amc-preacher-herr-starr-season-2-insideWith AMC Preacher season one now in the books, it’s only natural for us fans to look ahead to season two. It’s kind of a torturous exercise we put ourselves through with pretty much every series we love to watch, isn’t it? But what can we do when there’s nothing between us and new Preacher episodes but a significant amount of time and a whole lot of questions…

One of the more common questions regarding season two (perhaps the mother of all questions actually), is  this: what story line will AMC be pulling from the comic to make up their content for next season? AMC has proved that they have no problem deviating from the source material, true, but common consensus is that the writers are going to tread closer to the comic story line moving forward now that business in Annville has been wrapped up.

To this point, news comes by way of Deadilne that Preacher showrunner Sam Catlin already has a significant character in mind for next season:

However, one new personality who will play large in Season 2 is “the figure in white, and fanboys will know who that is,” says Catlin. “They’ve already seen the character briefly.”

So it looks like Herr Starr is definitely on the season two ticket. We tagged this one spoilers, so if you’re reading this you have either read the comics or want to know whats up with the man in white. We wont get into too much detail, but I will say that his story arc from the comics (starting in issue #13) is seriously gripping stuff. The man himself is complex, short-tempered, and is sure to have viewers laughing like no tomorrow should he be written in similar fashion to his comic counterpart.

What his inclusion means for the show is that likely the famed “Angelville” story arc, which takes place before Herr Starr’s first appearance in the comics, will likely be kept to a minimum, possibly taking center stage in season three. Just speculation on my part, I guess we’ll see.

So who should play the man in white, folks? Here’s my pick (even though we know now that Morse Bicknell played the man in white during his brief appearance this past season)  …

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