amc-preacher-episode-9-finish-the-song-review-insideWe were expecting an incredible penultimate episode this past Sunday AMC Preacher fans, and an incredible episode is exactly what we got. Not that this surprises of course. We are at the very end of it now, and the pieces have nothing left to do but to fall into place. The show has made a calculated progression through this inaugural season, and is finishing on the highest of notes. Check out this great piece that talks about the pacing of the show, and how the last half of the season is elevating Preacher to epic levels…

Is Preacher finally becoming unmissable TV?

There was a lot that took place in Episode 9, but really, if we’re being honest, “Finish The Song” was all about The Cowboy. We finally see him come back to exact his revenge on the preacher who slowed him in his attempt to save his family. The preacher offers The Cowboy a chance to make amends, which was rather violently declined to say the least. Words can’t do justice to what happens next. The Cowboy proceeds to lay waste to the bar and all it’s patrons, killing (by my count) over 30 people including the preacher himeslf.

Things don’t end there though. Near the end of the episode, The Cowboys plight (from leaving his family to get medicine to his massacre at the bar) plays over and over, each sequence faster than the one before. At first I didn’t quite understand, then this…

It’s the kind of WTF moment I live for while watching TV: when “HELL” flashes on the screen and the truth of it is revealed. So very, very awesome. Our article screen cap is a photo of DeBlanc and Fiore procuring passage to Hell with a “travel agent”, which is how they ended up down there to begin with. Looks like they got a job for the Saint that will get him out of his miserable existence in which he apparently lives his worst moment over and over. Looks like The Cowboy’s is gonna be gunning for Jesse.

Speaking of Hell, does AMC’s take on devil’s domain mean that Eugene, who we didn’t see in episode 9, is down there somewhere reliving his worst moment too? If so, that must be the moment where everything went wrong with Tracy Loach. Will we see this in the season finale? I seriously hope so, I’m dying to see what happened between the two.

In a twist of events that I don’t think anyone saw coming, Emily pretty much went on to prove that there is absolutely no decent people in Annville whatsoever. The nice girl next door proceeded to kill the Mayor Miles by literally feeding him to Cassidy, who was still healing from his burns. I understand she wasn’t happy with her situation, and that she perhaps felt trapped in her situation with the mayor, but not for a second did I think she had it in her to do something this evil. She killed Myles! Are you kidding me? Wow.

So no God in church on Sunday this past week. That’s going to go down in the big season finale. Cassidy and Jesse have got the phone to heaven and have dug up the angel hand that they need to dial it. Everything is in place for the call to Heaven. This is what the season has been about really, getting Jesse to the point where he can confront his faith in the biggest and most serious of ways. This is sure to be a crazy finish to what has been a fantastic season.

Below are some Episode 9 extras from to tide you over until Sunday. Be sure to watch for our season finale preview in the next few days.

Making Of Preacher: “Finish The Song”

Inside Preacher: “Finish The Song”

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