With the exception of one big bad, gun wielding hombre, I think we’re pretty much set for our main castings in AMC’s Preacher Season One. That’s not to say that AMC won’t throw us a curve ball and work another biggie like Herr Starr in there somewhere, I hope they do, but for the most part they have probably reached character capacity for their first season story arc. What follows this season is anybody’s guess, but what we have in place right now is looks seriously awesome.

I can’t wait to see how this cast plays off one another. There is a lot of talent here, and they all have amazing source material to work with. I have mentioned numerous times on twitter and in this blog, it is the right time for a show like this. I mean, it’s not like they could have pulled off a TV series like Preacher in the 1980’s.


I remember reading an article on the Watchmen adaption they tried to get off the ground over twenty years ago, well before Zack Snyder ever sunk his claws into the property. The studio planned to cast Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr. Manhattan in that movie, and all I could think of was how terrible that would have been if it had of come to fruition. Nothing against Arnie, but he’s not exactly Watchmen/comic material. Remember Mr. Freeze? (everybody chill!). You’re probably trying to forget. And now I’ve just reminded you. Sorry about that.

That particular Watchmen adaption attempt might have very well turned out to be one of those films that’s so bad that it’s good; by that I mean terribly, awfully, unbearably good. Much like the Watchmen, Preacher’s serious, dark material just wouldn’t have translated well at all back then. That got us to thinking about what Preacher might have looked like if they had hypothetically produced it some thirty years back rather than today. We know that it’s not possible since the comic debuted in the 90’s, but just for fun…

Jesse Custer – Matt Dillonmatt-dillon-preacher-amc

This wasn’t one I had to think on too long. He has the looks, his performance in the Outsiders back in the day might have very well caught the attention of a studio looking to cast Jesse Custer.  Look at that picture and tell me that’s not Jesse.

Cassidy – Dwight Schultzdwight-schultz-preacher-amc

Who didn’t love The A Team?  We all love it when a plan comes together, right? Murdoch was nuts, kind of in the mold of MASH’s Klinger, but turned up to eleven. You need a crazy, animated guy to play Cassidy and Schultz was certainly that while crushing bad guys with my main man Hannibal and Mr. T.

Tulip O’Hare – Linda Hamiltonlinda-hamilton-preacher-amc

We are lucky these days to have numerous strong, kick ass female protagonists gracing both the small and big screen. Lucy Liu in Kill Bill, Keira Knightly in Domino (I loved the movie, what can I say), Daisy Ridley in Star Wars, Jennifer Lawrence in numerous things, the list goes on.  That wasn’t necessarily the case thirty years ago; if you Google “tough 80s actresses” you don’t come up with much.  Linda Hamilton was front and center on the battle lines in the Terminator movies. I like that she’s a little older than Dillon too, playing into the Tulip is older than Jesse angle.

joey-mcintyre-preacher-amcArseface – Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block

Because, hey, why the hell not? It’s as if I can hear the legions of women who grew up with his posters all over their bedroom walls screaming their collective, venomous profanities at me. The irony of this suggested casting wont be lost on said women.

The Saint of Killers – Chuck Norrischuck-norris-preacher-amc

Could there be anyone else in the 80’s to fill this role? There is only one match for the Saint of Killers (Comics, TV, Movies, anywhere) and that match is, naturally, Chuck Norris. Who would win this epic battle? We wouldn’t know because the world wouldn’t survive if these two titans ever clashed.

woody-allen-preacher-amcwoody-allen-preacher-amc-2Odin Quincannon – Woody Allen

Sorry Woody, I had to pick some one.



So what do you think? Who would you cast in a 1980’s Preacher TV Show?