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Tulip O’Hare is Jesse Custer‘s feisty ex-girlfriend.

After a chance meeting with Cassidy under less than ideal circumstances, she finds herself smack dab back in the middle of Jesse Custer’s mess of a life, which incidentally might be exactly where she wants to be. No stranger to carrying baggage of her own, she is the type of person who will stand by her friends to the end, and protect them at all costs.


Jake O’Hare can’t wait for his wife to deliver their new baby boy. He has his name picked out and future all lined up. He is just about as proud as a soon to be father can be. The last thing he expects is for his wife to give birth to a baby girl, and die in the process. Heartbroken, Jake makes his way down to the hospital to meet his new daughter, and upon holding the child, is immediately smitten with her.

Raising his new daughter Tulip as he would have a son, Jake becomes sensitive to the some of the disadvantages girls have in society. In particular, he considers the fact that Tulip won’t be taken onto a school sports team despite being qualified a real slap in the face. This motivates Jake to teach Tulip further; he teaches her how to shoot guns, how to fish for shark, and how to hunt in the woods. Tulip loves her father and her life, but finds herself confused at school; she doesn’t seem to fit in with either the girls or the guys in her class because of the unique way she is being brought up.

The Accident

On one particular hunting trip while Tulip is thirteen, her father wanders off into the woods to do his business. The are other hunters in the area, and one of these mistakes Jake for a deer. The hunter pulls the trigger on his rifle. Tulip comes running hearing the sound. Despite the other hunter’s attempts to keep her away from the scene, she arrives to find that her father has been shot dead via a bullet to the head.

School Years

Having sold their house and all Jake’s possessions, Tulip’s aunt sends her away to a posh boarding school. She keeps to her self and has no interest making friends. That is, until she meets Amy, the richest kid in school. Despite their differences, they hit it off right away.

Some time later, the friends head off to a party. Tulip is apprehensive but Amy insists they go in order to meets guys. Realizing the party isn’t their cup of tea, Tulip leaves for a second to get their coats only to find Amy missing when she gets back. Tulip finds her friend being taken advantage of against her will by a group of guys in one of the house’s rooms. Tulip leaves once more, only to return with force driving a truck through the house wall and into the room where the assault on Amy is taking place. She unloads on the guys assaulting Amy with a shotgun, not killing or even hitting anyone. They leave the party and Amy praises Tulip for saving her despite Tulip’s insistence that she hate guns after what happened to her father.

Tulip Meets Jesse

Deciding to travel the country after school is finished, the two friends end up a bar in Texas. Tulip notices Jesse Custer first as he walks in the bar with his trademark cocky confidence. After disposing of Jesse’s date in vicious fashion, Tulip and Jesse get to talking. There is a spark right away and both can feel it. They fall in love immediately. Jesse joins Tulip and Amy and together the trio wreaked havoc on their travels across the country.

Tulip O’Hare Quotes

“Can’t I even kiss him goodbye?”

“Well, the cooze DOES have a name: It’s Tulip.”

“According to some magazine article I once read, eighty percent of American men wont do that.”

“You’re not out of the woods yet, Custer.”

“The way I hear it, there’s two good places you can look for God: In church, or at the bottom of a bottle.”

Ruth Negga was born in Ethiopia and has steadily been increasing her profile as an actor with more prominent roles. She has appeared along side Preacher co-stars Dominic Cooper (Warcraft) and Joseph Gilgun (Misfits) in past projects, which should only re-enforce the cohesiveness of our main trio. Like Cooper, Negga has a recurring role in the Marvel universe, having been cast as Raina on “Agents of Shield”.

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