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AMC Preacher’s Jesse Custer is a local priest in the small community of Annville, Texas. Strong willed and tough as nails, Custer is not one to back down from a fight, nor is he shy to stand up for what he believes is right. Not your typical holy man, Custer can often be found at the local tavern having a few pints or down at the pool hall stirring up trouble…. although only with those that truly deserve it.

Before Annville

Jesse Custer is the son of American soldier John Custer and war protester Christina L’Angelle. After a rocky start, which included Christina spitting on John (disgusted by his involvement in the war), the two fall madly in love with one another. For a short period of time, the family couldn’t be happier.

Having run away from home home not long before meeting up with John, Christina’s past eventually catches up with her.  The once blissful family is dragged off to Angelville, Lousiana to be married and live with Christina’s awful family. At the head of the L’Angelle family sits Christina’s grandmother Marie, the very embodiment of evil. Grandma takes an interest in young Jesse, aggressively imposing her religious beliefs in him.

John, Christina and their son Jesse wait for the the right moment to try and escape the oppression of the L’Angelle’s. In their attempted flight, they are caught by Grandma’s henchmen Jodie and TC. In the struggle that follows, Jesse suffers watching his father John get shot to death.

Jesse loses his mother in a later struggle while she is trying to protect him from Grandma’s inhuman punishment methods. Time passes. The only friend teenage Jesse has left in the world, Billy-Bob, is killed by TC after an awkward altercation. Jesse is finally successful in escaping Angelville not longer after.

Having enjoyed his freedom to the fullest extent, Jesse’s family catches up to him by happenstance and drag him back to Angelville. Grandma forces Jesse to study to become a preacher. He is eventually assigned to a church in the small town of Annville, Texas where he resorts to alcoholism to cope with his misery and his parish full of hypocrites.

Relationship with Tulip

Jesse met Tulip at a bar not long after running away from Angelville as a teenager. They discovered they were instantly a perfect match for one another and fell in love. Together, they lived their lives care free, spontaneous and with reckless abandon. Jesse’s plans to propose marriage were thwarted by his families untimely interference. He left for Angelville without saying goodbye to Tulip, immediately leaving alone with the Jodie and TC in order to protect her from his terrible family.

Jesse Custer Quotes

“How much more of this horseshit have I gotta listen to?”

“He wasn’t so bad, for a beer-waterin’ motherfucker.”

“You’re gonna wish your daddy pulled out early.”

“Where the fuck is your chin?”

“I’ll love you till the end of the world.”

In April 2015, AMC cast Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer for their upcoming Preacher pilot.

Dominic Cooper is a 37 year old English actor from London who’s notable credits include The Duchess (2008), An Education (2009), Need for Speed (2014), and a main role in the upcoming World of Warcraft adaption Warcraft (2016). In addition, Cooper has a recurring role as a young Howard Stark in the Marvel universe.

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