amc-preacher-episode-9-finish-the-song-preview-insideToday’s the day fellow Preacher fans! I add the picture just to your right not to try and confuse anyone, but rather to remind you what a penultimate first season episode can look like. This, of course, is the unforgettable scene from Game of Thrones season one that ended up being the turning point for the show in terms of public interest. After this scene? Thats when people started talking about the show around the work water cooler and in grocery store lineups. You remember, don’t you? The fans collectively gossiped about the injustice of it all just about anywhere you could possibly think of. The scene was just so moving, and yes, it did happen during the 9th episode of Game of Thrones’ 10 episode 1st season…

The point I’m trying to make is this: all the climatic action in a TV show doesn’t necessarily have to take place in the season finale alone, the episode before last can be just as nuts, if not more so sometimes.

To that point, at Comic-Con this past weekend, Graham McTavish went on record saying that his craziest moment in the show will take place in this week’s episode. We’ve been waiting for The Cowboy to return to action, it’s been a little while. Last we left off, he was returning to Ratwater to avenge the deaths of his wife and child, both tragedies that can be linked back to Justice Leak’s Preacher when he slowed The Cowboy’s return home by killing his horse. It was an action, it turns out, that had more than just the Cowboy fuming…

After that particular scene aired, there was no shortage of this kind of response on Twitter. As for Justice Leak, he’s doing his own promoting of the big event “UFC” style…

Pretty safe to say that the horse lovers of the world will be cheering for The Cowboy. This will no doubt be an epic showdown where only one man will be left standing in the end. So, is this confrontation the scene Graham McTavish is referring to? Quite possibly. One thing’s for sure: you can expect all Hell to break loose in Ratwater at some point tonight.

Other than that, we are waiting patiently for God himself to come to Annville. Whether this event will play out this episode or next, it’s hard to tell. I am not spoiling anything by saying that this looming showdown in Annville between Jesse Custer and The Lord does not take place in the comics, so everyone is going into this arc completely fresh without any idea of how this meeting will shake out (if it takes place at all). Obviously, that’s awesome, as it will keep all of us on the edge of our seats for the next little while. My theory? I am thinking Jesse will have mass on Sunday with the entire town in attendance, and will use his power to call God down to earth. Pardon the pun, but God only knows what will happen then.

Below are the AMC previews for Episode 9. Please feel free to add any I have missed if released by other media outlets in the comments below. Get excited Preacher fans, craziness is going down tonight!

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