Preacher Book Six

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Preacher Book Six

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Here’s where it all ends. Preacher Book 6 is bitter sweet in that it’s as epic as you would expect it to be, yet you don’t want the story to ever end. This final collected edition features Preacher issues #55 – 66.

Quite simply, the series’ main story arc comes to it’s incredible conclusion. You will be hard pressed to come across a more engaging or satisfying ending than this.


Product Description

In this final PREACHER volume, Jesse Custer makes amends with his girlfriend, Tulip, then seeks revenge against his formerfriend and compatriot Cassidy for the things the Irish vampire did to her when they both believed the Preacher to be dead.

The final chapter in the Preacher storyline and the conclusion of Jesse Custer’s quest to literally find God and take Him to taskfor the world’s injustices. As the Preacher’s crusade draws to an end, all of the players converge at the Alamo for a final show-down. With the love of his life, Tulip, by his side, Jesse makes his last stand against all of his enemies, including the Irish vampireknown as Cassidy, whom he used to call friend. But as the dust settles in the Texas desert, you won’t believe how this epic battleof good versus evil will end.

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