(Spoilers) Comic-Con Trailer Rocks The Preacher Community!

It’s that time of year again, folks. Leave it to Comic-Con to make overjoyed fans pump their fists with reckless abandon. To that point, my arm just about came out of my socket last night, and here’s why…

For a second there I thought we might be waiting till the end of the world to get any Comic-Con related AMC Preacher media released for those of us who couldn’t be there, but lo and behold, mere moments after debuting the footage at the mother of all conventions, AMC uploaded the trailer for the last two episodes that debuted in San Diego.

The trailer contains some pretty heavy spoilers. I’m going to be spoiling all kinds by referring to the comics, assuming all reading this have read them, so be wary. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, hold on to your horses folks, especially if you are a comic fan…

Now there’s a ton to process in there, lots going on, so I watched the trailer more than a few times, especially the end (for obvious reasons). My initial take on the trailer was that there was something very familiar about it. Not familiar in terms of what we know about the TV show thus far, but rather a certain comic familiarity bubbling on the surface. I continued to re-watch…

  • The opening scene with Fiore and DeBlanc, at first I wasn’t sure what they were doing. By the end of the trailer it becomes obvious: this is the TV show version of Boot Hill! They are finally going to wake the Saint of Killers. Looks like Boot Hill is actually the old west bar from the first two “Cowboy” scenes in season one. Now, do Fiore and DeBlanc survive? We wont have long to wait to find out. So awesome!
  • They are hyping the “God is coming to Annville” thing in this trailer big time, which makes me believe an initial showdown will take place in the next two episodes. Now this might not be similar to the comic (at least not this early), but what follows is right on the money comic-wise…
    • Tulip: “Whats the Plan Jesse?”
    • Jesse: “Plan is simple. Find God. God wants our help, we help him. If he doesn’t, we’re gonna kick his ass.”
  • The cut scene right after shows Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy hitting the road in that red speedster car of theirs. I repeat ladies and gentlemen, they are hitting the road! This spells certain doom for Annville as predicted, and is very much in line with the comics.

Now all of that jumbled into two minutes of trailer left me feeling pretty damn good. I have mentioned numerous times on the blog how much I like the show, it’s unpredictability, how I love that we’re getting an alternate take on the greater Preacher universe. I have been able to separate the show from the comic in my viewings, and have been happy to do so. But I have to say, watching these old, familiar pieces fall into place really stirred some old nostalgic feelings for the source material.

Then this on Twitter, which I had missed while browsing the Comic-Con trailer a million times…

Let’s take a closer look at these photo’s…

five-aces-diner-2 five-aces-diner-1

And… I pretty much melt in my computer chair. Oh. My. God.

I am sure that I don’t have to tell anyone that we are looking at the very first scene of the comics. This scene here, this is how I now believe season one ends, with Tulip kissing Jesse outside the iconic Five Aces Diner. Then we could pick things up from there to start season two, right where comic issue #1 starts. I have discovered through all of this that saying it would be cool to see the show follow the comics is one thing, but to actually see it happen is a whole other matter entirely. Words cannot describe how awesome a feeling this is.

At the end of the day, what this trailer makes me honestly feel is this: Preacher actually hasn’t even really started yet. Could anything else make more sense? There has been much made over the shows pacing, how it takes time to get moving, that it continually takes ample time to set things up. Could that be all by design? Has Seth Rogen and company taken the time to get us all invested in the characters and world before really getting the show on the road? Have we in fact been watching a 10 episode flashback?

At this point, I think the answer to that last question is closer to yes than it is to no. I also think that moving forward we’re going to see the show and comic align far more closely than we have seen to this point. After seeing the Comic-Con trailer, that is more than okay by me.

AMC’s Preacher at San Diego Comic Con!

What I wouldn’t give to be in San Diego right now folks.

We all know how much fun Comic Con is. It’s one of those thing that you don’t even have to attend to know how epic it really is. On top of all the regular awesomeness this year, we have Preacher taking center stage for it’s first appearance at the giant event. This blog entry is going to be a mishmash of all Preacher related things going down at Comic Con, so chronologically we’ll be all over the place. Here’s the best of what I’ve come across thus far:

  • First and foremost, the cast of Preacher are doing a live reading of Sunday’s Episode 9 “Finish The Song” tonight during their main Comic Con panel session. That means that after tonight, it is possible (barring some kind of embargo that I don’t know about) that the details pertaining to what happens in the upcoming episode will be floating around out there. That said, I have no idea what kind of restrictions will be placed on this amazing panel. I can live without a sneak peek reel, trailers, or things of the like; what I am hoping for is a video of the panel itself, even without the episode 9 reading. They got Hall H booked for 2 hours today, so safe to say it’s going to be amazing! Here’s hoping AMC posts it to YouTube for those of us who can’t be there.
  • Below is the video of the Facebook Q&A session that was held yesterday with Joe Gilgun, Ruth Negga, and Graham McTavish. The session was short and sweet. It’s embedded below…

  • They got some sort of Yacht down there in San Diego where IMDB is hosting it’s own panels. Looks like they got Kevin Smith doing the MC’ing for all of them. Nice! Graham McTavish, Joe Gilgun, and Ruth Negga all stopped in to say hello. Below is a clip of this mini Preacher panel. You can find pics of this event all over the place, especially on Twitter, for any who are interested.


  • Dominic Cooper is taking over the Preacher Instagram today. Keeps tabs on it for awesomeness like the below pic…


  • Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga and Joe Gilgun stopped by IGN to discuss Preacher. Hopefully we’ll get video of this uploaded soon. Not sure how the IGN live thing works to be honest.
  • ***Update*** Video is now available and is embedded below…

  • Random group shot, love Ruth Negga in this photo!

There’s probably tons more where all this came from, but that’s what I could scrap up for now. Please leave links to other Preacher-related Comic Con stuff in the links below, lets keep everybody in the loop!

“Next Sunday, I’m Going To Bring God To The Town!” Preacher Episode 8 Reviewed

amc-preacher-episode-8-el-valero-review-insideWith this past Sunday’s AMC Preacher episode down, we only have two, count em two, episodes left in Season One. Hard to believe, but there it is. There’s lots to wrap up still, but things are winding down in pretty spectacular fashion now.

“El Valero” starts us off with yet another unfamiliar scene. There has been a lot of that in this first season of Preacher, AMC taking us to places that don’t seem at first to fit into the greater plot. A group of skiers are going up a hill by way of a gondola lift, and the weather outside is pretty awful, the snow and wind clearly treacherous. The inevitable happens when the cable snaps, and the lift falls into the snowy abyss below. We discover that the lift passengers are all Odin’s relatives, and that they were all killed in the accident.

This is backstory that explains quite a bit about the unusual Odin. To cap off this flashback scene, he calls John Custer to his office after his family’s death to have him denounce God, realizing that there is nothing to any of us but meat, once all is said and done. This kind of leans into his fascination with meat that has become apparent throughout the season thus far. We learn that this fascination is likely spiritual later on in the episode, more on that just below…

We then move on to what becomes pretty much the focus of the entire episode, which is the siege of the Annville church. Odin sends his men in time and again to try and take control. Turns out that the Meat Men are not much of a match for one half-crazy preacher equipped with a machine gun. It takes the better part of the episode, and Donnie blowing out his ear drums (in order to avoid Jesse’s power), before Jesse is reigned in by Odin and his team inside the church. We learned in this sequence the reason why Jesse’s power didn’t work, or seem to work, when he told Odin to serve God. The power did in fact work on Odin, but it didn’t specify what god to serve. Odin serves the god of meat, the god of what is tangible, which is why he never converted to Christianity. I feel like ‘God of Meat’ would make a wicked name for a metal band, agree?

Eugene Root shows up in this episode, and for a second we are lead to believe he had been saved, only to later discover that he isn’t really there and is just an illusion to Jesse. So yeah, the long and short of that is that our guy Arseface is still missing, much to the chagrin of the legions of fans who have been cursing Jesse Custer for being so careless in the first place.

Tulip had a recurring cute-ish episode arc all her own, where she adopts and cares for a dog… you know, that is, before she feeds the poor mutt to Cassidy. To me, this suggests that Jesse did in fact turn his back on Cassidy, and now our favorite Irish vampire needs to feed in order to heal from the damage. The next interaction between the two should be interesting to say the least.

Fiore and DeBlanc tried yet again to get Genesis out of Jesse, but ultimately failed, having successfully extracted the entity only to have it become one with Jesse yet again right after. Could it be that our Angel’s (or are they?) are finally giving up on their task? Not likely. Look for them to to take the most desperate of measures in order to take back Genesis once and for all.

The episode ends with two things of note happening: First, Jesse asks Odin for one more Sunday before signing over his father’s land and church, promising to bring God himself to the town. Secondly, the guy in the room with all the gauges is seen once again performing his task in relieving the systems pressure. Jesse bringing God to Annville in Episode 9 by way of his power would be amazing. I also think it would create a ton of buzz online for the show. The outcome of this meeting would also set the tone and plot for season two I am thinking. The  guy with the pressure gauges, whats the deal? We have heard the theories on how the pressure in those lines might eventually blow up the church, or even the town, but whatever it is all about, its gonna be big. They have been hinting at the “mounting pressure” thing for the entire season after all.

So folks, what are your thoughts on episode 8?

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(Spoilers) Amazing Fan Theory On Fiore And DeBlanc

amc-preacher-fiore-deblanc-angels-theory-insideWe learned pretty early on here at Welcome to Annville that Reddit was going to be an amazing AMC Preacher resource. It was there, after all, that we came across a post two months before the pilot airing that suggested Graham McTavish had been potentially cast in the show. That one turned out to be right on the money, and it had been reported no where else save our site once we got wind of it. When it comes to digging for details, uncovering a scoop, or working out an awesome theory, you are not like to find a more likely place for said details to surface than the various Reddit subreddit communities. I mean, there a lot a good places out there that you can go to scratch your Preacher fix… all kinds of media outlets, the official site, social media venues and the like, but the dynamic on Reddit is such that the discussion frequency and depth seem to churn out the ideas and things that everyone else seems to overlook for whatever reason. Sure, the Pajiba piece on how Preacher Season 1 is going to end is an exception, but you get what I mean…

So, another amazing theory has surfaced just recently that has really opened our eyes. It’s well thought out, well researched, and just crazy enough to be actually true. This is a Spoilers post. Please be aware that anything that follows can, and probably will, spoil the comic, the show, more than likely both.

Fair warning right? Cool, here we go…

Check out perhapsaprince’s post on r/preacher regarding who DeBlanc and Fiore really are.

Who they really are? ‘They are angels of course’, is what you are probably saying to yourself. They have admitted as much to Jesse Custer after all. In the diner, remember? They confessed the truth of it. Not to mention the pair are angels in the comic series as well.

But wait…

How possible would it be that Fiore and DeBlanc are actually Genesis’ parents? Fiore the angel father and DeBlanc the demon mother. Crazy, yeah? But if you read the post on r/preacher from top to bottom (its a lengthy, well thought out  post), you will see that there is some serious evidence to support this theory. Here are some of points made in this awesome prediction:

  • The Lullaby that DeBlanc sings to Genesis while trying to remove it from Jesse has the line “so shut your eyes while mother sings”.
  • Fiore and DeBlanc are adamant that no one else knows about Genesis, and that “an agreement was made at the highest levels”. What higher level than parents?
  • DeBlanc tells Jesse “we’re from heaven.” When Fiore opens his mouth to chime in, DeBlanc cuts him off quickly and says “both of us”.
  • Fiore is the only one to ever touch the phone that calls to heaven. DeBlanc sounds pretty snarky when he says you need “angel hands” to use it, and even snarkier when he says that heaven wants “peace.”
  • The theory suggests DeBlanc is the demon. Then why does DeBlanc look like a man? Because they can take whatever form they want one earth as part of their “re-generation”.

The above points really don’t do perhapsaprince’s post justice. There are a ton more that they make in support of the “Fiore and DeBlanc are angel and demon parents” theory on Reddit, so be sure to head on over there and check it out. After you’re done, come back here and let us know what you think in the comments below. Is it a viable theory? Or is there no chance in hell that it’s true?

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Topps Preacher Episode 8 Cards Now Available + Contest Winners Announced!

preacher topps season 1 episode 8 card setGet Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 8 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 12pm EST on 7/19/16

Hey Folks, that’s another episode of Preacher come and gone, and man, what an episode it was! As always, Topps is offering their limited edition Preacher episode specific cards sets for the next 24 hours. You can click on any of the embedded links on this page to get your Episode 8 “El Valero” cards now!

Contest Winners Announced

As announced on Twitter, we got a few more Topps Preacher card sets mailed out to us, these ones for Episode 6 “Sundowner”. Our contest-related tweet went out 10 minutes prior to the show airing and we got a truly awesome response, over 80 contest entries were submitted via retweets!

Clearly, the fans love Preacher and Topps alike. It is very possible, giving the level of interest, that we will conduct the exact same contest next week at the exact same time, just with a different episode prize pack (likely with Episode 7 “He Gone” cards). We’re working on it, so stay tuned for more on that throughout the week via our Twitter feed @annvilletx

Randomly selected from a pool of 83 retweets, here are this week’s contest winners:




If one of these is your Twitter handle, then congrats! You have won a Limited Edition Topps Preacher Episode 6 “Sundowner” card set. Be sure to follow us on Twitter if you don’t already and we’ll be in touch soon over shipping of the prizes.

Topps Now – Preacher Episode 8 Card Set

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Previously Released Topps Preacher Episode Packs

Get Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 8 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 12pm EST on 7/19/16

Trailer Released For Ruth Negga’s Oscar Worthy Film “Loving”

amc-preacher-ruth-negga-loving-oscar-insideA heap of really cool news pieces came out today that are Preacher related in an indirect kind of way….


Preacher Episode 7 “He Gone” Topps Card Packs Now On Sale

preacher topps season 1 episode 7 card setGet Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 7 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 4pm EST on 7/13/16

Hi Folks. Fresh of Sunday night’s seventh Preacher episode, Topps has released their new set of “He Gone” specific card packs for sale on their site. The cards are only available until 4pm eastern on July 13, so be sure to pick up your cards before then, just click on one of the links below!

Preacher Topps Episode 6 Card Wanna See Something Awesome
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Previously Released Topps Preacher Episode Packs

Get Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 7 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 12pm EST on 7/13/16

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