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31 May, 2016

The Talk On “Talking Preacher”

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I have always loved watching "Talking Bad" and "Talking Dead", and now I am thrilled they have a "Talking Preacher".  If you haven't seen this new show that follows Preacher on AMC, you should definitely consider staying up for it or watch it the next day on your preferred media method. The show Sunday night

20 May, 2016

Other Networks Will Kick Their Own Arses

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As the positive Preacher reviews continue to pile in, I would render a guess that those at NBC and HBO are kicking themselves right about now. After all, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead are huge shows.  I would have thought HBO and other networks had learned their lesson by now, but apparently not, considering they passed on Preacher too.

22 March, 2016

Top Five Things That Will Make Preacher A Hit

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When I first decided to write a piece on the things that are destine to make the Preacher TV Series a hit with audiences worldwide, I started by drafting myself up a little list on lunch break… just a small one to start, the things that came immediately to mind. From there I brainstormed for