amc-preacher-joe-gilgun-interview-vice-insideYou know Preacher fans, I might just have to make an effort to collect every interview and appearance Joe Gilgun has ever done, and then add everything he does of this variety moving forward to said list. If I did, the resulting archive would be undoubtedly more epic than I could possibly describe.

Most of us who have been following along know the deal by now, but if you don’t, let me fill you in: Joe Gilgun is damn hysterical. For an idea of just how hysterical, check out this clip below from the Preacher Comic-Con panel (and I’m not apologizing to any of our Twitter followers for pimping this clip for the millionth time, because there is simply no such thing as watching this YouTube video too much):

Right, now that we are on the same page regarding how awesome Joe Gilgun is, let’s move on to the topic of this blog entry. Joe Gilgun recently sat down with via phone interview, and well, things went pretty much as you’d expect. The amazing thing about the article text is this: reading Joe’s quotes, you can almost see him there in front of you answering these questions. That’s how very Gilgun his responses are. The interview is linked below, go check it out in all of its awesomeness… Joe Gilgun Interview

Absolutely Classic. Kudos to Joel Golby of Vice for asking all the right questions, they really brought out Joe’s personality. We are literally getting to the point where any recorded or documented discussion with our Cassidy is becoming an event. If there’s one thing that I got from this particular interview though, it’s that my quest for a Joe Gilgun AMA on Reddit has come to an abrupt halt. It turns out Joe doesn’t like computers much, he hasn’t even ever had an email address. Ever. So it looks like we’ll have to settle for pieces like this Vice interview going forward, and that’s more than cool by me.

So tell me folks, what is your favorite part of the hilarious Vice interview with Joe?

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