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Preacher Season 1, By The Numbers

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Going through withdrawal yet Preacher fans? Yeah, me too. Right now things are a little slow, but with the Preacher Season 1 Blu-ray and DVD release just around the corner, we'll have plenty to look forward to

Absolute Preacher Volume 1 To Be Released This Tuesday!

Well Preacher fans, here’s one seriously epic way to familiarize yourself with the source material. (more…)

Preacher Fans Weigh In On… Poor Eugene

Anyone who watched Preacher on Sunday night, or browsed our blog entry on the subject yesterday, knows that two crazy moments went down in Episode 6 “Sundowner”. The angel fight was the first, a four minute rampage of death, carnage, regeneration, and repeat. The second happened a lot quicker, but had no less of a jaw dropping effect, and this would be Jesse telling Eugene to go to hell… and then Eugene actually disappearing. We took an impromptu poll on Twitter to determine which of these awesome developments to use for this latest installment of “Preacher Fans Weight In On…” In the end, it wasn’t even close: the fans want to know what has happened to poor Eugene.

Research into fan reactions to this character continue to amaze. People may think Cassidy is hilarious and Tulip is badass, but no one else in this show has more ability than Eugene to make the audience feel emotions for their character. Make no mistake about it: the world is quietly falling in love with Eugene. It has even gotten to the point where fans are literally coming off protective over the character. I mean, do you have any idea how many people on Twitter want to give Eugene “hugs” and such? Such a huge departure from the comics, where no one would touch the guy with a ten foot pole. Absolutely amazing.

Now, without further ado, Preacher fans weigh in on poor Eugene….

The Fans Feel Terrible For Eugene

Go ahead, throw the words “poor” and “Eugene” into Twitter search and you will find no shortage of matches over the past few days. The above is only one example of many. The show and Ian Colletti have both done a fantastic job of making fans feel downright terrible for Eugene. Nothing seems to go right for him, does it? The ending this week was like salt in the wound… like, a ten pound bag of salt of the extra coarse stuff….

The Fans Ain’t Happy With Jesse

I’m not even kidding when I tell you that the above is the only family-friendly tweet I could find pertaining to fan disappointment in Jesse’s actions. There are some pretty strong impulsive reactions to what transpired at the end of the episode Sunday night. People were not happy about Jesse’s carelessness in the matter… not one bit.

Eugene Bring People To Tears

See those little crying smiley face type icons up there? All over the place. Seriously, you could fill my uncles Olympic size swimming pool with the tears that were shed for Eugene on Sunday. This goes back to fans feeling protective and wanting better for the character in the show. Depending on what actually happened to Eugene and the resulting affect, the fans will be either relieved or horrified. At present, they hold their breath waiting for Eugene’s fate to be revealed. Such a great cliffhanger.

Fans Have Theories

That one above is interesting. There is in fact a town called Hell, Michigan just west of Ann Arbor. If Eugene actually went there, perhaps there might be a subplot arc of him road-tripping back to Texas, and if that were the case I don’t think he would be too happy when he got back. As a matter of fact, regardless of what happened to him, I don’t think Eugene will be happy with Jesse under any circumstances. Expect heat between the two as the season winds down. The Preacher vs Preacher Podcast came up with another interesting one, that maybe Eugene was sent home because his home life feels like hell to him at present. What is your theory? Feel free to comment down below.

So folks, what’s your take on what happened to Eugene in Episode 6? Are you upset that it happened? Or should people just get over it already.

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“Go To Hell Eugene!” Our Preacher Episode 6 “Sundowner” Review

amc-preacher-episode-6-sundowner-review-inside1You wanted answers Preacher fans, you wanted action, you wanted all the various plot points to start tying in together… well folks, you got all three of those covered and then some on Sunday.  (more…)

Preacher Episode 6 “Sundowner” Topps Card Packs Now On Sale

preacher topps season 1 episode 6 card setGet Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 6 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 4pm EST on 7/05/16

Hi Folks. Fresh of Sunday night’s sixth Preacher episode, Topps has released their new set of “Sundowner” specific card packs for sale on their site. The cards are only available until 4pm eastern on July 5, so be sure to pick up your cards before then, just click on one of the links below!

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Previously Released Topps Preacher Episode Packs

Get Your Preacher Topps Cards NOW | Ep. 6 (5-Card Pack) – Available Until 12pm EST on 7/05/16

Preacher Episode 6 “Sundowner” Airs Tonight!

The hype going into tonight is pretty heavy, and the timing for that couldn’t be any better.


So, what happened with Odin Quincannon?

amc-preacher-odin-quincannon-speculation-insideHey everyone. It’s Robert from NerdyRamblings.com. I’m back again. After a very sinful week, I went in the confessional to ask for forgiveness. My spiritual adviser said that to atone, I should write another post for the Welcome to Annville website. (more…)

Preacher Is Heading To San Diego Comic Con

amc-preacher-san-diego-comic-con-kevin-smith-2016-insideIt’s sure to be a match made in heaven.

News comes today via the official San Diego Comic Con Blog that AMC’s Preacher is heading to the king of all Cons this year with none other than Kevin Smith moderating the panel.  Yes, you read that right… Kevin Smith. I cannot think of a better fit, nor a better way to publicize the show. Kevin Smith might very well be one of the funniest, quick-witted dudes on the planet. This is sure to be a ridiculously entertaining affair.

The event takes place on July 22nd in Hall H from 6:30 to 8:30pm, which I’m sure you’ve just noticed is a perfect time slot, allowing time to catch dinner before and drinks right after (for those lucky enough to have tickets anyway, unless this is one of those things you have to line up or camp out for). Panel participants include our main trio of Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, and Joe Gilgun, as well as Ian Colletti and The Cowboy, Graham McTavish. Also on the panel will be Exec Producers Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and the man who started it all, Garth Ennis. If all that isn’t awesome enough, the cast will be actually performing a live stage reading of season one’s penultimate episode. By my count, and you can correct me if I’m wrong, this reading will actually be before the episode airs. How amazing is that?

My first thought it this: the very thought of Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen playing off one another on a comic con panel is enough to blow the mind of any fan, but throw Joe Gilgun into that mix? This thing is going to be absolutely hilarious. My second thought is that this could be one of those things that take the series to the next level. This event will take place just before the 9th episode, so if it’s as amazing as I will think it will be, this panel is sure to create all kinds of buzz leading up to what’s sure to be an incredible season finale.

So, whose got tickets? Not me, that’s for sure. San Diego Comic Con is usually pretty good about having their panels filmed (minus exclusive footage), so when this gets posted to YouTube, you can be sure I’ll be embedding the video in a blog post immediately after.

You can read the Comic Con Blog entry on AMC’s entire Panel schedule, including Preacher, here. Thanks to Preacher Wiki for giving me a heads up on the news.

Hey Game Of Thrones Fans, Here’s How To Get Into That New Show “Preacher”

amc-preacher-game-of-thrones-fans-insideSo, you’ve spent the last two months in Westeros, sweating it out as the likes of the Lannisters, Starks, Tyrells and Martells play their unrelenting, unforgiving game of thrones…


AMC Preacher Renewed For Season 2

amc-preacher-season-2-renewed-announced-insideWell, it looks like you are all stuck with me and mine for another year at least.


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They say that every fictional character has three dimensions: how they want the world to perceive them, the past experiences that shape who they are, and the actions they take that ultimately define their character. By these elements, preacher Jesse Custer could make the case for one of the most fascinating characters ever put to paper. Never has the world seen a such a chain-smoking, foul mouthed, violent spiritual leader. But how can such a man become a preacher? Where is he from? What happened to him? Why would a man in his position act the way he does?

Fans of the graphic novel know the answers to all these questions. They also know that together the answers weave and combine to make up seventy plus issues of unputdownable reading material. Make no mistake about it: in the Preacher TV Series, AMC is adapting one of the greatest stories told, across any median, in the past quarter century.

Need the specifics? Spoilerific text below for extended plot details:

Preacher Jesse Custer merges violently with the offspring of angel and demon while conducting a sermon in his hometown of Annville, Texas. The merging, which was catastrophic enough to destroy his church and all the parishioners within, enables Custer to speak the word of God: the ability to give command and have it obeyed unconditionally. Having learned that God has abandoned mankind, Jesse, along with his ex-girlfriend Tulip and new pal Cassidy (a beer-swilling, crazy, David Bowie-looking Irish vampire), sets out to find God, confront him, and hold him accountable for his creation.

Preacher TV Series Cast & Characters

Jesse Custer
Jesse Custer (Played by Dominic Cooper)
A preacher with the power of the word of God[Preacher (AMC) Cast Photo]
Cassidy(Played by Joseph Gilgun)
The Irish vampire and friend of Jesse[Preacher (AMC) Cast Photo]
Tulip(Played by Ruth Negga)
Jesse’s lover with a dangerous streak[Preacher (AMC) Cast Photo]
Odin Quincannon
Odin Quincannon(Played by Jackie Earle Haley)
A wealthy businessman who makes his fortune from a meat-processing plant.
Sheriff Hugo Root
Sheriff Hugo Root(Played by W. Earl Brown)
mean-hearted father of Eugene Root

Fiore(Played by Tom Brooke)
Adelphi angel tasked with watching ‘Genesis’

 Eugene Root / Arseface
Eugene Root / Arseface(Played by Ian Colletti)
Sheriff Root’s disfigured son

Emily Woodrow</p>
Emily Woodrow

(Played by Lucy Griffiths)

A “no-nonsense” church organist, waitress, single mother, and bookkeeper
Vyla Quinncannon</p>
Vyla Quinncannon

(Played by Elizabeth Perkins)

A genteel but formidable businesswoman who owns the local slaughterhouse
Betsy Schenck
Betsy Schenck(Played by Jamie Anne Allman)
A meek wife who suffers beatings by the hand of her husband

Donny Schenck
Donny Schenck(Played by Derek Wilson)
An abusive thug who nevertheless shows up to church on Sunday
Tom Cruise ??
Tom Cruise ??(Played by Tom Cruise)
An American actor and filmmaker. nominated for three Academy Awards

Developed By

Seth Rogen
Seth RogenCo-Executive Producer Preacher on AMC
A Canadian American actor, filmmaker, and comedian.
Evan Goldberg
Evan GoldbergCo-Executive Producer Preacher on AMC
An American actor and filmmaker. nominated for three Academy Awards
Sam Catlin
Sam CatlinExecutive Producer ( Pilot Episode )
An American actor and filmmaker. nominated for three Academy Awards