Sam Catlin

31 May, 2016

The Talk On “Talking Preacher”

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I have always loved watching "Talking Bad" and "Talking Dead", and now I am thrilled they have a "Talking Preacher".  If you haven't seen this new show that follows Preacher on AMC, you should definitely consider staying up for it or watch it the next day on your preferred media method. The show Sunday night

14 May, 2016

AMC Preacher Q&A Set For May 16th In Beverly Hills + Sam Catlin Reddit AMA May 19th

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One week folks, just seven measly days to go! As we continue to crawl towards May 22, we got a couple of cool events taking place in the next few days that will give fans a chance to ask their burning questions about the series. Is there anything thing about AMC Preacher Season One that you are dying

16 April, 2016

Sam Catlin: AMC has “been letting us get away with pretty much everything”

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Pretty cool interview over at Comic Book Resources with Preacher showrunner Sam Catlin today. The interview, which actually took place during WonderCon at the end of March, sheds light on Catlin's high level thoughts regarding the series and development process, notably the controversial aspects of the comic. There has been much talk about how far AMC is willing