amc-preacher-episode-2-preview-insideIt’s like I could hear the collective groans across the world at the end of the AMC Preacher premiere episode. It went a little something like this, multiplied by 2.4 million voices…

It’s a tough pill to swallow (as far as TV viewing goes anyway) for old and new fans alike. For the old, because we’ve been waiting so long for this thing to finally find legs, and the new, because they’ve just been introduced to this amazing world and they’re dying to know more. Well, if you absolutely can’t wait for a glimpse into what’s to come, AMC has posted a couple of videos to help you scratch your Preacher itch.

Two new previews for the next episode “See” have been posted by AMC. They take the form of a minute and a half sneak peek and 30 second “Next on Preacher” trailer. Check them out below…

Episode Two “See” Sneak Peek

Jesse is at work in this short scene from the upcoming episode. It looks as though the congregation has gathered for a communal baptism with the two mysterious strangers looking on from a distance. Tulip ends the scene by trying to coax Jesse into his former life of crime, which he apparently wants no part of. I would expect this to be a subplot that develops over the course of most of the season.

amc-preacher-episode-2-preview-inside-2Episode Two “Next on Preacher” Trailer

This preview trailer for the next episode is awesome for many reasons, but first and foremost because it gives us our first real look at Jackie Earle Haley as Odin Quincannon. That’s him up there in the top right corner of the blog and his comic counterpart right beside this paragraph. Looks like Odin has a lot of back up in the trailer, including a pretty badly injured Donnie Schenck. I have to say, between the comic and the show, Odin looks pretty similar. We know from the pilot that a lot of the characters have changed significantly from the comics, so we can only expect the same from Odin. I can’t wait to see what Jackie Earle Haley brings to the character.

So, what do you think? What’s your favorite part of these two new pieces of footage?