We are at the point where we have a pretty good sample size with regards to fan and critic reaction to AMC’s Preacher. The pilot has shown at two massive festivals, South By Southwest and WonderCon, to rave reviews. I am sitting here wading through the material and literally have yet to find an actual bad review for episode one. That’s saying something, because everyone’s a critic (especially on the internet).

wondercon_preacher_amcAs I type this, there are currently four reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes Preacher page, none of which are from top critics, but they are, however, from reputable sources. What’s I found interesting is that these particular reviews come from the perspective of both those familiar with the comic and those who aren’t. Here’s the links and general rundown:

Luke Y. Thompson, Forbes.com

Thompson’s article begins the way we all hope every article pertaining to Preacher begins: by saying that the Preacher Pilot is an example of all that you should not do on TV. That’s our graphic novel alright. He elaborates on something we have discussed here before, how the timing is right for a show like this and that it might not have been feasible for audiences before now. He goes on to confess he has never read the comic. He enjoyed it regardless.

Perri Nemiroff, Collider.com

Nemiroff is new to Preacher as well, and eludes to the “incredible sequences” in the pilot and how that will have her coming back for episode two. Very encouraging feedback. She discusses Arseface and notably, how Ian Colletti‘s acting does justice to the character stating he “makes it feel natural”. She does wonder how the show will translate with non-comic fans.

Jacob Clifton, Austin Chronicle

Familiar with the source material, Clifton states that the pilot has the swagger and smugness of the comics. He also mentions that the pilot begins right before the comics and that a good portion of time is spent flushing out the character of Jesse Custer. He describes the pilot as gory and mysterious and clearly enjoyed it.

Meredith Borders, BirthMoviesDeath.com

Borders also seems to be familiar with the comic and probably bestows the best praise of the four reviews. She calls the pilot a “complete success” and states that it feels exactly right. From the casting, to the set, to the fight sequences, according to Borders Preacher has exceeded in all of these aspects.

So we are 4-0 … not too shabby if you are a team starting off the NFL season, but there a ton more reviews to pile in. Not that I’m worried. It’s looking more and more everyday like AMC has hit Preacher out of the park.