amc-preacher-episode-8-el-valero-review-insideWith this past Sunday’s AMC Preacher episode down, we only have two, count em two, episodes left in Season One. Hard to believe, but there it is. There’s lots to wrap up still, but things are winding down in pretty spectacular fashion now.

“El Valero” starts us off with yet another unfamiliar scene. There has been a lot of that in this first season of Preacher, AMC taking us to places that don’t seem at first to fit into the greater plot. A group of skiers are going up a hill by way of a gondola lift, and the weather outside is pretty awful, the snow and wind clearly treacherous. The inevitable happens when the cable snaps, and the lift falls into the snowy abyss below. We discover that the lift passengers are all Odin’s relatives, and that they were all killed in the accident.

This is backstory that explains quite a bit about the unusual Odin. To cap off this flashback scene, he calls John Custer to his office after his family’s death to have him denounce God, realizing that there is nothing to any of us but meat, once all is said and done. This kind of leans into his fascination with meat that has become apparent throughout the season thus far. We learn that this fascination is likely spiritual later on in the episode, more on that just below…

We then move on to what becomes pretty much the focus of the entire episode, which is the siege of the Annville church. Odin sends his men in time and again to try and take control. Turns out that the Meat Men are not much of a match for one half-crazy preacher equipped with a machine gun. It takes the better part of the episode, and Donnie blowing out his ear drums (in order to avoid Jesse’s power), before Jesse is reigned in by Odin and his team inside the church. We learned in this sequence the reason why Jesse’s power didn’t work, or seem to work, when he told Odin to serve God. The power did in fact work on Odin, but it didn’t specify what god to serve. Odin serves the god of meat, the god of what is tangible, which is why he never converted to Christianity. I feel like ‘God of Meat’ would make a wicked name for a metal band, agree?

Eugene Root shows up in this episode, and for a second we are lead to believe he had been saved, only to later discover that he isn’t really there and is just an illusion to Jesse. So yeah, the long and short of that is that our guy Arseface is still missing, much to the chagrin of the legions of fans who have been cursing Jesse Custer for being so careless in the first place.

Tulip had a recurring cute-ish episode arc all her own, where she adopts and cares for a dog… you know, that is, before she feeds the poor mutt to Cassidy. To me, this suggests that Jesse did in fact turn his back on Cassidy, and now our favorite Irish vampire needs to feed in order to heal from the damage. The next interaction between the two should be interesting to say the least.

Fiore and DeBlanc tried yet again to get Genesis out of Jesse, but ultimately failed, having successfully extracted the entity only to have it become one with Jesse yet again right after. Could it be that our Angel’s (or are they?) are finally giving up on their task? Not likely. Look for them to to take the most desperate of measures in order to take back Genesis once and for all.

The episode ends with two things of note happening: First, Jesse asks Odin for one more Sunday before signing over his father’s land and church, promising to bring God himself to the town. Secondly, the guy in the room with all the gauges is seen once again performing his task in relieving the systems pressure. Jesse bringing God to Annville in Episode 9 by way of his power would be amazing. I also think it would create a ton of buzz online for the show. The outcome of this meeting would also set the tone and plot for season two I am thinking. The  guy with the pressure gauges, whats the deal? We have heard the theories on how the pressure in those lines might eventually blow up the church, or even the town, but whatever it is all about, its gonna be big. They have been hinting at the “mounting pressure” thing for the entire season after all.

So folks, what are your thoughts on episode 8?

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