amc-preacher-ruth-negga-loving-oscar-insideA heap of really cool news pieces came out today that are Preacher related in an indirect kind of way….

I won’t link to any given article considering there are a ton of them out there, but simply type Ruth Negga‘s  name into Google news and you are sure to find any number of said pieces pertaining to the first trailer for her new movie “Loving”. While I’d obviously love to see anything Ruth Negga is involved in, this particular movie is significant in that her performance is generating all kinds of Oscar Buzz for best actress.

Yes, you read that right: the Academy Award for best actress, aka Katharine Hepburn, Meryl Streep, Elizabeth Taylor for company.

Now, this is kind of a re-iteration of the scuttlebutt that came out of the Cannes film festival back in May, so news of Ruth’s Oscar buzz isn’t exactly new, but if this is the first time you’re hearing this, I’m sure you’re as stoked as I am for our Tulip!

The flood of news articles comes as a result of the release of the films first trailer. The film is based on the true story of an interracial couples fight for their rights in 1960’s Virginia. That’s it embedded below…

Pretty powerful stuff, and a gorgeous looking film to boot. We all know how good an actor Ruth Negga is, but I’ll also say that the inclusion of Joel Edgerton can only bode well for the film as he seems to be one of those guys who can do no wrong in Hollywood of late. In fact, the last three films I have watched him in, ‘Warrior’, ‘Black Mass’, and ‘The Gift’ (which he wrote and directed), have all been outstanding.

It’s early still, but hopefully Ruth can take home the big prize next year. How cool would that be, right? And furthermore, what kind of an impact could such a thing have on Preacher? Well, obviously Preacher Season One ends in a few weeks, after having started this past May. The Oscars, according to Wikipedia, are set for Feb 26th, 2017, so the time in between the awards and Preacher Season Two would be about a three month span. What that means is this: should Ruth Negga win the best actress award, or even if she’s nominated, it’s going to be fresh in the minds of the greater entertainment community. I mean, how many TV shows can boast that their female lead has been nominated for the best actress Academy Award? Not many. The show, indirectly, would benefit greatly. Not that this is the main reason to root for her of course, but it would be a kind of cool side benefit to her achieving, what is surely, a life long dream.

We’ll check in on this one again closer to the movie opening and the nomination announcement in January next year. “Loving” comes to theaters November 4th/2016.

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