amc-preacher-casting-episode-two-see-insidePlease note there are episode 2 spoilers below, please proceed with that in mind…

I spent some time earlier today browsing through my AMC Preacher bookmarks: MetaCritic, the official Preacher site blog, Rotten Tomatoes and eventually, IMDB. I’ve been browsing IMDB quite a bit lately since discovering that their cast and crew entries can be actually quite revealing. Today I noticed the full cast list has been updated for episode two “See”, I’ve linked it below…

IMDB Full Cast List For Episode Two

Pretty big list, 32 cast members listed and some notable details, let’s have a closer look…

Director and Writing Credits


Michael Slovis takes the helm for episode two. An experienced director who has shot episodes of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul, Slovis has also done extensive work as a cinematographer in Hollywood as well. The result, I expect, should be a pretty awesome looking second episode.

Interesting to note here that no actual screenplay or writing credits have been listed. They will no doubt be entered some time in the near future. As a guy who does a fair bit of writing, I am always interested to put a name to the work.

The Cowboy


There it is, finally. Graham McTavish makes his Preacher debut this Sunday. Absolutely cannot wait.

Odin Arrives


We knew this would be the case since he shows up in one of the episode two previews on I expect we’ll get a pretty heavy introduction to Odin right off the start, something that shows us something significant about the character, no different than the  intros we had to Cassidy and Tulip.

Murphy’s Law


TV veteran Tim Ransom joins this week as Mr. Murphy, a character I admit I know nothing about. This is a notable inclusion to this list because Ransom’s Mr. Murphy has multiple appearance listed beyond the second episode. Have a look at his IMDB entry if you want to see exactly how far into the season he is going to go.

Its going down…


Looks like Cassidy, Fiore and DeBlanc have stunt doubles listed, so chances are pretty good they will be throwing a punch or two… or seventeen. John Koyama is listed as the stunt coordinator for the entire season by the way. He’s ridiculously experienced if you look at his IMDB credits, and we all know how much everyone loved the pilot episode’s fight scenes. This bodes well for the rest of the season big time.

So, lots of new characters coming in and some guaranteed action… is it Sunday yet?