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Preacher’s Arseface is a rare breed of iconic comic book character in that no one actually likes to talk about him. It’s not necessarily that they don’t want to discuss the young man, he’s actually quite fascinating, it’s just that bringing him up in conversation leads naturally to having to visualize him, and this is something very few want to do.

Mutilated in a horrific accident that literally makes his face look like an arse, Arseface wears many hats in the Preacher universe: mopey teenager, disappointing son, upbeat optimist, while taking stints at times in the comics as both hero and villain (if not a very convincing bad guy).


Sheriff Hugo root despises his son. He considers him lazy, unmotivated, and a downright disappointment. Upset that other parents could be proud of their children and embarrassed of what they might think of him, Sheriff Root verbally abuses his kid constantly, trying to literally scold some sense into his loser son. His mother, though passive, thinks little of her son as well, coping with her own misery by attending church and hitting the bottle hard.

All Sheriff Root’s son wants to do is lock himself in his room and listen to Nirvana, at least when he’s not off smoking pot with his only friend in the world, Pube. Constantly being mocked by the jocks at his high school only contributes to his misery further. Life is awful all around.

The Accident

Like many teens in the 1990’s, Sheriff Root’s son can’t get enough of alternative rock band Nirvana. He idolizes lead singer Kurt Cobain, probably a little more than he should. Came the day Kurt Cobain kills himself, and when this happens, the sheriff’s son, confused and depressed, is convinced by his best friend Pube that they should both do the exact same thing.

Getting their hands on Sheriff Root’s rifle, the boys scatter off to do the terrible deed. Pube wastes no time and kills himself immediately. The sheriff’s son, horrified, gathers his courage and aims the rifle at his own head, and eventually pulls the trigger in an attempt to follow in Pube’s and Cobain’s footsteps.

Only he survives.

Rather than killing himself as his best friend and musical hero had, the gunshot wound leaves the sheriff’s son with a terrible scar that literally makes his face look like an arse, hence the name Arseface. Having all but blown the mouth off his face, Arseface now talks in barely comprehensible mumbles. His father, who had been constantly annoyed with his son to begin with, is now absolutely revolted by Arseface and considers him an unbearable burden. The accident has changed Arseface’s outlook on life; he now sets out to be the best son he could possible be and has a new, refreshing optimistic attitude.

Arseface Quotes

“Huhh Duhh!” (Hi Dad!)

“Uh wuh bucuhh UHFUHH!” (I will become ARSEFACE!)

“Yuhh buhhhh!” (You Betcha!)

“Uh tumuhfuhyuh vuhyuhuh UHFUH!” (It’s time to face the vengence of Arseface!)

“Whuyuh muh wuhyuh puhhl? Stuhluffn! Stuh!” (What’s the matter with you people? Stop laughing! STOP!”

“Umguhbuh thubuhsuh unthuh HUHWUHD!!” (I’m gonna be the best son in the WHOLE WORLD!!)

Ian Colletti is an up and coming young talent in the world of show biz. In March of 2015, following his appearances on the TV Drama “Rake” where he had a recurring role, he was cast as Arseface in AMC’s Preacher. Though young, Colletti has been working in TV and movies for over a decade.

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