amc-preacher-episode-7-he-gone-review-insideAs If Jesse Custer hadn’t done enough to upset Preacher fans last week by, apparently, sending Eugene Root to hell…

If you watched this past Sunday night, then you know Jesse was in awful form, seemingly doing everything possible to cut ties and burn bridges where ever he could. It all starts with his apparent lack of remorse concerning Eugene’s disappearance, something that must have really got under the skin of a lot of fans given the collective concern showed for the kid following episode 6. You would think Jesse would be freaking out, but no, he manages to carry on carefree throughout the episode as if nothing unusual (or horrifying for that matter) had happened at all.

What’s up with that, Preach?

He then proceeds to act like a jerk for pretty much the entire episode. From asking Tulip what she is even doing in Annville, to telling Emily to go home after she pours out her heart to him, to even to re-nagging on a bet he made with that creepy ol’ Odin…. it seems like everybody’s got a right to be angry with Jesse these days. I think what we are seeing is the character peeking in his ignorance pertaining to the power he has, and the negative effect it is having on him, which incidentally is something Cassidy goes to lengths to point out to him. I have to believe that he will snap out of it, see the error in his actions, and try to set all these things right. The problem with all this? He’s only got three more episodes to do it.

This week was all about Jesse, in both the past and present. We got a glimpse into Jesse’s childhood by way of a series of pretty revealing flashbacks. We see the roots of his relationship with Tulip, the pair having known each other since they were young. We learn Tulip comes from a broken home, that Jesse’s father had no love for the O’Hare family, and that he was the one who sent Tulip away with child services, an action that prompts Jesse to pray to God for his father’s death.

That last point ends up being particularly important. We learn that this is the root of Jesse’s guilt, his believing that his prayers were the cause of his father’s murder. For a second there I thought we were going to get a glimpse of John Custer’s killer during these sequences, but it never materialized. The chances of the killers being cast are slim, true enough, but when they are…

I think many comic fans would agree with me that this is a natural, not to mention supremely awesome, fit. We’ll just have to see what story line we’ll be tackling next in Season 2.

The big question this week comes from the below “Talked About Scene” clip: did Jesse leave Cassidy to burn? I don’t think this was quite the level of cliffhanger we got at the end of episode 6 when Eugene disappeared, but still, the answers not definite in my eyes. Id give it 90% he didn’t, 10% he did… that 10% rationalized due to Cassidy’s apparent feelings for Tulip and the background struggle between the trio that seems to be brewing on the horizon.

And the ending… it looks like Odin ain’t too happy that Jesse is backing out of their deal, so he’s coming to take the Church and surrounding land by force. In all fairness, the land technically does belong to Odin. A deal is a deal, no matter who the good and bad guys are. I’m expecting a “Cowboy” scene to open the show this week, followed by a showdown at the church, at which point Jesse uses the megaphone he’s got hooked up outside to speak with his power and gain the upper hand in the confrontation.

Inside Preacher “He Gone”

Making Of Preacher “He Gone”

Talked About Scene Preacher “He Gone”

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