Fair warning for those who want to stay away from any major plot spoilers/Episode 2 spoilers: you will definitely want to pass on this article.

It’s something that we are going to be cautious about moving forward, so you might be seeing more of these types of spoiler tags in the future. When we started this site it was just us and other fans of the comic, a group of people discussing a finished series. There was nothing to give away. Now we got this awesome new group, who I often refer to as the greater AMC viewership, who are just getting their feet wet. The last thing we want to do is ruin the awesomeness of Preacher for any of them.

I personally don’t consider casting announcements to be spoilers. I mean, I knew there was a significant character named Negan in the Walking Dead well before he ever hit screen, and it didn’t ruin anything for me upon hearing Jeffrey Dean Morgan had been cast in the role. But in cases like the subject of this blog entry, when there is a character transformation tied to plot, well, that’s a little bit different.

Anyways, that’s that, now on to the news that those of us in the know have all been waiting for…

Back in April, a user on Reddit made a seriously awesome discovery. You are going to probably read lots of articles about this particular news piece, but for the record theusher88 on Reddit made the discovery and we were the first to report on it two months ago. That finding was that Graham McTavish had a stunt double listed in episode 8 of the first season of Preacher.

amc-preacher-graham-mctavish-saint-of-killers-confirmed-inside We took one look at Graham McTavish and we knew instantly what it meant. We wrote the article on the strong possibility that he had been cast as the Saint of Killers the very same day. To date, this is easily our most popular blog post ever.

Fast forward to today, and Bleeding Cool has posted some pictures confirming once and for all… folks, Graham McTavish is the Saint of Killers 100%.

In the show he is apparently referred to as “the cowboy”, and that’s where the spoiler aspect comes in. For new fans, they know nothing of his transformation. I imagine it’s going to rock them the same way it did me while I was reading the comics. I hope it goes down the exact same way in the show.

That picture, of course, is McTavish as the the Saint. Seriously, how awesome does he look? There are a ton more pictures on Bleeding Cool regarding his upcoming introduction in the TV show (which looks like if follows the comic story line very closely). You can access those here.

Well people, the wait for this casting confirmation is finally over, what do you think?