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Simply put, Preacher’s Saint of Killers is one of the most epic comic book characters of all time. Having gained a cult following through the comic book series, the big, bad gunslinger is about to become a household name when he makes his small screen debut on AMC. Hard as nails, cold as ice, you will be hard pressed to find a meaner, more unfeeling, more deadly force than the patron Saint of all Killers.


Though we don’t know his actual name, the Saint of Killers was originally a mortal man, a soldier in the American civil war. Having gained a reputation as a deadly fighter and remorseless individual, wise men steered clear whenever he lurked close by. On a mission to hunt Indian scalps for bounty money, the Saint of Killers ends up saving a woman who was being held captive by a group of Indians. He kills his opponents and saves her life, and the woman thanks her savior despite his reiteration that he didn’t do it for her. Upon returning home, the woman, despite instance from others that her savior is evil, falls for the hard, unfeeling gunslinger.

The woman shows him that there is more to him than killing and misery, and she brings an element of happiness into his life that we are lead to believe he had never known before. Together they have a child, and for a decade or so they live completely content.

Trying To Save His Family

Having been hit hard by a snow storm, the man who would become the Saint of Killers ventures out into the blizzard in search of medicine, for his wife and daughter were both very ill. Having to travel far to obtain the medicine he needs, his urgency is high with not a moment to delay.

Along the way, he runs into a miserable character named Gumbo McCready who he had crossed paths with before, and not in a good way. A shoot out ensues between the man and McCready’s gang in which all the horses within the vicinity, including the man’s, are killed. The result is that the gunslinger now has no way to make it home quickly with the medicine he has obtained to save his wife and daughter.

Upon arriving home on foot some two weeks later, he discovers his wife and daughter are both dead. He has taken to long. His heart turns to ice and he lays the blame at Gumbo McCready’s feet for delaying him.

The Incident

After burying his wife and daughter, the man catches up with McCready and his gang at a local salon. The man goes on a rampage, killing everyone unfortunate enough to be in his way. McCready takes a woman hostage, holding her before him as a human shield and threatening to kill her if the man didn’t stop. But the man is so cold and hurt and in such utter pain that he kills the innocent woman himself in cold blood to get to McCready, there by damning himself for all eternity.

As the man tries to get at McCready, one of McCready’s followers strikes the man over the head with a shovel. McCready then takes the shovel himself and drives it down into the man’s chest, killing him.

In Hell

Being damned by his actions on earth, the man descends into hell. The man, with feelings so cold in heart, literally freezes hell over, much to the chagrin of the Devil. When the Devil catches up to the man in the bowels of hell, he is furious and attacks, reaching in to pull the man’s heart out of his chest. Upon doing this, the Devil retracts his hand in pain stating “how can a mortal heart be so cold?” The man has nothing but hate in his heart. Realizing he needs to do something to eliminate the freezing over of hell, the Devil literally tries to beat the hate out of the man, but is ultimately unsuccessful.

The Angel of Death, tired of his trade, makes a bargain in Hell with the man which sees that the man taking his place as God’s killer, thus making him the immortal Saint of Killers. The Saint of Killers leaves Hell, and as he does, the fires return, much to the Devil’s delight. The Devil makes the mistake, however, of insulting the Saint of Killers as he leaves. The Saint turns back and unloads on the Devil with his new set of pistols, killing Satan where he stands.

Back on Earth

Returning to earth, the Saint of Killers goes on a rampage. killing everyone on the town of Ratwater including McCready himself, there by exacting his revenge. After the killing spree, the Saint lays down in the place prepared for him at Boot Hill, made as part of the deal with the Angel of Death, where he is to slumber until God calls upon him.

Saint of Killers Quotes

“Not enough gun”

“Just how fast you reckon you can preach?”

“You got this comin’, boy”

“I ain’t helpin’ you with nothin’ Preacher”

“I’m gonna kill you”

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