amc-preacher-pilot-review-insideThey have been telling us since the pilot reviews started trickling in: there is nothing on TV quite like AMC’s Preacher, and perhaps there never has been. That’s a pretty bold statement. I mean, that’s pretty much saying that Preacher stands out uniquely among all its peers, both old and new, and as much as I wanted to believe, it’s hard to put your faith in a statement so improbable.

Well I’m here to tell you folks, the Preacher pilot last night was everything it was touted to be and much, much more.

The show starts off with a real bang (literally), and did an amazing job in keeping the action intense. The fight scenes were incredible and did much to set the standard for the show’s violence level. That’s a good thing for all viewers. Those who watched know that things got pretty heavy last night, many of which will not be for everyone. After watching the pilot, we all know exactly what to expect moving forward.

The casting announcements for our main trio, JesseTulip and Cassidy, were made some time back. It has given the die-hard comic fans time to mull over the actors hired, and not unexpectedly, some weren’t sold on the casting decisions AMC had made; a year is long time to ponder while waiting in anticipation, and we all know how fans tend to dissect and criticize elements of their favorite properties. That being said, I would be surprised if the pilot didn’t dispel the vast majority of concerns fans had concerning casting going into this thing, because seriously, everyone was absolutely fantastic, especially our main trio.

Joe Gilgun and Ruth Negga did indeed steal the show, as had been mentioned by many media outlets prior to the pilot airing. Their introductions were unforgettable; AMC couldn’t have found better ways to introduce Cassidy and Tulip, the fans on Twitter absolutely loved these sequences. Gilgun is a natural when it comes to comedic effect. It’s almost like everything he does makes you want to laugh, he’s got that kind of presence, and that’s  a perfect fit for Cassidy. He’ll be keeping us well entertained all season long. Many fans have already fallen in love with Ruth Negga’s Tulip, as we knew they would. She’s beautiful, independent, and tough as nails. The dynamic between Negga and Cooper last night was excellent, they play off each other very well. Speaking of Jesse, comic fans will be quick to note that Cooper is a different Jesse Custer, true, but one that I think is truly sympathetic and will be easy for fans to get behind. I’m looking forward to seeing how Cooper runs with the role of our main protagonist.

Getting back to the “there’s nothing quite like Preacher” thing that we started this blog entry with, a lot of fans last night described Preacher as “weird”. You know what? That’s a very good thing, because the comics are definitely weird, but in the best of ways. If new fan’s didn’t feel this way, then I think that would mean that AMC would have been missing some of the bizarre elements that made the source material so great. Preacher is over the top, audacious,  jaw dropping stuff, the likes of which no comic reader had ever seen before. It looks like the show is well on it’s way to achieving the same level of insanity, and AMC fans are gonna love it.

One thing about the make up of the pilot worth mentioning: there’s a heck of a lot going on. It was weaved in such a way that it leaves a lot of questions open (more than I would think usual for a TV pilot) going into the next episode, which airs in two weeks on June 5th. Character background right now is kind of hazy, but that’s OK, it keeps us intrigued. Anxious fans will be looking for more clarity on who all these people are, what they are doing, and what they want in episode two.

We’ll be rounding up fan and media reaction over the next couple weeks, but the consensus is definitely in: Preacher kicks some serious ass. Well done AMC. Settle in and buckle up everyone, it’s only just beginning after all.