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Preacher’s Cassidy is a beer swilling, Irish vampire who befriends Jesse and Tulip early in the series.

Always up for a good time, or a good fight, or a good drink for that matter, Cassidy has a tendency to err on the side of anarchy. If you had to pick a single trait to define him, that trait might be very well be loyalty, which in turn is something he expects from the people close to him. If Cassidy is your friend, you can trust him, you can count on him. If he isn’t, however, don’t get on his bad side. Beer isn’t the only thing he likes to drink.

Irish Rebellion

At sixteen years of age, Cassidy joins the resistance movement that stands up against the oppression of the ruling English government in Ireland. Along with his older brother Billy, the two Irish lads take part in the historic Easter Rebellion of 1916. Overhearing one of their own commanders admitting that the Irish troops were meant to die to inspire future generations, Billy quickly decides to desert the Irish forces, and in doing so, drags his younger brother along with him.

The Incident

On the run, the two brothers stop to rest by a river later that night. From seemingly out of no where, Cassidy is attacked by a inhuman creature who bites him on the neck causing significant bleeding. Horrified, Billy comes to his younger brothers rescue and shoots Cassidy’s attacker in the head. Cassidy falls in to the water and is presumably carried down stream. He never sees his brother again after this.


Having washed up on shore alone the following morning, Cassidy notices that his flesh now burns in the sunlight, that he doesn’t drown in water, and that his appetite is out of control to the point that he would eat just about anything. Later one evening, Cassidy is shot by farmers while trying to steal a sheep. He survives the gun blast, although he knows a normal man wouldn’t have.

Realizing that he can go back to his family, Cassidy boards a boat and heads for America for a fresh start.

New York

Cassidy is blown away by the sheer grander of New York upon arrival, although he is quick to realize that this new land can also be dangerous when his bags are stolen by a thief as soon as he’s off the boat. Out of options and personal belongings, Cassidy heads to McSorleys, a local tavern, and makes friends among the locals there. He spends the next few decades in and around New York, and during that time, discovers the pain of watching his good friends get older while he himself hardly physically ages. Having come across a copy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula by chance, Cassidy finally starts to put the pieces together and begins to understand exactly what he is.

Cassidy Quotes

“Somethin’ the matter?” (While chewing on a victim’s neck)

“D’yeh mind not lookin’ at me like that…?”

“I’m not yer average ninety-seven-year old”

“Yeh know, havin’ met the good lord face to face, I think I can honestly say he’s a bit of a prick.”

“That fella’s got a face like an arse

Joseph Gilgun became AMC Preacher’s Cassidy in March 2015.

Gilgun, though young, is a TV veteran, having found his bearings by appearing in over 200 episodes of the legendary English drama “Emmerdale”. Later, he gained accolades for his portrayal of Rudy Wade in the TV  show”Misfits”, a role that could have very well brought him to AMC’s attention. Early indications and feedback from the pilot suggest AMC hit a home run with casting him for the role.

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