What I wouldn’t give to be in San Diego right now folks.

We all know how much fun Comic Con is. It’s one of those thing that you don’t even have to attend to know how epic it really is. On top of all the regular awesomeness this year, we have Preacher taking center stage for it’s first appearance at the giant event. This blog entry is going to be a mishmash of all Preacher related things going down at Comic Con, so chronologically we’ll be all over the place. Here’s the best of what I’ve come across thus far:

  • First and foremost, the cast of Preacher are doing a live reading of Sunday’s Episode 9 “Finish The Song” tonight during their main Comic Con panel session. That means that after tonight, it is possible (barring some kind of embargo that I don’t know about) that the details pertaining to what happens in the upcoming episode will be floating around out there. That said, I have no idea what kind of restrictions will be placed on this amazing panel. I can live without a sneak peek reel, trailers, or things of the like; what I am hoping for is a video of the panel itself, even without the episode 9 reading. They got Hall H booked for 2 hours today, so safe to say it’s going to be amazing! Here’s hoping AMC posts it to YouTube for those of us who can’t be there.
  • Below is the video of the Facebook Q&A session that was held yesterday with Joe Gilgun, Ruth Negga, and Graham McTavish. The session was short and sweet. It’s embedded below…

  • They got some sort of Yacht down there in San Diego where IMDB is hosting it’s own panels. Looks like they got Kevin Smith doing the MC’ing for all of them. Nice! Graham McTavish, Joe Gilgun, and Ruth Negga all stopped in to say hello. Below is a clip of this mini Preacher panel. You can find pics of this event all over the place, especially on Twitter, for any who are interested.


  • Dominic Cooper is taking over the Preacher Instagram today. Keeps tabs on it for awesomeness like the below pic…


  • Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga and Joe Gilgun stopped by IGN to discuss Preacher. Hopefully we’ll get video of this uploaded soon. Not sure how the IGN live thing works to be honest.
  • ***Update*** Video is now available and is embedded below…

  • Random group shot, love Ruth Negga in this photo!

There’s probably tons more where all this came from, but that’s what I could scrap up for now. Please leave links to other Preacher-related Comic Con stuff in the links below, lets keep everybody in the loop!