“We Grow Or We Die, Miles” Preacher Episode 5 Reviewed!

amc-preacher-episode-5-south-will-rise-again-review-insideWell folks, that was a damn good AMC Preacher episode.

If there is one word I could use to describe the episode, it would be “soul”, in large part due to Ian Colletti’s performance this week. To this point, Joe Gilgun’ Cassidy has run the episodic table for me in terms of show stealing throughout season one, but Colletti’s Arseface provided some real tear-jerking moments this week. I have mentioned in the past how amazed I’ve been at how sympathetic the onscreen version of the character is. That was taken to a whole new level in “South Will Rise Again”. I mean, who could have a heart so cold that they could not feel awful for Eugene this week? Does such a person even exist?

What’s that you say? Such a person does exist? Oh right, him… hmmm, well let’s talk a little about that guy then since you brought him up….

  • The Cowboy showed up to start the episode off in grand fashion. The scene, once again right at the beginning of the episode, plays out at The Cowboy heads into Ratwater, a scummy, dangerous town with no rules and inhabitants with no morals. He gets his medicine for his wife and child but is held up by his conscience, going back to help out a family entering Ratwater who might not know what they are stepping into, only to discover they are just a treacherous as the inhabitants themselves. He ends up being further delayed, significantly so, when the town preacher shoots his horse in the head, forcing The Cowboy to walk home rather than ride. It’s too little too late in the end, as he comes home to discover his wife and son dead. It looks like there is going to be hell to pay. The preacher in the scene is played by Justice Leak, and I thought he totally killed it this week. You can see already he’s going to be one of those characters you just love to hate…

  • The Sunday night ratings are in. Preacher drew 1.43 million viewers which is up from 1.14 million the week before. That’s a pretty impressive number considering the Game of Thrones finale broke records in the same time slot. Ill be interested to see next weeks numbers to say the least, what, with the big dog out of the way for good.
  • We got a pretty good look into the relationship between Eugene and his Dad, notably the impact that Eugene’s incident has had on the family, the toll it has taken. It looks as though Tracey Loach was indeed part of the same incident, and her mom isn’t happy about it. You would be hard pressed to find a more upset lady that Terri Loach who was out for blood when she saw Eugene outside her house. It ultimately took Jesse Custer‘s power to calm her down….
  • Regarding that power, Jesse’s having a lot of fun using it, tapping into it now rather erratically. I personally believe that it’s his thinking that he can use the power to set the town right, person by person. He is finally confronted by Angels Fiore and DeBlanc who reveal themselves to Jesse and tell him that his belief that God is inside him is completely incorrect. Looks like we’re about to find out what exactly is going on here.
  • Tulip O”Hare ‘s frustration continues to mount as she basically calls Jesse out, accusing him of trying to be something he isn’t. She ends up getting intimate with Cassidy, possibly as a way to make Jesse jealous down the road I am thinking. I did not see this coming at all. Her character is completely erratic and volatile at this point, and seems just about ready to go completely off the rails. The “Carlos” subplot is building up nice, and I can’t wait to watch her track this guy down, Jesse or no Jesse.
  • It’s revealed that Odin is indeed under Jesse’s influence after being told by the preacher to serve God. Donnie just about has a complete breakdown realizing this, feeling helpless that he cannot stand against Jesse’s power. Odin seems to have turned the cheek completely, inviting developers to his office to discuss plans for his land… and then he blows them all away with what looks like a military grade rifle, as depicted in the picture up there. My feeling is that somehow Odin believes killing these people somehow serves God. So in this way, Odin might not necessarily change a whole lot in terms of being a complete lunatic, its just that the focus of his madness seems to be fueled by his new misinterpreted religious outlook.

Great show this week, very well written I thought. What do you think folks?

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AMC Preacher Season 1 DVD and Blu-Ray Release: Now Available For Pre-Order On Amazon.com

LAST UPDATED October 4th 2016

Preacher-blu-ray-cover-season-1Awesome news today folks: Preacher Season 1 is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com.


*Update 08/24/16: Today Amazon added their exclusive Preacher Season 1 Blu-ray to their website. Looks like this special edition Blu-ray comes with an extra disc loaded with four new features. From the Amazon product listing (Linked above and on the side bar):

  • Pilot Table Table Read: I am assuming this is not a featurette, and rather the entire table read. I would buy this edition for this alone. I would love to see how the cast interacted for the first time. I’m sure it was a blast for everyone there. As they say, to be a fly on the wall… now we can be!
  • The Costumes of Preacher: This featurette (as you might guess) takes you into the world of costume design for the show. In particular, I’d be interested to see how they went about making, procuring, and designing the clothes for the Saint of Killers scenes in 1881.
  • The Prosthetics of Preacher: Severed limb anyone? A look on how they made the prosthetics for the show.
  • Calling God: I’m really looking forward to the table read, but this is likely to be my favorite feature on the bonus disc. This featurette will be all about how they created the big final scene of  the season.

So, pretty cool right? For the price, I’m picking up this edition for sure. Click on the link above or on the side bar to go to Amazon and check out this epic blu-ray edition.

*Update 07/27/16: Kevin Smith announced at Comic-Con that the Preacher Season One DVD and Blu-Ray is coming out October 4th/2016

As of right now, a release date has not been set, but you can pretty much bet your next ten pay checks that as soon as that information comes in that we will update this spot immediately. We’ll probably make this a sticky post since interest in this particular subject is sure to be high among us fans. This news comes a mere month and a half into the first season. We were expecting this a little later to be honest, perhaps not too long after the season finale, but hey, the earlier the better right?

The links to both the DVD and Blu-Ray are embedded above, check it out!

DVD and Blu-Ray Extras

*Update 07/29/16: IGN has posted the details regarding the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Preacher Season 1. You can read this article on it here. Summary below on what will be included…

  • Both DVD and Blu-Ray will come in 3 disc sets.
  • Deleted and extended scenes will be included.
  • A featurette called “The Unfilmable Pilot” which will focus on the how AMC finally brought the comic to the small screen.
  • A featurette called “The Stunts Of Preacher” (see video below)

  • The Blu-Ray will have a gag reel, the DVD will not
  • The Blu-Ray will also come with an additional two featurettes: “Chainsaw Fight Breakdown” and “Behind the Killing Machine: Saint of Killers”


Watch this spot in the future for news regarding the extras being made available via the DVD and Blu-Ray releases. We expect the deleted scenes to be pretty telling; it will be interesting to see what they cut from the season, I feel ten episodes is limited time to play in the world of Preacher, especially considering the depth of the story AMC decided to delve into this first season. We’d also love to see (might be a long shot) some behind the scenes footage of how the development team worked from the comic source material, and how the writing process for the show works. We are suckers for the writer’s room here at Welcome to Annville, having dabbled in fiction writing ourselves.

We are also hoping for an extra featuring all of the Saint of Killers scenes put together. His appearances are spread thin across the first season, so having them all strung together would only make sense. This would be a high demand extra from the fans I am thinking considering the popularity of the character.

What is Preacher?

Preacher tells the story of Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), a Preacher in Annville, Texas who comes back to the town he grew up in to preside over his father’s old church. Along side a drunken Irish vampire named Cassidy (Joe Gilgun), and his violence-prone ex-girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga), Jesse tries to navigate the waters of his erratic and sinful congregation, doing everything he can to “save them”. When an unknown, super natural entity merges with Jesse, he discovers he has the ability to command people to the point that they will obey his words unconditionally, causing havoc and mayhem to ensue in the small town in more ways than one…


Preacher Episode 5 “South Will Rise Again” Airs Tonight!

amc-preacher-episode-5-south-will-rise-again-insideTonight marks the halfway point exactly of Preacher Season One, and boy oh boy, are expectations ever high. There has been a lot build up to this point, and there are a lot of signs pointing towards a big mid-season finale. It looks like Preacher is going toe to toe with the Game of Thrones season finale, so things are sure to be tough rating wise this week, but with the big dog out of the way after Sunday, there should be more eyes on the town of Annville than ever before moving forward.

Traditionally mid-season finales end with a big bang, so we should expect no different tonight. To summarize, it should be a seriously epic episode. Folks, I’m so pumped its not even funny, and I’m sure most of you reading this feel exactly the same.

Some good news to  start! Graham McTavish has confirmed via Twitter that his character “The Cowboy” will be in the episode tonight, and then just a few minutes after that…

So it looks like we will be seeing The Cowboy for every episode from here on in. That’s amazing news, I can’t wait to see his story arc play out on screen.

In the picture up there you can see Eugene Root talking with Jesse. It will be interesting to see his story develops further. Last we let off he was discussing visiting Tracy Loach with his father, to which the Sheriff said absolutely not, and the he was like to get himself killed if he did so. We may very well finally find out what happened here this week. I would absolutely love a flashback, and hope AMC approached it this way. I’d like to live this terrible moment, in the moment. It only seems appropriate.

As is becoming our game day custom, below are some episode specific clips to warm you up for tonight’s main event. We will be watching, as always, via Google Play the following day, so we’ll catch you on the other side. Enjoy everyone!

Next On Preacher

(Check out the gorgeous tree shot at the beginning, amazing work by production designer Dave Blass)

Episode 5 Sneak Peek

Dork Shelf Episode 5 Exclusive Clip

And lastly, click here for a Fiore and Deblanc exclusive clip from TVLine.com( for some reason there is no functionality to embed)

Preacher: Things That Work And Things That Don’t

Today we’re ecstatic have Robert Schwabe of NerdyRamblings.com come in and guest blog for us. Seriosuly folks, you’ll be hard pressed to come across more in-depth and insightful Preacher episode coverage online than that posted by Robert on his website. After this, why not swing by Nerdy Ramblings and check it out for yourself, and while your at it, perhaps you would be so kind as to pester him to no end on his Twitter account to write for us permanently (we’d owe you one…)

amc-preacher-guest-blog-robert-schwabe-insideHi everyone. My name is Robert and I’m guest posting here on Welcome to Annville. I’ve got my own gig at nerdyramblings.com, but Dave was kind enough to invite me to post here every once in a while to talk all things Preacher.

I’m a Preacher fan from way back, as I was a huge fan of the original comic book back in the 1990’s. I don’t say that to brag, but just so anyone knows where I’m coming from.

So this post is about the Preacher television show. We’re 4 episodes in (or 3 episodes plus the pilot, if you want to count it that way), and I think that we can certainly take a barometer view of what about the series has worked really well and what has not worked as well.

So find yourself a church pew, and settle in for my testimony.

5 things that work in Preacher

Let’s start with the positive. These are the five things that I think work best in Preacher.

  1. Cassidy

Now, Cassidy is one of the easiest things in Preacher to make work. He’s the one character whose whole purpose is to crack jokes, have funny Irish sayings, does whatever he wants, and can kill people who annoy him.

That being said, I’ve seen television series that get these types of characters wrong with bad writing or bad casting.(Hey basketball players sometimes miss easy lay-ups) I think Joseph Gilgun is a hell of a find, the right combination of menace and fun. And they’ve written the best lines for him. So this is definitely a win.

  1. Eugene “Arseface” Root

It would be so easy to screw up Arseface. To simply have a dumb character with a face that looks like an arse. In the comic book Arseface was not only comic relief, but also he had a purely innocent heart of gold. This show has captured that 100% and even built upon it to develop the character even further. He now is playing a version of Shakespeare’s fool, the one who can tell the king, or in this case the Preacher, what everyone knows but is afraid to say.

  1. Tulip is different from the comic book, in the right ways

I am not sure that Tulip works as a character completely, as I have some issues with how she and the other women in the show are presented.

But, I want to give credit where credit is due. The creative team chose the more difficult road in making Tulip into the character we see on the screen, rather than the girl in the comic book who is the outspoken girlfriend of Jesse Custer. The fiery and resourceful young black woman who drives into town in a fast car with trouble and mayhem on her heels is a lot of fun. I want to see more of what makes Tulip tick, but what I see I like.

  1. Jackie Earl Haley

When Odin Quincannon was introduced in the Preacher comic book, we had already had a collection of disturbing bad guys, from Grandma, Jodie, Herr Starr, Allfather D’Aronique, and The Saint of Killers.  Odin came in as a ridiculous powerful stereotypical southerner with thick glasses, short-man’s disease, and a disturbing fetish for meat. You never took him seriously as a threat, but it was fun for almost a year for Jesse to go against someone you weren’t rooting for, at all.

Jackie Earl Haley has taken the character of Odin Quincannon, and completely transformed him into the villain of the first season of Preacher. A disgusting man who cares only about he and his. Who fully believes that dominance and fear are the main qualities to have in life. The writers have crafted him excellently, and Haley has made him terrifying.

  1. Visual storytelling

This show has done a remarkable job of telling us things about the town of Annville without actually giving a single clue in dialog or it being a plot point.


  • The town of Annville is rather poor. No one has really said anything about it, but there’s definitely the sense that the town is going in the wrong direction, financially.
  • Very traditional values when it comes to women. I mean no one has specifically been abused, but you can see with the camera angles, and the looks the male characters give each other, that the women are not taken seriously.
  • Emily pining for Jesse Custer. Not a single word has been spoken about Emily having feelings for Jesse, but yet if you’re looking for the signs, they are very prominent.

5 things that don’t work in Preacher

Well, there’s always two sides, right. So here are the top 5 things that I don’t think really work in Preacher. 

  1. The many faces of Jesse Custer

It’s not that Jesse Custer doesn’t work. He does. I like Preacher Jesse Custer, I like ex-gangster Jesse Custer, I like bro-Jesse Custer who drinks too much and hangs out with Cassidy, and I even like on-the-fence Jesse Custer, being pulled in both directions by the two women in his life, Emily and Tulip O’Hare.

What I don’t think works is the transition between them. I don’t buy that they’re the same character. The person who beats up Donnie in the bar does not seem like the same person who is doubtful that God’s presence is there anymore. To me Dominic Cooper is playing two characters that dress the same, talk the same, and wear their hair in the same way, but they’re not the same person. So, it sticks out to me as not working.

  1. Jesse and Tulip as a couple

Through many of Tulip’s conversations, you get the sense that Jesse and her were an item at one point in time, even if that was just sex buddies. But their interactions with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, are not that of former lovers. They act like former friends, certainly, and maybe even friends who hooked up one night, but not that of lovers and definitely not two people who were in love with each other (though I can buy that Tulip was in love with Jesse but never actually told him).

Now, in the comic books, Tulip was the love of Jesse’s life, and he was going to ask her to marry him before he was forced to leave her. The relationship between Tulip and Jesse in the show is definitely is not that. It doesn’t need to be, but if the show tries to tell me later that these two are madly in love, then I don’t buy their interactions as of now. So, maybe I’m putting too much comic book into the series, but their relationship doesn’t work for me now.

  1. The women of Preacher

Aside from Miss Priscilla-Jean Henrietta O’Hare (and maybe Dany), the women of the world of Preacher have really been diminished by the story. I mean you don’t have to be a card-carrying feminist to see that pretty much every other woman in the show has been depicted as a mother or a whore (and whatever strange combination that Betsy is).

I could almost leave this one alone, because of Emily. Okay, here’s a woman who is working two jobs as a church assistant and a waitress while raising three kids as a single mom. She has strong opinions about how the church should be run, and is a strong character. But then in episode 4, Monster Swamp, where she spends half her time staring at Jesse with admiring big doe eyes, and the other treating Miles like crap and having sex with him, just because. I mean I’ve heard of sex buddies before, but sex enemies?

Add it all up, and I really don’t think of how the women are depicted in the show works.

  1. The All Saints Congregational church

Well, I’m not talking about the church itself, but rather the members of the church. For people who seem to be regular church-goers, it certainly doesn’t seem like they know much about the church in the first place. From Linus talking to Jesse when giving his confession. It sounded more like he was talking to a lawyer or a psychologist than a preacher. Then, the whole baptism scene seemed like Jesse was a missionary visiting a non-Christian village. And then, even the church services make it seem like everyone just piles into the church on Sunday to hear Jesse say a sermon and then they leave, with no hymns, no scripture reading, no testimonies, and no daily devotions or prayers.

I’m not church devotee, but if they’re making Jesse’s profession into a major part of his character, then I need to believe the church, and I just don’t yet.

  1. Jesse’s father

One major difference between Jesse Custer from the comic book and the television show is who his father was. In the comic book, John Custer was a former solider who fought in Vietnam and who taught Jesse values through the movies of John Wayne. In the show, John Custer is a quiet, reserved, and emotionally distant man, who was the preacher of the All Saints Congregational church in the 1980s.

Jesse’s father gets killed in both versions when Jesse was a boy, and in both cases imparts on Jesse to be one of the good guys. But, there is nothing behind those words in the television show. As if the promise of a 10 year old boy to his dead father is enough by itself to make Jesse who he is. I don’t see a man that Jesse respects or even likes very much. So I don’t see how, as of now, that John Custer is such a major influence on Jesse’s life to make him return to Annville, Texas. So it doesn’t work for me.

So anyway, those are my thoughts. Agree? Disagree? Let me know. Comment below or contact me on twitter (https://twitter.com/rjschwabe).



Website Giveaway: Win One Of Three Limited Edition Topps Preacher Episode 5 Card Packs

amc-preacher-topps-cards-contest-episode-5-south-will-rise-again-insideHard to believe, but it’s been almost three months to the day since Welcome To Annville went live. In that time, we’ve written a lot of fun things, crossed paths with many awesome people, and have had a blast interacting with other fans of the show/comic on a day to day basis. One thing, however, that we have never had to this point is a website giveaway/contest. It’s something we’ve had on our radar for quite some time, and eventually its something we want to do on a semi-regular basis. I mean, everyone loves giveaways, right?

That being said, we are totally stoked today to announce that we will be conducting our first ever website giveaway over the next few days. The good folks at Topps have given us three packs of the yet to be released limited edition Preacher Episode Five “South Will Rise Again” card packs that will go live for sale on their site this coming Monday.

These cards, you may or may not know, are episode specific and are only available to purchase for a 24 hours period after the airing of the aforementioned episode. They run a retail value of $19.99. Each pack contains five cards depicting scenes from the most recent Preacher episode, Cassidy in Episode 4 just to your right for example…

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We will be writing down every Twitter handle that retweets this specific tweet and will draw three winning names at complete random. Cut off time for retweeting is 10PM Eastern on 06/26/16. The lucky winners will be announced on the blog early afternoon on Monday, July 27th.

How do you get your Preacher cards if you win? We will follow the winners on Twitter, at which time we will ask for their preferred email address via direct message. We will then forward those email addresses to Topps who will contact the winners to arrange shipping of the prizes.

Sound good? Of course it does, who doesn’t love free Preacher swag? Happy tweeting folks, and good luck!


(Spoilers) Mid-Season Approaches, What’s On The Horizon?

amc-preacher-what-lies-ahead-insideWith “South Will Rise Again” set to air this Sunday, we will find ourselves exactly at the half way point of Preacher Season 1 early next week, 5 episodes deep in a 10 episode season. This post, pretty much some thoughts on the state of the show moving forward, will have spoilers for episodes 5 and 6, so please be mindful…

Preacher Episode 4 “Monster Swamp” Airs Tonight

Just swooping in quickly for this blog entry, not a lot of time on my end to discuss tonight’s Preacher episode, but the below pretty much sums up my feelings… (more…)

There’s something about Donnie

amc-preacher-donnie-schenck-derek-wilson-insideThus far, Preacher on AMC has thrown a ton of stuff our way, and to be honest, there ain’t a whole lot connecting the dots, is there? There are a lot of moving pieces right now, a lot to digest, and even if you can somehow figure out who everyone is and what they are doing, the overall plot of the story (not to mention the branching sub-plots that seem to be forming) remains elusive. To me, this isn’t entirely unexpected. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I kind of mentally prepared for this actually. There were multiple reports from various media outlets prior to the show airing that had mentioned just this thing: the show takes its time in setting things up. Those reports, thus far true, were based on the four episode media packages that AMC made available to pundits, so what happens after that, only the cast an crew know for sure. I expect, and hope, the bigger pieces will start falling into place soon.

One of those aforementioned pieces is interesting to me to say the least. I’m not going to lie, I thought I had Donnie Schenck figured out right from the start: an abusive, wife beating, stuck up father that had no other purpose in the show other than to provide Jesse Custer with a side antagonist, an obstacle to overcome as he works towards achieving his main goal in the show (whatever that is).

Well, we all remember Donnie’s son Chris asking Jesse to hurt his father, we saw the altercation in the bar between Donnie and Jesse, we heard the bone snap and the ensuing sound Donnie made, that of a bunny in a bear trap apparently.

Need a refresher? Okay, here you go…

So, this is all good right? The bad guy gets what he deserves, the good guy wins, and all is right and good with the world. The end.

But still…

What tipped me off originally to the fact that Donnie might not be your average protagonist’s punching bag was the fact that he attends church with his family at the end of the pilot episode, after his altercation with Jesse. It’s only for a second, you see the family sitting there together in the pew, but it tells us there’s a lot more to the character than meets the eye. I mean, who would sit patiently and listen to the man who just put them in the hospital? Not many. His attendance speaks of a strong ulterior motive, he has to have a reason for being in church that outweighs the hit his pride took in the bar fight…

Then, this just last week…

I was sure poor Chris was in for a beat-down, but no… instead his father tries explaining to him why he hurts his mother (totally consensual if Betsy’s confession to Jesse is genuine, and I think it is), without a whole lot of success it seems. But Donnie does emphasis one main point: that he loves his wife, and he obviously wants his son to know it. It hits me then: he is sitting in church for the good of his family.

What this does is blur the line between good and evil with regards to the character. Sure, we know Donnie is Odin’s muscle and is extremely short tempered, but instead of having what we thought was an open-shut case of good guy vs bad guy in the bar fight, we learn that this bad guy actually seems to have a heart. He also seems to be a family man who loves his wife and son very much. To add to this, Derek Wilson is a terrific actor who really makes the different sides of the character’s personality tangible and believable. Hmm, he’s not such an easy guy to root against all of a sudden, and now I find I’m interested in this characters future and role in the show a million times more that I had been before…

So, what about Donnie? Where does he fit into season one? What doe’s the future hold for him? Well, we all know that the second altercation with Jesse, fueled by the embarrassment cause by the pair’s first clash, didn’t end well. Jesse used his power and really scared the crap out of Donnie, forcing him to put a loaded hand gun into his mouth among other things. What this has done mentally and emotionally to Donnie is anybody’s guess, but I am thinking that once Donnie settles down from the shock of it all, he will see this as a threat to the community, and more importantly a threat to his family, and he’ll take desperate measures to try and stop Jesse from using this power on anyone else. I think the whole thing will come to a boiling point in the season finale, an epic altercation that may very well end up being the last time we ever see Donnie Schenck, a character end that might not have as many people cheering as I had originally thought…

So what do you think folks? What do you make of this complex character? Where do you think he fits into the show?

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Who's This Preacher Coming To AMC?

They say that every fictional character has three dimensions: how they want the world to perceive them, the past experiences that shape who they are, and the actions they take that ultimately define their character. By these elements, preacher Jesse Custer could make the case for one of the most fascinating characters ever put to paper. Never has the world seen a such a chain-smoking, foul mouthed, violent spiritual leader. But how can such a man become a preacher? Where is he from? What happened to him? Why would a man in his position act the way he does?

Fans of the graphic novel know the answers to all these questions. They also know that together the answers weave and combine to make up seventy plus issues of unputdownable reading material. Make no mistake about it: in the Preacher TV Series, AMC is adapting one of the greatest stories told, across any median, in the past quarter century.

Need the specifics? Spoilerific text below for extended plot details:

Preacher Jesse Custer merges violently with the offspring of angel and demon while conducting a sermon in his hometown of Annville, Texas. The merging, which was catastrophic enough to destroy his church and all the parishioners within, enables Custer to speak the word of God: the ability to give command and have it obeyed unconditionally. Having learned that God has abandoned mankind, Jesse, along with his ex-girlfriend Tulip and new pal Cassidy (a beer-swilling, crazy, David Bowie-looking Irish vampire), sets out to find God, confront him, and hold him accountable for his creation.

Preacher TV Series Cast & Characters

Jesse Custer
Jesse Custer (Played by Dominic Cooper)
A preacher with the power of the word of God[Preacher (AMC) Cast Photo]
Cassidy(Played by Joseph Gilgun)
The Irish vampire and friend of Jesse[Preacher (AMC) Cast Photo]
Tulip(Played by Ruth Negga)
Jesse’s lover with a dangerous streak[Preacher (AMC) Cast Photo]
Odin Quincannon
Odin Quincannon(Played by Jackie Earle Haley)
A wealthy businessman who makes his fortune from a meat-processing plant.
Sheriff Hugo Root
Sheriff Hugo Root(Played by W. Earl Brown)
mean-hearted father of Eugene Root

Fiore(Played by Tom Brooke)
Adelphi angel tasked with watching ‘Genesis’

 Eugene Root / Arseface
Eugene Root / Arseface(Played by Ian Colletti)
Sheriff Root’s disfigured son

Emily Woodrow</p>
Emily Woodrow

(Played by Lucy Griffiths)

A “no-nonsense” church organist, waitress, single mother, and bookkeeper
Vyla Quinncannon</p>
Vyla Quinncannon

(Played by Elizabeth Perkins)

A genteel but formidable businesswoman who owns the local slaughterhouse
Betsy Schenck
Betsy Schenck(Played by Jamie Anne Allman)
A meek wife who suffers beatings by the hand of her husband

Donny Schenck
Donny Schenck(Played by Derek Wilson)
An abusive thug who nevertheless shows up to church on Sunday
Tom Cruise ??
Tom Cruise ??(Played by Tom Cruise)
An American actor and filmmaker. nominated for three Academy Awards

Developed By

Seth Rogen
Seth RogenCo-Executive Producer Preacher on AMC
A Canadian American actor, filmmaker, and comedian.
Evan Goldberg
Evan GoldbergCo-Executive Producer Preacher on AMC
An American actor and filmmaker. nominated for three Academy Awards
Sam Catlin
Sam CatlinExecutive Producer ( Pilot Episode )
An American actor and filmmaker. nominated for three Academy Awards