And the hits keep on coming. AMC uploaded even more new photos of the cast to their official website today. Check the entire gallery out here. The awesome thing about today’s batch is that it provided some new insight into some of the characters, something that us diehards have been, well, dying for. Let’s have a look…

Jesse Custer


Another image of Jesse, this time just moseying on down a road.



There can be no doubt about the fate of poor Michael Papajohn’s character now. What’s that she’s stuffed into his mouth, a corn stalk or something? What’s she going to do, roast him over a spit later? Tulip looks mighty pleased with herself in this shot.



Another shot of Ian Colletti’s Arseface. To me, this shot really shows how sympathetic they want the character to be. Hoping for a crazy, moronic, off the wall Arseface? Yuh bucuh! (You Betcha!) Sorry, don’t think it is going to happen. I’ve been wondering about how he will communicate. Will it be muffled like the comics? Can he speak clearly? Are we getting  the subtitles like the comics? If anyone saw the pilot and knows, assuming he was in the pilot, please fill us in.

Donnie Schenck


First shot amongst these new photos where we are seeing something completely new.  I did some digging after noticing him in that group shot that was released yesterday. According to our friends at Preacher Wiki, Donnie is “a civil War re-enactor and abusive thug who gets into altercations with Jesse Custer but nevertheless shows up to church on Sundays.” Here he looks like he’s in a heap of trouble with a broken arm and  finding himself amidst bizarre surrounds.

Donnie Schenck, Soldier


Another new view. Here’s Donnie with his buddies, and he looks like he is stirring up trouble. How does this guy figure into the plot? Will he be a main antagonist for Jesse? Comic Relief? Something tells me it will be the former, and that Jesse will be hard pressed in taking on Odin and Donnie both this season.

DeBlanc and Fiore


The pics we’ve seen of these two so far have lead me to believe that these guys are all business. They are always packing heat and look so damn serious. Wonder who’s blood that is smeared all over them? I’m getting a Javier Bardem in “No Country for Old Men” vibe from the duo, although I doubt they will end up being anywhere near as sinister.

Emily Woodrow


Here’s Lucy Griffiths’ as Emily, everyone’s favorite church organist. I must say she looks like the church going type in this outfit. Still wondering how she fits into the dynamic of the main trio in the TV show.

Emily Woodrow, All Smiles


Hanging out and grabbing a bite to eat. Who’s she talking with in this scene?

So, what’s your favorite of this bunch? And (I’m looking at you AMC) when’s my main man the Saint of Killers going to show up?