preacher saint of killersCurious among the pre-show hype is the omission of casting information regarding the iconic Saint of Killers character. I’ve been through google news, IMDB, over here, under there… you name it, I’ve probably checked it. Nothing.

So, the meanest hombre this side of heaven is missing in action, and of course that leaves us fans asking ourselves the obvious question. Why? The first episode has aired, so you can discount an appearance in ep 1, because you had better believe if the man had of showed up in pilot that we would have heard all about it by now. There are three possibilities the way I see it:

He’s cast and they are keeping it tight lipped about it. In this case, perhaps a big name in the role or want his entrance to be epic?

They haven’t written the character into season one.

They are still filming and have yet to cast.

Number one I could see, number two not so much. That last one though is kind of hazy. The latest news report I could find on the matter had the crew filming parts of the series in New Mexico starting February going on through March. Technically, they might not have wrapped season one yet, and if that’s actually the case, it’s possible they haven’t shot the Saint’s scenes. Long shot, I know.


Notice anything here?
Regardless, the casting remains outstanding. That only leaves time to speculate, of course. It’s not easy shoes to fill, there’s no character quite like the Saint. My first pick might have been Ron Perlman, but it would appear that boat has sailed seeing he’s apparently tied up already with a commitment to “Hand of God”. Might not be a popular choice, but something tells me that Colm Feore would make an absolutely awesome Saint if you grew out his hair and gave him a hat. He has a real intensity about him, and demeanor that negates the need to talk more than you have to. That’s our man alright.

So how about it, who’s the ideal fit to play the AMC Preacher’s the Saint of Killers?