Update 08/07/16 – thanks to Fire_and_Bloodwine below for pointing out that Hulu has signed an exclusive deal to show future AMC shows, we have linked an article on the topic below. Are there going top be exceptions? By the sound of the article, it seems very unlikely. It looks as though Preacher will be available on Hulu only. We will update this spot right away should that end up not being the case…

Hulu Secures Exclusive Deal To Stream All Future AMC Shows


Keep an eye on this spot moving forward for the latest on when, or if, Preacher Season 1 will arrive on NetFlix.

I have no more insight than anyone else as to when or if this is going to happen, but you gotta believe it is likely happen some point between now and the Season 2 premiere. This would surely be the next big step in facilitating greater Preacher viewership exposure, make no mistake about it. Take this example…

In this early off-season, I have taken to discovering new TV shows to fill the void left by Preacher. The first show I came across, which I’m sure many of you have binged watched yourselves, is the NetFlix Original Stranger Things (that’s our Twitter handle for the show, please give us a follow!). The hype surrounding this show is huge and very much deserved, it seems like it’s all anyone is talking about these days.

In finding a way to somewhat accurately measure the shows popularity, consider this: having only been released for a mere three weeks, the Stranger Things subreddit has almost four times as many subscribers as Preachers does. Pretty crazy, right? That’s a significant social presence online supported by the 56 million (give or take) subscribers Netflix has worldwide. It says a lot.

Now, AMC definitely appears to have a great working relationship with NetFlix. Every season of Breaking Bad can be watched via the streaming service giant, as can select season of The Walking Dead. And that only makes sense. I mean, what better way to familiarize (or more likely re-familiarize) viewers with Rick Grimes and company going into future seasons than to make past seasons available for viewing? This is where Netflix could really help boost Preacher’s rising popularity: by allowing the greater NetFlix viewership to watch, binge, talk, tweet, and post about the show, building momentum going into the season 2 premiere.

We all know now that the Preacher Season 1 Blu-ray release is set for October 4th, so I’m thinking that if the NetFlix thing does happen it will be sometime after Christmas for sure. If that is in fact the case, then million of new fans will be putting their feet up just like Kelly Quinn of 99.7 The Blitz in Columbus (pictured) to take in and enjoy the awesomeness that is Preacher. Keep an eye on this post moving forward, we will be using it as a communication tool with regards to potential NetFlix developments. Updates will always be listed at the very top of the page.

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