Well Preacher fans, here’s one seriously epic way to familiarize yourself with the source material.

On July 12th, Veritgo releases the awesome Absolute Preacher Volume 1, which looks like it will be the first of three massive collected volumes. This first entry includes Preacher comic issues #1 to 26. That’s 736 pages of Preacher material that cover almost 40% of the main story arc. The format is hardcover and it comes with a slipcase and all new bonus material. What the slipcase looks like and what the bonus material included in this volume is, I’m not sure at this point to be completely honest. Ill keep an eye on that, but in the meantime if you have an inside track on this, please feel free to leave a message in the comments below.


absolute-preacher-volume-1-available-released-hardcover-amazon-insideThat’s the cover there just to your right, just finalized a couple of days ago from what I can gather. That, of course, is the classic cover of issue #3, the one immediately following Cassidy’s epic reveal.

As for the content of the book itself, what can I say that hasn’t been said about the first half of Preacher already? The first 26 issues collected in this Absolute Edition cover, arguably, the most iconic subplots in the entire series. If not the most iconic, then certainly the most controversial; I’d be surprised if any one were to take me up on that point. If you have read the series already, you know what I’m talking about and you how impossible it is to put these stories down, while if you’re brand new to Preacher, you will surely be shocked to discover how quickly you can get through 700+ pages of material. Sounds like a lot, true, but believe me, you’ll be up late at night turning these pages because the material is simply too good to stop.

What follows below is Just speculation on my part, but I assume it is likely that the last two Absolute Preacher volumes, when eventually released, will encompass the following:

Absolute Preacher Volume 2: Issues #27 to 54 (Preacher books 3-5)
Absolute Preacher Volume 3: Issues #55 to 66 + all the stand alone comics, including both Arseface and Saint of Killers origins stories

Again, that’s just me thinking out loud, but I think it will likely go this way. Needless to say, Absolute Preacher Volume One would be an epic addition to any book collection. Could you imagine what this monstrous volume would look like on your bookshelf. How amazing would that be?

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