you haven’t picked up any of these cards up until now, the Season Finale collection would be the ones to grab. They are sure to be a hot collector item down the road! Just click on any of the hyperlinks in this blog post to head on over to the Topps homepage and check it out!

Season Finale Twitter Giveaway

Once again, we held a contest to give away some of these amazing Topps Cards, this time we got our hands on 6 packs to dish out. Randomly selected winners are below…

@pfkennedy6597 (Episode 7 Set)

@tjxboxlive17 (Episode 7 Set)

@onlylinds (Episode 7 Set)

@sketchcards (Episode 8 Set)

@SquealingNerd (Episode 8 Set)

@caledoux (Episode 8 Set)

If your handle is listed above, then congrats! You’ve won a limited edition Preacher Topps cards set. Please send an email to welcometoannville at gmail dot com and we’ll be in touch over shipping of the prizes.


Previously Released Topps Preacher Episode Packs

Get Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 10 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 12pm EST on 8/02/16

Your Guide To The Preacher Season Finale

Here we go Preacher fans, it’s the moment we have all been waiting for! Sunday night the Preacher season finale airs at 9pm on AMC. It’s hard to believe that we are at the end already, but you know what they say, time flies when…

It has been fun thus far trying to decipher the meaning of each individual episode name week to week. For example, the ninth episode, “Finish the Song”, had me guessing right up until the moment in which the title meaning was divulged in rather epic fashion. There can be no doubt as to why they named the episode that now. Unlike its predecessor, we know exactly why the season finale is named the way it is. “Call and Response” is all about Jesse making contact with Heaven, and the pending response from God to his call.

It’s sure to be an incredible finale, and one that you’ll want to no doubt be prepared for 100% going in. This post has been drafted with the intent of making sure you can make the most of your Preacher season finale experience.

Right, let’s get down to it…

Preacher Season One Season Finale “Call And Response” will air 9am EST on AMC

Viewing Details

  • Tomorrow on AMC, they are running a marathon starting at 11:15am eastern time. This is not just a small refresher we’re talking about here: all of the nine previous episodes will air one after the other until the season finale goes live at 9pm EST. How amazing is that? Whether you are a new fan or old, this is an amazing opportunity to binge watch the entire season and get all caught up. Amazing decision on AMC’s part to do this!
  • The season finale is set to run about 20 minutes longer than the other episodes. So that means the shows going to 10:20 EST this time around. Some good advice from our friends at Preacher Wiki below…

  • Immediately following the airing of the season finale, stay tuned in to AMC and catch “Talking Preacher” with Chris Hardwick. Appearing on this Preacher after show will be Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Eugene Root himself, Ian Colletti. The show will run an hour, at which point the encore airing of the season finale will start at 11:20pm EST.

Online Stuff

  • We wont be watching the season finale as it airs (we’re watching via Google Play on Monday), but we did get an awesome stock of Topps Preacher card sets in that we will be giving away just prior to the airing of the big episode. These limited edition card sets are from episodes 7 and 8. Watch for our giveaway tweet, we’ll be mailing out the prizes to the winners on Tuesday.

  • Speaking of giveaways, the Preacher vs Preacher podcast is going live to air at 7pm on Sunday before the season finale airs. Their last live episode was fantastic. Be sure to get in on this and hit up the Mixlr chat room to talk Preacher with the guys from the podcast and other fans from around the world. Such an awesome way to go into the finale! This is also your last chance to get in on their big Absolute Preacher giveaway: the podcast is having a contest where one lucky winner will get a copy of the $150 omnibus hardcover. It’s not to late to satisfy the criteria for this contest yet, go here for the details.

  • In order to iron out all the episodic details that you need refreshing on, hit up the most comprehensive Preacher resource on the entire internet: Preacher Wiki. If you got a question about something you might have missed, or need clarification on a character, you are sure to find the answer in their pages.
  • If you are going to follow one Preacher related Twitter account going into the season finale, be sure to make it Preacher on AMC. This is the oldest and most dedicated Preacher fan account on Twitter. That’s them below, and incidentally, you might want to check out the awesome Preacher specific podcast that they are shouting in the tweet below…

Season Finale Related Videos

  • We’ll start with the Next on: ‘Call and Response’ AMC trailer…

  • Next up is the first five minutes of the Preacher finale. Tulip storms the Schenck household looking for Jesse, while Cassidy finds himself in an awkward spot with Sheriff Root. Check it out below…

  • Entertainment weekly has an exclusive Preacher Sneak Peek this week, here Tulip confronts Jesse for the first time since their dust up…

  • In this weeks Dork Shelf exclusive clip, the town of Annville settles in for mass to see if Jesse can actually bring God down to Annville…

And I think that pretty much covers it. If you have any awesome Preacher related resources/articles/info that you think are musts for fans going into the season finale, please include them in the comments below. Other than that, enjoy the show folks!

(Be sure to keep an eye on our Preacher Season 1 Blu-ray page for the latest and greatest leading up to the October 4th release)

“I Want You To Finish The Song” All Hell Breaks Loose! Preacher Episode 9 Reviewed

amc-preacher-episode-9-finish-the-song-review-insideWe were expecting an incredible penultimate episode this past Sunday AMC Preacher fans, and an incredible episode is exactly what we got. Not that this surprises of course. We are at the very end of it now, and the pieces have nothing left to do but to fall into place. The show has made a calculated progression through this inaugural season, and is finishing on the highest of notes. Check out this great piece that talks about the pacing of the show, and how the last half of the season is elevating Preacher to epic levels…

Is Preacher finally becoming unmissable TV?

There was a lot that took place in Episode 9, but really, if we’re being honest, “Finish The Song” was all about The Cowboy. We finally see him come back to exact his revenge on the preacher who slowed him in his attempt to save his family. The preacher offers The Cowboy a chance to make amends, which was rather violently declined to say the least. Words can’t do justice to what happens next. The Cowboy proceeds to lay waste to the bar and all it’s patrons, killing (by my count) over 30 people including the preacher himeslf.

Things don’t end there though. Near the end of the episode, The Cowboys plight (from leaving his family to get medicine to his massacre at the bar) plays over and over, each sequence faster than the one before. At first I didn’t quite understand, then this…

It’s the kind of WTF moment I live for while watching TV: when “HELL” flashes on the screen and the truth of it is revealed. So very, very awesome. Our article screen cap is a photo of DeBlanc and Fiore procuring passage to Hell with a “travel agent”, which is how they ended up down there to begin with. Looks like they got a job for the Saint that will get him out of his miserable existence in which he apparently lives his worst moment over and over. Looks like The Cowboy’s is gonna be gunning for Jesse.

Speaking of Hell, does AMC’s take on devil’s domain mean that Eugene, who we didn’t see in episode 9, is down there somewhere reliving his worst moment too? If so, that must be the moment where everything went wrong with Tracy Loach. Will we see this in the season finale? I seriously hope so, I’m dying to see what happened between the two.

In a twist of events that I don’t think anyone saw coming, Emily pretty much went on to prove that there is absolutely no decent people in Annville whatsoever. The nice girl next door proceeded to kill the Mayor Miles by literally feeding him to Cassidy, who was still healing from his burns. I understand she wasn’t happy with her situation, and that she perhaps felt trapped in her situation with the mayor, but not for a second did I think she had it in her to do something this evil. She killed Myles! Are you kidding me? Wow.

So no God in church on Sunday this past week. That’s going to go down in the big season finale. Cassidy and Jesse have got the phone to heaven and have dug up the angel hand that they need to dial it. Everything is in place for the call to Heaven. This is what the season has been about really, getting Jesse to the point where he can confront his faith in the biggest and most serious of ways. This is sure to be a crazy finish to what has been a fantastic season.

Below are some Episode 9 extras from AMC.com to tide you over until Sunday. Be sure to watch for our season finale preview in the next few days.

Making Of Preacher: “Finish The Song”

Inside Preacher: “Finish The Song”

(Feel free to stop by our Preacher merchandise page during your visit!)

Preacher Comic-Con Panel Now Up On YouTube!

Hey AMC Preacher fans, awesome news! The Preacher Comic-Con panel has been uploaded YouTube in all its glory for all to see. There have been small clips floating around of late, but I’m sure you’ll agree that we all want to see the panel in it’s entirety. Now, more or less, we have just that.

Where previous San Diego Comic-Con videos throughout the years have kind of been  scattered about YouTube, it looks like there are a specific handful of accounts loading high quality vids from the convention this year. One of those is Flicks and the City, who have uploaded the Preacher panel in addition to many others.

The panel is broken into two videos, and from when I can tell, they encompass the majority of the entire panel minus the cast reading of episode 9. The advanced reading of “Finish The Song” actually took place before this footage it turns out, so its cool they opened the panel with that. The videos together run about 52 minutes, and the whole thing lasted 2 hours in Hall H, so yeah, it’s pretty much the majority of the panel I am thinking, give or take a few minutes. Just me crunching the numbers, you can correct me if I’m wrong.

As you might expect, Joe Gilgun absolutely killed it. I’m a broken record on how damn funny the guy is, but he really took things to the next level on this Panel. Keep an eye on Ruth Negga beside him while you watch the footage, she can barely contain herself while Joe is going off.

We are lucky to have such an amazing and charismatic cast in this show, and their personalities really come through when put together in an environment like this. If you were lucky enough to be there, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

Check it out!..

Part 1

Part 2

While browsing around YouTube I also came across this lengthy MTV clip from Comic-Con with Joe, Ruth, Ian, and Graham where they discuss to fan reactions on social media and (what else these days) Pokemon…

Topps Preacher Episode 9 Cards Now Available

preacher topps season 1 episode 9 card setGet Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 9 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 12pm EST on 7/26/16

I have to tell you folks (being a man without cable and a Preacher Google Play subscriber besides), of all the Preacher episodes that have aired thus far, last nights has been the hardest to wait for by a country mile. As I type this, I still do not know what transpired in Annville yesterday, but if the amount of notifications on my Twitter feed are any indication, things got pretty crazy on Preacher last night as was expected. Now, as is the case every Monday, you can take a piece of the episode home with you. For the next 24 hours you can pick up your set of Preacher Episode 9 “Finish The Song” Limited Edition Cards. Remember, these cards are only available for a short period of time. After tomorrow, they will be unavailable for purchase.


On a related note, the first round of Winners in our Topps giveaway contest have all received their cards and have tweeted their winnings! Check it out below. Also, our second round of Topps contest prizes are shipping today. We’re hoping to do more of these as we go along, the feedback we have received thus far has been fantastic. Keep an eye on our blog and Twitter feed for updates regarding potential future contests.

Topps Now – Preacher Episode 9 Card Set

topps now preacher trading cards episode 9 - we want to go to hell
topps now preacher trading cards episode 9 - lets tuck you in
topps now preacher trading cards episode 9 - call 911
topps now preacher trading cards episode 9 - card 41 back
topps now preacher trading cards episode 9 - im going to kill a man in albuquerque
topps now preacher trading cards episode 9 - just open the door a crack

Previously Released Topps Preacher Episode Packs

Get Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 9 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 12pm EST on 7/19/16

The Cowboy Returns For Tonight’s Preacher Season 1 Penultimate Episode!

amc-preacher-episode-9-finish-the-song-preview-insideToday’s the day fellow Preacher fans! I add the picture just to your right not to try and confuse anyone, but rather to remind you what a penultimate first season episode can look like. This, of course, is the unforgettable scene from Game of Thrones season one that ended up being the turning point for the show in terms of public interest. After this scene? Thats when people started talking about the show around the work water cooler and in grocery store lineups. You remember, don’t you? The fans collectively gossiped about the injustice of it all just about anywhere you could possibly think of. The scene was just so moving, and yes, it did happen during the 9th episode of Game of Thrones’ 10 episode 1st season…

The point I’m trying to make is this: all the climatic action in a TV show doesn’t necessarily have to take place in the season finale alone, the episode before last can be just as nuts, if not more so sometimes.

To that point, at Comic-Con this past weekend, Graham McTavish went on record saying that his craziest moment in the show will take place in this week’s episode. We’ve been waiting for The Cowboy to return to action, it’s been a little while. Last we left off, he was returning to Ratwater to avenge the deaths of his wife and child, both tragedies that can be linked back to Justice Leak’s Preacher when he slowed The Cowboy’s return home by killing his horse. It was an action, it turns out, that had more than just the Cowboy fuming…

After that particular scene aired, there was no shortage of this kind of response on Twitter. As for Justice Leak, he’s doing his own promoting of the big event “UFC” style…

Pretty safe to say that the horse lovers of the world will be cheering for The Cowboy. This will no doubt be an epic showdown where only one man will be left standing in the end. So, is this confrontation the scene Graham McTavish is referring to? Quite possibly. One thing’s for sure: you can expect all Hell to break loose in Ratwater at some point tonight.

Other than that, we are waiting patiently for God himself to come to Annville. Whether this event will play out this episode or next, it’s hard to tell. I am not spoiling anything by saying that this looming showdown in Annville between Jesse Custer and The Lord does not take place in the comics, so everyone is going into this arc completely fresh without any idea of how this meeting will shake out (if it takes place at all). Obviously, that’s awesome, as it will keep all of us on the edge of our seats for the next little while. My theory? I am thinking Jesse will have mass on Sunday with the entire town in attendance, and will use his power to call God down to earth. Pardon the pun, but God only knows what will happen then.

Below are the AMC previews for Episode 9. Please feel free to add any I have missed if released by other media outlets in the comments below. Get excited Preacher fans, craziness is going down tonight!

Next On Preacher “Finish The Song”

Preacher Sneak Peek “Finish The Song”

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They say that every fictional character has three dimensions: how they want the world to perceive them, the past experiences that shape who they are, and the actions they take that ultimately define their character. By these elements, preacher Jesse Custer could make the case for one of the most fascinating characters ever put to paper. Never has the world seen a such a chain-smoking, foul mouthed, violent spiritual leader. But how can such a man become a preacher? Where is he from? What happened to him? Why would a man in his position act the way he does?

Fans of the graphic novel know the answers to all these questions. They also know that together the answers weave and combine to make up seventy plus issues of unputdownable reading material. Make no mistake about it: in the Preacher TV Series, AMC is adapting one of the greatest stories told, across any median, in the past quarter century.

Need the specifics? Spoilerific text below for extended plot details:

Preacher Jesse Custer merges violently with the offspring of angel and demon while conducting a sermon in his hometown of Annville, Texas. The merging, which was catastrophic enough to destroy his church and all the parishioners within, enables Custer to speak the word of God: the ability to give command and have it obeyed unconditionally. Having learned that God has abandoned mankind, Jesse, along with his ex-girlfriend Tulip and new pal Cassidy (a beer-swilling, crazy, David Bowie-looking Irish vampire), sets out to find God, confront him, and hold him accountable for his creation.

Preacher TV Series Cast & Characters

Jesse Custer
Jesse Custer (Played by Dominic Cooper)
A preacher with the power of the word of God[Preacher (AMC) Cast Photo]
Cassidy(Played by Joseph Gilgun)
The Irish vampire and friend of Jesse[Preacher (AMC) Cast Photo]
Tulip(Played by Ruth Negga)
Jesse’s lover with a dangerous streak[Preacher (AMC) Cast Photo]
Odin Quincannon
Odin Quincannon(Played by Jackie Earle Haley)
A wealthy businessman who makes his fortune from a meat-processing plant.
Sheriff Hugo Root
Sheriff Hugo Root(Played by W. Earl Brown)
mean-hearted father of Eugene Root

Fiore(Played by Tom Brooke)
Adelphi angel tasked with watching ‘Genesis’

 Eugene Root / Arseface
Eugene Root / Arseface(Played by Ian Colletti)
Sheriff Root’s disfigured son

Emily Woodrow</p>
Emily Woodrow

(Played by Lucy Griffiths)

A “no-nonsense” church organist, waitress, single mother, and bookkeeper
Vyla Quinncannon</p>
Vyla Quinncannon

(Played by Elizabeth Perkins)

A genteel but formidable businesswoman who owns the local slaughterhouse
Betsy Schenck
Betsy Schenck(Played by Jamie Anne Allman)
A meek wife who suffers beatings by the hand of her husband

Donny Schenck
Donny Schenck(Played by Derek Wilson)
An abusive thug who nevertheless shows up to church on Sunday
Tom Cruise ??
Tom Cruise ??(Played by Tom Cruise)
An American actor and filmmaker. nominated for three Academy Awards

Developed By

Seth Rogen
Seth RogenCo-Executive Producer Preacher on AMC
A Canadian American actor, filmmaker, and comedian.
Evan Goldberg
Evan GoldbergCo-Executive Producer Preacher on AMC
An American actor and filmmaker. nominated for three Academy Awards
Sam Catlin
Sam CatlinExecutive Producer ( Pilot Episode )
An American actor and filmmaker. nominated for three Academy Awards