amc-preacher-neca-jesse-cassidy-action-figure-release-insideNECA Toys announced via their Twitter feed yesterday that they are releasing Preacher Cassidy and Jesse Custer figures this December. That’s them (if you can believe it) on the right. Needless to say, the likeness to their respective actor counterparts is incredible. I mean, there can be absolutely no doubt: that’s Joe Gilgun and Dominic Cooper alright.

The figures themselves are almost 7″ tall, so that’s a pretty fair size. Retail on both figures on is currently about$50 dollars for the pair, with a current pre-order sale price of $40. So they will be selling these figures together. I would expect common retail on these individually to come in around $20 once pricing is settled and in place across all pertinent retail venues. Pretty affordable considering how amazing these look.

Having mentioned that the likenesses are uncanny, it is also worth noting that the overall detail on these figures are pretty incredible. Check out the dirt stains on Cassidy’s denim jacket. Outstanding. They even managed to get Jesse’s hair right, pretty much down to the last hair strand! The figures also come with specific accessories. For Jesse that means the Genesis coffee tin and bible, while they have given the Saint of Killers whiskey bottle to Cassidy (awesome choice). Both come with a couple of beer bottles which, needless to say, is rather appropriate.

I have to say, this news yesterday came as a breath of fresh air during a time where AMC Preacher news is currently scarce. The December date means that these should be released just in time for Christmas, so you’d be able to pick one or both of these figures up just in time to gift for that Preacher super fan in your family.

This leaves me wondering what comes next in this particular Preacher product line. Personally, I’d love to see a Preacher Tulip figure with a homemade bazooka accessory, or even the Saint with his guns. Eugene Root could find himself in the mix down the road as well I think. I’d buy them all. Take my money NECA!

For more info on the Jesse and Cassidy figures, head on over to the official NECA Toys webpage. So what do you think folks, how awesome are these?

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