amc-preacher-dominic-geek-dad-genesis-coffee-can-insideIt’s the early days of the AMC Preacher Season 1 off-season (I know, it seems like it has been forever) , and thankfully thus far there has been much announced that we, as fans, can look forward to. First and foremost, the Preacher Season 1 Blu-ray drops two and a half weeks from now on October 4th, don’t forget! I have been saving my re-watch until I get my hands on that glorious Amazon Exclusive Blu-ray with all those cool special features. After that, I figure my second re-watch will be right before Season 2 premieres, likely sometime in May.

Also, in case you aren’t aware, the Preacher Funko Pop vinyl figures have been released, all save Tulip who is hitting store shelves November 30th. Absolute Preacher Volume 2 now has a pre-release date, and the new NECA AMC Preacher figures (which look incredible) with be available for purchase before Christmas.

All of there above, very cool. But what of the things you can’t buy in stores?  I am sure we have all said the following at one point or another while watching the show this past season: “Now that would be cool to have.” Homemade bazooka anyone?

Well people, I hope you like arts and crafts, beccause there was an article released just yesterday showing you exactly how to make one of Preacher’s awesome props in a super authentic way. No, it’s not the homemade bazooka (What would you do with it anyway? On second thought, I don’t want to know…). Over at, writer and prop builder Will James has shared his step by step method for re-creating Genesis’ coffee can. Awesome, right? Check it all out in the link below…

Preacher Genesis Coffee Can Prop Building Article

It’s pretty amazing the lengths he went to to create the prop, and good on him for sharing his method. For any Preacher collectors out there, you might want to give this a twirl. How would this look onto of your computer desk, bookshelf, or office cubicle? So awesome!