amc-preacher-fan-reactions-to-cassidy-insideSo folks, we’re a little over a week into AMC’s Preacher. Seems like it we’ve been at it for longer than that, doesn’t it? Though no episode of the show aired this week, people continue to talk about the pilot. Actually AMC taking a two week break in-between episode 1 and 2 has probably done more to increase speculation and heighten anticipation leading up to this Sunday. If you look around social media, you’ll find the fans chiming in on a variety of Preacher sub-topics. That was the basis for this new series of articles that we are calling “Preacher fans weigh in on…”

This first entry focuses on the fan’s first impressions of Joe Gilgun’s Cassidy. We knew going into the pilot that the critics absolutely fell in love with the character, but what do the fans think?

They Love The Character Introduction

It has been the scene from the pilot I have replayed most, even over Ruth Negga’s Tulip intro which was also pretty incredible. Things get pretty bloody on the mysterious flight while Cassidy takes care of a number of opponents. Fans have unanimously praised and have been awed by Cassidy’s introduction, which reveals much about the character while posing just as many intriguing questions.

Consensus Praise For The Casting Choice

AMC is being praised for not only casting Cassidy well, but for casting him absolutely perfectly. Many fans of the comic have been quick to mention that the Gilgun is about as close to the comic book character as you can get. I’ve been a little bit of a broken record on Gilgun on this blog; as happy as fans are, having sought out and viewed his other works, I don’t think we have seen anything yet. Such an entertaining guy.

Cassidy Is Hard To Understand

This is by far the biggest grievance with fans coming out of the pilot, and I have to admit I had to listen closely myself. Gilgun’s Irish accent is going to take a bit of getting use to. I had similar difficulty with Mads Mikkelsen in “Hannibal”. In that show, Mads’ accent comes off pretty thick and he talks a little under his breath, the first two episodes I really struggled with it. But after the first two episodes, I caught on and it was smooth sailing from there (Mikkelsen was incredible in that show for those who haven’t seen). I’d expect grievances with Gilgun’s accent to dwindle in like fashion.

The Main Question

New fans to the series have been shocked by Cassidy’s actions thus far, it’s been fun to see. Hmmm, what indeed.