amc-preacher-episode-3-the-possibilities-review-insideThat’s three Preacher episodes down folks, almost a third of the way through the first season. I have quite a bit to get through, but first things first, check Dominic Cooper as a younger Jesse Custer on the right rocking the wicked hairdo. Not to be outdone, Tulip, just a little ways off in the background there, looked stunning in this flashback. More on this scene later.

As I’ve said, there’s a lot to talk about, AMC really crammed quite a bit into 45 minutes this time around, so let’s jump right in, this time bullet-point style …

  • We start the episode with the scene that was released earlier in the week as an episode sneak peek: Tulip trades her map for information on someones whereabouts. You can read up on our thoughts regarding this exchange here.
  • Danni takes the map she traded for the note from Tulip and delivers it to a mysterious man (yes, yet another mystery character…)  in a white suit. We do not see the mans face. I made this observation on Twitter regarding our mysterious man…

  • We know that the title of the sixth episode is “Sundowner”. I did some speculating on this particular title in the blog entry before this one. We now know that Fiore and DeBlanc are staying at the “Sundowner Motel”,  as was depicted in one of their scenes this week. This of course will only lead to more speculation regarding the sixth episode.
  • Sheriff Root delivers a monologue that really reveals a lot about his character. He seems pessimistic, almost defeated, over the state of the community and the unpredictable cruelty in the world. He also coins the phrase for the next episode in a later scene, “Monster Swamp”, which is his way to describe the conditions of Annville as he sees them (“murders, mayhem, escaped lunatics…”). I think we’ll be seeing plenty of Sheriff Root in episode four.
  • Tracy Loach does in fact open her eyes, but that’s all she does. I thought this may have been the outcome. It remains to be seen whether or not Jesse goes back to try and finish the job and fully heal her with his “power”.
  • Speaking of that power, Jesse reveals it to Cassidy and demonstrates its ability. Gilgun continues to steal the scenes he’s in for me thus far in the series, and this week was no exception. Him admitting to liking Justin Bieber (classic) also solidifies the time frame of the show as current day, unlike the comic which was set in the 1990’s.
  • We got another look at Odin Quincannon, this time in his office staring blankly out a window. He’s listening to an intercom of what I believe to be animals being slaughtered in his factory. He turns it up nice and loud. Pretty eerie stuff.
  • Tulip reveals the contents of the paper she obtained via trade for the “Grail Industries” map, it’s the last known whereabouts of someone named Carlos. Now back to the flashback: it looks as though, as suspected, Jesse and Tulip were criminals together back in the day and they were in league with this Carlos. It looks as though Carlos drove off in the middle of a job, screwing them over. Tulip tries to convince Jesse to go find Carlos and kill him, but ultimately fails.
  • Cassidy kills Fiore and DeBlanc again, running them over with a van this time, only to see them come back to life once more. They explain to Cassidy what they want with Jesse, the thing inside him that gives him his powers. Fiore tells Cassidy that DeBlanc and himself are from heaven.
  • Jesse and Donnie have a showdown in a public restroom (weird, right?) in which Jesse uses his word to gain the upper hand and scare his opponent half to death. Jesse seems to have an epiphany saying “I get it” and he lets Donnie go.

Great episode. Not a ton of action but I like that they are taking their time to tie things together. Absent this week was the Cowboy and his 1881 story arc, I’m hoping we’ll see him in episode four.

So what do you think people? What was your favorite part of episode three?