amc-preacher-episode-5-south-will-rise-again-review-insideWell folks, that was a damn good AMC Preacher episode.

If there is one word I could use to describe the episode, it would be “soul”, in large part due to Ian Colletti’s performance this week. To this point, Joe Gilgun’ Cassidy has run the episodic table for me in terms of show stealing throughout season one, but Colletti’s Arseface provided some real tear-jerking moments this week. I have mentioned in the past how amazed I’ve been at how sympathetic the onscreen version of the character is. That was taken to a whole new level in “South Will Rise Again”. I mean, who could have a heart so cold that they could not feel awful for Eugene this week? Does such a person even exist?

What’s that you say? Such a person does exist? Oh right, him… hmmm, well let’s talk a little about that guy then since you brought him up….

  • The Cowboy showed up to start the episode off in grand fashion. The scene, once again right at the beginning of the episode, plays out at The Cowboy heads into Ratwater, a scummy, dangerous town with no rules and inhabitants with no morals. He gets his medicine for his wife and child but is held up by his conscience, going back to help out a family entering Ratwater who might not know what they are stepping into, only to discover they are just a treacherous as the inhabitants themselves. He ends up being further delayed, significantly so, when the town preacher shoots his horse in the head, forcing The Cowboy to walk home rather than ride. It’s too little too late in the end, as he comes home to discover his wife and son dead. It looks like there is going to be hell to pay. The preacher in the scene is played by Justice Leak, and I thought he totally killed it this week. You can see already he’s going to be one of those characters you just love to hate…

  • The Sunday night ratings are in. Preacher drew 1.43 million viewers which is up from 1.14 million the week before. That’s a pretty impressive number considering the Game of Thrones finale broke records in the same time slot. Ill be interested to see next weeks numbers to say the least, what, with the big dog out of the way for good.
  • We got a pretty good look into the relationship between Eugene and his Dad, notably the impact that Eugene’s incident has had on the family, the toll it has taken. It looks as though Tracey Loach was indeed part of the same incident, and her mom isn’t happy about it. You would be hard pressed to find a more upset lady that Terri Loach who was out for blood when she saw Eugene outside her house. It ultimately took Jesse Custer‘s power to calm her down….
  • Regarding that power, Jesse’s having a lot of fun using it, tapping into it now rather erratically. I personally believe that it’s his thinking that he can use the power to set the town right, person by person. He is finally confronted by Angels Fiore and DeBlanc who reveal themselves to Jesse and tell him that his belief that God is inside him is completely incorrect. Looks like we’re about to find out what exactly is going on here.
  • Tulip O”Hare ‘s frustration continues to mount as she basically calls Jesse out, accusing him of trying to be something he isn’t. She ends up getting intimate with Cassidy, possibly as a way to make Jesse jealous down the road I am thinking. I did not see this coming at all. Her character is completely erratic and volatile at this point, and seems just about ready to go completely off the rails. The “Carlos” subplot is building up nice, and I can’t wait to watch her track this guy down, Jesse or no Jesse.
  • It’s revealed that Odin is indeed under Jesse’s influence after being told by the preacher to serve God. Donnie just about has a complete breakdown realizing this, feeling helpless that he cannot stand against Jesse’s power. Odin seems to have turned the cheek completely, inviting developers to his office to discuss plans for his land… and then he blows them all away with what looks like a military grade rifle, as depicted in the picture up there. My feeling is that somehow Odin believes killing these people somehow serves God. So in this way, Odin might not necessarily change a whole lot in terms of being a complete lunatic, its just that the focus of his madness seems to be fueled by his new misinterpreted religious outlook.

Great show this week, very well written I thought. What do you think folks?