amc-preacher-pilot-premiere-ratings-insideThe AMC Preacher premiere numbers are in folks, and they are looking pretty good. Uproxx is reporting that close to 2.4 million people took in the Preacher pilot on Sunday night despite it airing relatively late at 10pm.

A quick check reveals that AMC counterparts Fear the Walking Dead and Better Call Saul had much better debuts, but those shows reaped the benefits of spinning off from two of the biggest TV series in cable history. Considering the vast majority of viewers going into the show knew little to nothing about Preacher, 2.4 million is a pretty stellar showing.

The numbers really speaks to AMC’s viewership’s faith in the network. When people tune in to see a new drama on AMC, there is an automatic assumption of the highest quality. There are very few networks that have this kind of reputation, one of the others being, of course, HBO. It’s just another reason why AMC is such a good fit for the Preacher. On that particular note, by the way, there were quite a few “AMC is too tame a network for Preacher” comments made by fans leading up to Sunday night. Needless to say, that particular grievance it nowhere to be seen at present.

The show settles in at a 9pm slot on June 5th for episode two, so I would expect the numbers to increase for sure, especially since the buzz is building after such a positive, collective fan reaction to the pilot.  You know what? Even if it doesn’t, that’s okay too. Actually, it would be more than OK. Game of Thrones, according to it’s Wikipedia entry, rated no higher than 3.04 million viewers for any of it’s first season episodes (3.04 was the season finale). It can take time for a show to grow on viewers. As long as the source material is awesome, just like Preacher’s is, then fans are going to catch on in their own time, and make no mistake about it, they will catch on eventually. How could they not, right?

What’s that? How did we stack up against the Game of Thrones series premiere? Screencapped below for your viewing pleasure. The future looks bright in Annville, Texas!