amc-preacher-season-2-renewed-announced-insideWell, it looks like you are all stuck with me and mine for another year at least.

The news, oh so glorious in its nature, came via Variety earlier this afternoon: Preacher has been renewed for a 2nd season.

We asked the question of when this renewal would happen all the way back in March. At that time, I stated that the second season announcement was more of a formality than anything else. For me, that certainly held true up until now, there was never any doubt in my mind, but still, I would be lying if I said that today’s news didn’t relieve a little fanboy stress. It’s nice to have it signed, sealed and done, isn’t it? Now we can get on to more important things, like speculating on what’s to come…

The second season of Preacher will be 13 episodes long, so that’s a little longer than this initial 1o episode run. That’s good news for us fans, not only because we get more Preacher for our buck, but because it gives the AMC creative team more time to work with the material. They are going to need it.

The thing about this first season is that they have branched out to so many elements of the comic, so there is no shortage of directions that they can go. They can literally take this thing pretty much anywhere they want, to almost any time frame in the comic. I say that, of course, understanding that AMC has gone ahead pulled these elements and changed them completely for the show (Odin for example), but regardless, they are there in season one to play off of. This first season isn’t even done yet, so who knows how much more of the Preacher universe they will cram in to these remaining five episodes.

What I wouldn’t give to be a writer in that room during the initial season two brainstorming session, I’d be a kid in a candy store, let me tell you…

I am personally hoping they elect to follow the Preacher comic story line regarding Jesse Custer‘s fathers death, and Jesse’s family origins. To me, the “Until the End of the World ” story line (which covers comic issues 8-17) is one of the most powerful story lines in fiction period (not an exaggeration, it is masterful). I understand that they have deviated from the comic quite a bit thus far, but I am confident in saying that running with this arc and sticking as close to it as humanly possible would captivate AMC’s viewership unconditionally. It’s that good.

What do you think folks? What do you want to see in Season 2?