Well, here it is. Seth Rogen tweeted the image most of us have been waiting for late last night, our first real look at Ian Colletti as Arseface. Details on this character below for those who want the details. If you haven’t read the graphic novels we would recommend steering clear:
Aresface Ian Colletti AMC PreacherEugene Root, aka Arseface, idolizes Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, perhaps a little too much. When the Nirvana front man blows his own head off rock star style, Eugene follows suit, the difference between the two bring that somehow Eugene manages to survive. Permanently disfigured, Eugene’s face now looks like an (you guessed it) arse, making life all but unbearable for his miserable father sheriff Hugo Root.

That’s Arseface alright. The graphic novel’s depiction is more extensive and detailed in terms of disfigurement, some will no doubt be quick to point that out, but no one can argue that the guys face looks like an arse. A really, ugly milkshake sucking arse. So repulsive, yet awesome at the same time.

I’m interested to see how AMC manages his communication, and I think this will be the next question the fans will be asking with regards to the character. I am hoping they stick with the incoherent mumble and subtitles, it’s such a big part of who Arseface is throughout the graphic novel.  In particular early on, the scenes with his dad. Fans of the graphic novel know exactly how important his mumbling is further down the road in the series. Besides, can you picture Arseface actually speaking clearly? Neither can I. It’s not, as they say, in his character.

So. what do you think? Is this the way you envisioned Arseface in the show? Or were you expecting something a little different? It’s the face only a parent could love, right? (er, maybe not)